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In Memorium

Posted on Mon May 26th, 2014 @ 8:49am by 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: The Lounge
Timeline: AFTER the current mission

OOC: We would have saved this post for a bit, but the whole reason we wrote it is for today. In honor of all casualties of war, past and future, we offer this tribute. (This takes place AFTER power is restored.)


It rolled around the same time every year.

The day had been set aside centuries before to honor those lost in battle. The Klingons had come up with the idea first and nearly every other culture had come to the same thought on their own. The Federation had set their own day, when all people of all races could be honored. The day was observed universally.

And so, Ash Coi walked into the lounge to have a drink- non alcoholic, due to her allergy- in honor of all those she knew personally as well as all the others whom she had never met. After retrieving a mint lemonade from the bar, she turned to find somewhere near the window to sit and spotted Leo Fox sitting there by himself. "Heya, Foxy," she said, approaching his table. "Mind if I join you?"

Leo looked at her, nudges to the side the 3 empty glasses of some weird mix of carbonated and what definitely smelled like hard liquor. "Heya. Sure, please!" He got up and pulled out a seat for her.

"Why, thank you, sir," she said, mildly cheeky, as she took the seat. "You look as if you've got something on your mind," she added, indicating the three empty glasses.

Leo sat down. "It's been a custom for one soldier to drink when another is killed once a year, as you know. I believe in 21st Century they called it in the United States... uhm.. Memorial Day.. I usually take it hard, especially since the brass always tried to put me into suicide missions to get rid of me.. I kept coming back, but I usually came back alone out of 30 or more troops..." he looked at his three glasses. "Thank God I have a high tolerance for this stuff. The holographic doctor gave me crap about it but I shrugged and told him to shove it. Never been big on doctors. " He shrugged and looked at her drink. "Allergic or light weight?"

"Allergic," she said. "The first time I tried alcohol, my throat started to close up and I broke out in hives. But," she said, raising her glass. "It's the thought that counts." She sipped at the lemonade. "I'm just old enough to have known some people who died in the Dominion War. Plus, there's countless ancestors who died fighting the Red Skins- I have no idea what the real name of their race is, but they kept trying to wipe us out. They may still be out there somewhere," she mused. "Anyway. Were any of them personal friends?"

Leo sighed. "All of them... all 45..." he chuckled a bit, wiped a tiny tear from his eye, sniffed. "One of them was a guy I considered my brother.." he looked at the empty glasses. "I can't do 45 drinks though.. not consciously anyway, I'll hit auto pilot after 10 and just keep going. As long as I got someone to talk to I keep going without thinking. One night I had 100 drinks, it didn't click until I got the bill. "

"Ouch," said Ash. "I'll bet you felt it the next morning, though."

Leo shrugged. "I've been shot and showed up to work the next morning. Feels about the same. I hear you kinda stripped me on the bridge. Usually I at least take the lady on a date before my pants come off." He grinned,slightly blushing.

Ash grinned, completely unashamed. "Yeah," she said. "There was an awful lot of blood. I wanted to make sure there weren't any other serious wounds. There weren't. But, still, the chance to see a marine in his skivvies.... I couldn't resist," she added with a wink.

Leo blushed. "it's ok, if memory serves I called you the cutie conn chick.." He chuckled. "I guess we both won."

"Yes, you did," she confirmed. "I'm beginning to wonder if you don't know my name."

Leo peered at her in a silly matter,slowly crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue "Hi Asi Coi, Lieutenant, Full Grade, Conn officer"

"Okay, okay," she said, waving a hand dismissively. "So, which one's this for?" she asked, indicating the drink in front of him.

Leo looked down at it,looked back at her "For the fact I'm still alive after 10 'suicide' missions." He shrugged "After this if I keep drinking I'm literally just drinking to drink. I don't get to drink that often."

"I never get to drink," said Ash flatly. "Nevermind. This lemonade is for my great uncle, who died defending Yegorah against the Red Skins. And also for all the casualties of those wars. And for all of your friends, too," she added, taking a gulp.

Leo raised his glass "To the great uncle of the beautiful Coi!" he took a swig of his drink. "So since we got power, did you want to do a wrestling match? Or just see how good I am?" He chuckled,obviously full of himself. "Or save it for later if you're chicken?" he grinned behind his glass,he was such a teaser when drinking.

"Later, but I'm definitely up for trying," she promised. "After all, you did go on that mad adventure with the Doctor and me."

"This is true. If you don't feel like wrestling you could also distract the other wrestler by making faces." he chuckled a bit.

She grinned. "That's a thought," she said. "To the dearly departed," she added, raising her glass. "Today we drink, tomorrow we wrestle."

Leo grinned. "A woman after my own heart, be careful you may make a friend!" he raised his glass, drank some more.


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