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Dark Medicine

Posted on Fri May 30th, 2014 @ 12:06pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: Sickbay and/or out about


Amity reached the doors of sickbay with Shadowfox, they looked at the sealed doors with the flashlight she had in her hand. "Alright lets get this open." she said. She popped a panel next to the door and attached a pair of mag handles. With her flashlight angled to provide a little glow to the area. The two got on either side of the door and pulled hard. Soon there was a small gap, and a red headed Bajoran woman leaned out.

"What is going on?" she demanded.

Amity arched her brows, "You're the EMH right?"

"Thats right, and every thing has gone dark! I'm not programmed to work in these conditions!" she said sharply.

Amity chuckled, "Yeah well, we're here to help, has any one else arrived yet?" she asked as she slipped in to the room.

"No, not here." the EMH said.

Amity turned her flashlight up to the ceiling giving an ambient glow. "What have you been doing here?" she demanded.

"Twiddling my thumbs!" the EMH retorted.

With a laugh Amity shook her head, "Well thats a good skill. No doubt the injured will start coming along shortly," Amity said patting the bandanna on her still soapy hair. "Do you have any one who was already here?" she asked.

The EMH nodded, "Two private rooms are occupied, both patients are stable." she reported, "And the staff nurse is unconscious from hitting her head when we dropped out of warp. But these conditions are unacceptable!"

Amity rolled her eyes, "No doubt we'll get power restored soon, until then we adapt and do the best we can." she said.

While Amity was ripping the EMH a new holographic butt hole, Shadowfox quietly sat up on a biobed. He grabbed a medical kit and started to properly heal his ankle.

"Uh yeah come on in... we need more torches, there should be more flashlights in the emergency kits." Amity said looking around.

"Amity.." Shadowfox spoke up. "Check around the Dr's desk,I'm sure there's a medical kit or two. There may be other crewman that'll need help. There should also be a flashlight or two."

"Got it." Amity said. She took the flashlight and opened up the cabinets and looked for the kits. She found two and popped them open. She pocketed one of the tricorders which should be fully charged and grabbed the second, before she took the thin flashlights and brought them out. "alright, lets set these up so they light the room, there should be another cabinet with more kids too." she said.

About that point, Lizzy arrived in Sickbay holding up Ensign Andrews as he shuffed in. She was dressed in just her black silk lacy underwear while Andrews was just wearing pants. He was shifting along sideways and looking quite sheepish. Dropping him off at a bio-bed, she headed over to where the discussion with Amity, Shadowfox and a complaining EMH was, "Hi, who is in charge here or hurt? And don't say it is. I brought in Ensign Andrews who got concussion fishing for some handcuff releases under the bed & I think he needs some meds to get it down."

The EMH was about to speak when Lizzy spoke, "Computer, pause EMH."

[Working.. Done.]

Lizzy muttered under her breath, "What I wouldn't give for a Mark 1 now."

Ash struggled against the weight of an injured ensign who was easily twice her size- and that was saying something as Ash was no lightweight. "Here, over here," she said, partly supporting the overly muscled ensign and guiding him to a bio bed, where she made sure he was settled before heading over to the group. "He's got a broken leg, but it's not serious," she said. "He can chill for a bit."

Tag Amity and Shadowfox

Turning to Ash, she added, "By the way, your husband is all okay, and a real gentleman."

"My hus..." trailed off Ash, a confused look on her face. "I'm not married. Who-? Oh, Liam! Callaghan, that is. No, we're not married. Good grief, I've known him for all of two weeks! And Telino don't get married, anyway."

"Hmm.. Anyone find any spare med tricorders or got any medical experience slash qualifications? I am cross-trained in medicine. "

Amity raised her hand, with the second tricorder in it, "Here I've got one. I'm also a CRN." she said. Her father and brother were both doctors, and Amity spent most of her teenage years directionless, so she took courses and was supervised by her father. She figured out that while the skills and knowledge were very useful, she didn't want to be a nurse as a career!

"Thanks. Until anyone gets here, that kind of makes you chief nurse..

"I took Field Medic courses at the Academy," offered Ash. "I can set bones and dress wounds in the field and I know how to heal them up right. Dermal regenerators and all that. You know. And, I snatched a med kit from the bridge. I had to put it down to help Ensign St. Clair here, though. Oh, I'll go grab it. It's in the hall. Be right back." And with that, she dashed out of Sick Bay.

Over to the side, Andrews let out a moan and Lizzy turned, "You take the nurse, I'll take Mr Unsecurity. If anyone is free, there are a couple of extra med kits upstairs in my office - I keep them for reserve."

