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Chess Board

Posted on Wed May 21st, 2014 @ 9:09pm by 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: Sharks "Quarters"
Timeline: Just before then after blackout

Shark laid on the bed in the room that he had been sequestered too. It was actually a surprise to him that Hawkins let him in quarters and not stay in the brig. Most Captains wouldn't have been so bold. Then again, most Captain's weren't smart enough to to put him on a floor scarcely used, in the corner, with no jefferies tubes attached. He had to give that to the man.

The short encounter he had with Hawkins and Mercia had intrigued him. The two of them were StarFleet Officers, but obviously didn't play completely by the rules. They had an interesting demeanour and relationship between them. It was obvious that both of them had some sort of past that didn't play well in their career, but he also had the suspicion the two of them had had sex before. The next time they came by, he made note to press that issue.

The quarters he had been taken too had been stripped of pretty much everything. It looked as if this area was still under some sort of construction. There was no table, no port hole for a window, the closet had nothing in it, even so to the point that the bar to hang stuff up on had been removed. It was obvious that Hawkins had thought this through more clearly than most people would. It made Shark wonder how many times the man had been locked up himself, knowing which things that need to be taken away. The room was just, barren. Then again, that would be ok for him for now.

It was a shame that Mercia didn't believe him about this being a game. The sad thing was, he knew what was coming next. And they, her and Hawkins, really where just pawns on this massive chess board.

All of a sudden, everything went dark and Shark was holding the bed for a quick brace. The ship had stopped and everything turned off.

Shark looked around, blinking his eyes slightly. "This isn't right," he said to no one. "We're not far enough."

"Crap," he said to himself.

Shark got off the bed and crept to the door. He listened for a moment to hear the two voices outside. The two standing gaurd out front. He heard no other voices and smiled slightly. He went over and stood at the side.

"HELP! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" he screamed like a whaling banshee.

It took a moment, but the doors were pryed open. The two gaurds came in single file, like they always do. He did have to hand it to Hawkins because both of them had phaser rifles in their hands. The problem was, it was a bad thing for them.

As the second one finally went by, Shark came from behind placed one hand over the mouth and grabbed the rifle, causing him to fire in the first guard's back. The blast lit up the room with a beautiful yellow light for those five feet before burying itself into the back. That guard dropped without a scream, lifeless to the floor.

In the blink of an eye, Shark kicked him in the the back of the knee, causing him to drop down to both. He quickly brought the arm with the rifle up over the man's head, wrenching it back so hard that a slight pop came and he let go of it. Instead of letting the man fall to the ground, Shark held on to the arm and the neck.

"What's your name Ensign?" he asked.

"Go - to -"

Before he could finish the sentence, another pop could be heard from the same arm.

"The first was a dislocation, the second was break. I won't ask again after this. What - is - your name?"

The Engisn, clad in his sterotypical red uniform, shook his head. He tried his best to keep the pain shrieks to himself. His eyes started bubbling a little with some tears. Just to make a point, he shook his head again.

"When are they going to train you idiots to be smarter?" Shark asked. He himself shook his head, brought both his arms across the mans neck and twisted in alternate directions. This caused an even louder pop and the Ensign dropped quickly, lifeless. "What a waste," he said stepping over him and grabbing the rifle. He slung the rifle over his shoulder before going and grabbing the other rifle.

"Now to find that idiot Gili and figure out what the hell happened," he said to himself.

Shark went to the door, staying on the side of it. He popped his head out and looked quickly both left and right, making sure there was no one on either end. Sure there wasn't, he walked out of the room, keeping the rifle at his shoulder and up.

Patrick Shark


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