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Posted on Fri Jun 6th, 2014 @ 6:18pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: Bridge - U.S.S. Gladiator

"Well, then," Vanora said for no particular reason after Ash had left to be of more use. She felt sort of ridiculous, sitting here in the dark, with nothing to do but flip the switch back and forth to turn on the holoemitters, depending on what the XO's current plan was. "Perhaps I should go, as well, to help with repairs...?"

Mercia looked at Vanora trying to contain her rising irritation. "But what if the dragons show up?" she tried to tease.

"Actually, that's not such a bad question, given the holoemitters acting out. Maybe we should ask Khelev to make sure that the holoemitters don't start springing random monsters on us." Vanora laughed half-heartedly.

"As much as I think You could be useful, I think you should stay here with me. We can check to make sure things aren't fried, and disconnect them if they are, so that when power does return it doesn't bust the whole console." Mercia said. "God I hate feeling useless." She grunted. "Do we have enough power to turn the holomeitter back on? Even one of them so we can have access to Elian?" she asked.

"Yes, but to what end?" Vanora went over to the Tactical console and opened it up, checking the conditions of the circuitry before beginning to remove some overloaded relays. "With the portable radios, we don't need Elian to communicate with other parts of the ship."

Mercia smirked as she got to work as well, "He may be able to go about the ship though and report other things, from those that don't have walkies, or maybe those who don't know they have walkies." Mercia suggested. "Plus... he's better looking than you?" she teased. "Can't blame a girl for wanting something good to look at hmm?"

"You've injured my pride," Vanora said with a fake puppy dog look of sadness. "I suppose I can't argue with wanting some eye candy. Better than staring through the emergency lights at your mug," she grinned. "Okay, here we go, let's hope it still works." Vanora flipped the circuit back to powering the holoemitters.

Mercia jumped back as suddenly every thing turned on, lights, consols, holo emitters, comms, every thing! She looked around, as her head came up above the console, with a suspicious look in her eye.

"That wasn't supposed to happen?" Vanora furrowed her brow.

In the center of the bridge Elian flickered to life.

With her mood suddenly switching to the positive she hopped up with a little bounce. "Hey there good lookin!" she teased.

"Commander, I am glad to see you are well..." Elian responded almost wanting to reach out to her before he noticed the other members of the crew. "Along with the rest of the crew, it is good to see people not injured seriously. The EMH is working hard to get people that medical response requires to get back to duty and I will stay in contact with her constantly with updates."

Mercia nodded and headed for the center of the bridge, "good." She said while trying to prioritize what to work on first in her own mind.

"Along with the rest of the crew?" David remarked as he walked out of the hall he had finally made his way thru. His leg was still throbbing with pain but he continued to make his way to the center of the bridge. "it sounds like you have to get your system rechecked once this ordeal is over with."

David limped over to the captains chair which Mercia was now standing in front of. "I see I made the right decision making you my XO."

Mercia gave him a look as she moved aside before she masked once again, "You seem to have a knack for making right decisions regarding me." She folded he arms. "Now sit" she demanded. "You clearly didn't go to sickbay, and where are the crew men I left with you to ensure you went hmm?" She chided him.

"There are more important injuries that have accrued worse than mine. I am fine," Commander Hawkins insisted as he glarred at her for a moment.

Mercia gave him another look, "Elian." She said not taking her eyes off David, her expression challenging. "Be a dear and tell Emmah to track down Commander Hawkins to examine his injuries when she has a moment." She ordered. With that she dropped in to her own chair, "alright.. now what?" She muttered. "What do you all have for me?"

Ignoring the fact that she was irritated at him, he replied to her question. "We need to figure out what caused this. I want all department heads to report in," He looked over at the ops station to the front left of the bridge. "Stele, can you give me some answers?"

"I have some suspicions. L'Nivek had mentioned something to me earlier, irregularities in the Computer's records that could have been masking some sort of hostile program. I was in the process of trying to run diagnostics without triggering anything before the blackout happened, but it looks like we weren't fast enough." Vanora sighed. "In terms of systems, I'm not sure why the Bridge is back up. You'll have to check with Khelev about that.

Mercia tapped some buttons on her console, "The entire ship is back up." she commented. "We should get back on the road Commander." Mercia remarked to Hawkins, "The sooner the better, I don't like just sitting in the middle of no where." she said.

"You say we have all systems a go, Its probably best to keep it the way it is. I rather find out what happened then just take a chance it happening again. Launch the fighters and have them set up a defense perimeter around the ship. Also launch a couple runabouts to keep our long range sensors going and communications going," David ordered as he leaned back in his chair. "I want all reports from department heads in an hour. Get engineering and operation teams going. I want to know what happened."

Mercia nodded and started to issue his orders as the bridge began to be staffed again.

- TBC -


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