"Got it." Amity said, frowning as she went to the staff nurse and looked her over. The EMH had done well in closing up a wound, after a pass of the wand she knew there wasn't really any thing to be done for the woman, except keep an eye on her until she woke up.

Taking a medical tricorder, she ran the sensor wand over him and smiled, "No serious issues like bleeding or fractures."

Taking a hypospray, she loaded it with some drugs and used it on him, "That should stop any issues with concussion and the flag pole you have going there, but just go rest up in the corner anyway. You might get sleepy."


He headed off as Lizzy moved back to find out how things were going.

Amity waved Lizzy over, "Hey, there's lab coats hanging by the door for one." she said motioning to Lizzy's state of undress. "Two why aren't we keeping the EMH on? That program has been running since ship launch, they're supposed to be, being tested in this sort of situations?"

Lizzy gulped, "Oops, I forgot. Computer, unpause the EMH. She's gonna be pissed."

[Working.. Done.]

"About time! I will have to speak to the engineering department about this!" the EMH complained, "I'm a Doctor! Not a movie!"

Lizzy sighed, "Yes, and I'm sorry. But please stop being whiny. This is a crisis and we need to all keep calm. Access your psychological files and lookup the importance of a calm bed-side manner. If you cannot chill down, we will need to take you offline again."

Emmah humphed and walked away, muttering to herself.

At that point, Ash hurried back into Sick Bay, Emergency Medkit in hand. Seeing everyone else busy with the other patients, she returned to St. Clair. "How're you feeling?" she asked.

"In pain," he responded.

"Don't worry," she told him. "I'll have you patched up in a jiffy."

Emmah spotted the man, "Well now." she said, brushing Ash aside. "A jiffy is too quick a time marker to have one fixed up, but I will have you fixed up shortly." she corrected ash.

Ash gave the EMH a look that said quite clearly what she thought of the program. "Excuse me," she said. "I'm perfectly capable of healing a broken bone! And just FYI- I didn't mean an actual jiffy. It's an expression."

"I am certain your skills can be put to better use elsewhere." Emmah snipped. "I will let you know if I need your assistance." she said. "For the moment, this is my sickbay."

The door opened shortly and an engineer came in, carrying a round barrel that sounded like it was sloshing inside. He spotted Lizzy passing, and said, "I brought this upto you guys in case it helps."

"What is it?"

He blushed, "Well.. I.. promise you won't get me busted?"

"Of course I won't tell anyone."

"It is part of my secret still. I've been making potato moonshine and thought that since the power is out, you might be need something for cleaning stuff."

Lizzy opened up the top of the barrel to look in and pulled her head back when the strong fumes came out, "Yeah, that will kill anything."

She leant over to kiss him on the cheek, "That's a brilliant idea, thanks. Also will be good if we need to numb any pain."

He blushed, "Better get down to Engineering to see if I can help out get the power back."

Rolling it over to the surgical wing where she hoped they wouldn't actually have to sterilise anything or dull anyone's pain, she began doing an inventory of the instruments that were available. Most items were replicated, but it was good practise that Sickbay did keep a certain number in reserve.

Emmah turned to the gathered group, "Can someone get that door open wider?" she asked. "If more injured come we will need for them to have far better access." she said. "Also, why hasn't any more actual medical staff arrived?" she grumbled in frustration.

Shadowfox gingerly slid off the biobed and played with his foot on the floor. Walked over to the door,cracked his knuckles and started pulling the door open with his hands.Got it most of the way open. Turned around to the group. "Any better?"

"Yes thank you Mr. Fox." Emmah said.

"Hey.." He turned around and faced Emmah,crossing his arms. "I know I haven't quite been in for my entry physical yet,but that doesn't mean cut my name in half. It's Shadowfox. Fox is the Marine Commanding Officer. I'm the Chief Diplomatic Officer." He slung a medical kit over his shoulder. "anyone else want to come with,help me find anymore injured?" He said clicking on a flashlight.

"If the EMH will let us," said Ash acidly, glaring at the EMH. She retrieved her kit and headed towards the door. "Come on, Peter," she said to Shadowfox. "Let's go find some injured."

Shadowfox blinked at Ash "But..I'm Robert.."

"I know," Ash replied. "It was an attempt at a nick name. You know, Peter Pan? He was always loosing his shadow? Never mind."

Robert was totally lost on the nickname,but oh well. he nudged the door open a bit more. "Let's go find injured,the EMH can go take our her own programming for all I care." he stepped just outside the door,spotting someone's leg sticking out through a jefferies tube. "Looks like we got our first customer."

Ash grinned. "If he's really hurt," said Ash. "Or she. I dunno, that leg looks a bit feminine...."



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