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Shrinks and Sharks (Backpost Pre-Baby post)

Posted on Thu Jun 12th, 2014 @ 2:20am by 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Brig
Timeline: Backpost

OOC: The Chief Counselor would like to point out that despite the title, she is NOT pregnant, even if she is way too promiscious ;-)

Sitting in the brig behind the containment field, Shark stared ahead. It was a little dark in the room, but it was the way he had liked it. Other than the slight hum from the air, the only sound that was made was from the security guard snoring. Usually, by now, Shark would have snapped a neck without him ever waking up, but whoever this CO was had enough smarts to put him in the one brig situation without some sort of panel or hidden jefferies tube access. Besides, he was here for a reason and all he had to do was bid his time. So, Patrick Shark laid down, crossed his legs at his ankles and closed his eyes.

Entering into the brig, Lizzy spotted the guard sleeping and decided not to wake him since she just wanted to talk to the new 'prisoner'. She had read his records - at least what was accessible with her access level, and noted that he was ... 'quite a piece of work' was the only thing she could really come up with as an opinion. Shark was pretty much fitting for his name.

Walking softly to the table, she spotted the empty metal cup in front of the guard and took it.

Heading quietly over to the cell and stopping in front of it, she shifted the arm part of her uniform top down to cover her fingers and ran the cup along the containment field - causing it to crackle loudly.

Shark remained unphased by the crackle and stayed laying there with his eyes closed.

As the ensign picked himself quickly from the floor where he had fallen in shock and gone for his weapon, she spoke calmly to him, "Stand down. Just talking and he isn't escaping. "

Smiling, Lizzy spoke, "G'Day. I'm Lizzy Caldera, and I'm guessing you are Patrick Shark."

Without opening his eyes, Shark said, "You're too sweet sounding and not as direct as you should be to be a interrogator. You're not as direct to be a Captain. So what are you Lizzy Caldera?"

Lizzy grinned, "I'm none of those. I'm the chief counselor. My job aboard this ship has nothing to do with whether you are in here or not. How do you find the accommodations?"

"Kind of," he said looking around before kicking the containment field with his foot. "Crappy," he said with a smile. "What about you? How are your quarters?"

"I will have a talk to the Captain and XO about it for you. As for mine, they are fine. Engineering even helped install an exotic dancing pole. Apart from sitting in the brig at the moment, what will you be doing aboard the ship?"

Shark laughed hard at the question. "What will I be doing on this ship? I'm on here long enough for your CO to drop me off at some station and let me get whisked away into the darkness. I won't be doing anything on this ship except roting here until we dock."

Lizzy frowned and stamped her foot, "That isn't right - I am going to have a discussion with the captain about how this is inappropriate - this is the 24th century, not some 18th century penal ship or medieval inquisition dungeon. What could you have done that wrong? Starfleet does rehabilitation."

"Oh, just have been implicated in over twenty murders. Three of which were high profile Starfleet Officers," he said with a shrug. "I'm more lucky they haven't found a hole to stick me in until we get to the station."

Lizzy gulped, "Ohh.. So you are a bad boy? I'll have to make a note of that for later. Implications are a lot different to actuality. When there isn't any other ears around, I would like to have a talk in a session. As a counselor, everything would be privileged and not for anyone else to hear."

He started laughing hysterically at the young woman. "You really think I'm going to talk to you? You're more naive than I would have thought."

"You may think it is funny, but I am devious and have ways to get things out of others. Anyway, I'll leave you alone to .. continue what you were doing."

"Keep telling yourself that oh devious one," he said in a mocking tone. He laughed some more as he laid down.

Lizzy gave him the finger before heading off..


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