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Damage Control

Posted on Sat May 31st, 2014 @ 10:50am by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & 2nd Lieutenant Zoe Saville

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: Main Engineering

Khelev left the holodeck with a flashlight in his hand, the power was out and now he was going to have to figure out what in the world was going on and fix it. His mind was already lining up a list of things to check but until he was down with his people it wasn't going to do him any good to rule anything out. Finally arriving at the right junction, he opened it and slipped inside. He had to crawl to get to the maintenance area and then was quick to start heading down the latter.

It took him about a half an hour to travel through to engineering, but when he arrived there were flashlights everywhere and his people were already doing what they needed to. He walked up to the pool table and nodded to his Assistant Chief and the Marine he'd spoke to. "Lt. R'yiyeo, 2nd Lieutenant Saville, please give me an update."

R'yiyeo was a Caitian male who'd been aboard the Gladiator since it had launched and had been working with Khelev for the last few months. They made a good team and despite their different species had things in common. "I've already dispatched all of our damage control teams to start looking for injured and ensure they are rescued and I have the rest of our people working on what's going on. Scanners are out but it seems phasers and flashlights still work. This could be on purpose."

"Even if it is, our focus needs to be the Gladiator and her crew for now," Khelev replied with a nod. "Make sure a Vulcan is on every damage control team, they can hear better then anyone. What about our back up communication system?"

R'yiyeo held up an old device that transmitted via radio waves, there were reports coming in from the different teams as they found crewmen that needed help and where they were on the ship. "Up and running."

"Good," Khelev said. "Now where are we at with emergency systems?"

"Everything is being sporadic," R'yiyeo chimed in. "Whatever this is, it shut down the core and the impulse reactor and it is interfering with battery backup. That and someone from the bridge keeps trying to draw what little power we do have."

"Cut all power to everything and focus it on gravity and life support. Then focus on getting the warp core back online," Khelev turned to the 2nd Lieutenant. "This is your shot, how should we set out the damage control teams?"

Zoe had been running through plans, and spoke up, "I suggest we send a junior crewmember as a runner up to the bridge to handle communications, followed by a visit to the Marine armory to collect the old style radio-frequency communicators as they have self-contained power. There is liable to be injuries, Sir, so I would suggest that we send a team there with some portable generators. After that, we need to determine exactly what has happened before we try to bring anything back online. Once that is figured out, we should concentrate one of the fusion reactors, followed by sensors to determine if there is anyone outside the ship doing this."

"I've got my own set of walkie talkies, it was a backup we used on the freighter I grew up on and every team has one. Also, portable generators might not even turn on if power is being drained," Khelev paused for a moment. "Let's get on out and see if we can get it running though, maybe it'll help us figure out what's going on. I've got a team working on the impulse reactors now. Do you want the generator problem or to start working on figuring out what is causing this?"

"I'm probably better on the generator issue. I've gotten good at jury-rigging things in unusual ways."

"Go, start working on them," Khelev said. "Let me know if you need anything."

Turning back to R'yiyeo, he smiled. "Time to figure out exactly what shut us down."



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