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Posted on Sat May 31st, 2014 @ 11:08am by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Mission: Pitch Black

Gili, who's original name as Krean, didn't know what to do. This was trouble, bad trouble. He needed to check the device, not that he really knew a lot about it. He had his instructions and knew that his sister may very well die if he didn't follow through. No, he was certain she would die. But if he succeeded, then his dear sister would be cared for, for the rest of her life, which considering her handicaps, may not be long, but she needed care until her end came.

In the darkness he felt around trying to find his way about. he was stumbling around blindly for several minutes before he turned a corner and saw someone slowly approaching with a flashlight. He backed around the corner and hid as it slowly came closer. As soon as the person holding it passed him, he came behind them and hit whoever it was in the back. He grabbed the flashlight which was dropped and flicked it off. Knowing he was in a stright corridor he took off running, running his hands on the wall to feel the break in hall ways. Once he turned a couple of corners he risked turning on the flashlight and searched for one of the jefferies tube panels. He finally found one and crawled inside, pulling the panel behind him closed.

Gili would have to climb ten decks and over half the ship to find the device, and crawling wasn't easy in the dark, with just a flashlight to light the way. The quiet ship made his ears ring with silence, only his own panting breaths broke the noise.

One of the nice things about being slightly modified was the ability his eyes had to adapt quickly to the change in light. For him, he was one of the few people that didn't need anything to see at night time. Wadding through the jefferies tubes, he stopped for a second at a pass as he noticed a light at the end of one tunnel. It was dark enough that it was still a bit away, but it was there none the less. He moved forward slowly, making no sounds. As he got to the impass, he poked only enough of his head out to see with on eye. What he noticed was someone frantically going through the tubes. This has to be Gili he said to himself before trying to get a quick glance at a face. Once he did see a slight face from Gili looking down the halls, he knew it was him for sure due to the picture Ice had given him. Now it's time to follow this idiot and figure out what the hell he messed up.

Gili paused when he had the creeping sensation of eyes on him. He flashed his light around, peering in to the quiet darkness, but no one was there. "Get it together Krean." he muttered to himself. He crawled out in to a junction, his mind going over the steps he had been given when setting the device up. He knew he followed them perfectly. His heart raced as he started to climb the ladder. This Lion guy gave him a faulty device, and now things were going wonky, and who would pay the price? His sister, all he had left, even in her deteriorated state. Fear and anger coursed through him as he pushed himself to keep climbing, though his legs were aching, his knees hurt from crawling so long.

At long last he came to the right level, and took another tube, crawling along, trying to hurry, but trapped by the ache in his legs. He groaned in pain, but was driven forward. When he reached the right hatch he popped it open and moved in to the hall way. He quickly shut off his flashlight when he heard voices. Stupid idiot! he growled at himself internally. The relief of being able to stand up and not be crawling was intense as he pressed himself against the wall, and listened for the voices, hoping they didn't come this way.

After a couple of moments he realized they were stationary sounds, so he placed his fingertips against the wall, and started to move the opposite direction, trying to feel his way around. If not for the photographic memory he possessed he would never be able to remember where he needed to go. After two lefts and a right, he knew he was close and risked turning on his flashlight. With a glance up and down the wall way he knelt down and opened a panel. Inside a box, clamped around several tubes had a few lights on its control panel.

With out knowing too much about it, he wasn't sure how to find out why it went off so early! This was bad, very bad.

Gili reached in and touched the control panel, holding the light in his teeth as he frowned at it. Accessing the timer he found it frozen, the numbers jumbling back and forth but staying in the relative same position. He let out a swear and attempted to reset the timer, if things didn't go perfectly others would pay. His hands were shaking.

A spark jumped at him, and then another sending Gili flat on his back. He heard a whine and suddenly there were lights. The power came back on. He swore and quickly pushed the panel back in place, knowing he'd not have time to figure it out now. He would have to come back later. Stumbling back he glanced up and down the hall ways. He swear he spotted someone, but he didn't take the time to find out as he ran as fast as he could away from the area, he had to get back to Patience, and find a way to contact Lion. With out the device in working order, all would be lost!

(Note, no one is to catch Gili)


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