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Watch where you're going!

Posted on Sat Jun 14th, 2014 @ 11:44am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: Deck 8 Corridor
Timeline: Backpost - On the way to Sickbay


Mago was carrying a large stack of Starfleet Officer Trading Cards (his own creation) when the lights went out. This had resulted in him walking straight into a burly petty officer from security. The petty officer was not apologetic, and mumbling something about needing to follow emergency protocols had run off without offering to help the cadet pick up and count his very valuable, limited edition collector's items. Such it was that Mago was left to the task alone. He had just managed to count--and recount-- the cards, all three hundred and seventy nine of them, and stood up to find a place to store them safely before figuring out exactly where he was supposed to be at the moment, when, taking only a few steps, he promptly ran straight into someone, yet again, causing cards to go flying in every direction.

Lizzy hadn't been looking where she was going as she had moved ahead of Ensign Andrews, and let out a shriek as she got around the corner. With the speed she was going at, she fell backwards, landing on her ass.

Wincing and rubbing her backside as a rain of cardboard cards fell on her, she looked up and spotted one of the cadets, and asked, "Are you okay? I think that was my fault."

"No, sir, not your fault, my fault," Mago said as he crawled around collecting his cards with a curse. It was only when he'd begun straightening a deck of about twenty that he looked up and saw the counselor. And there was a lot to see. His hands gave out and the cards spilled down into his lap as he took in Lizzy clad in nothing more than lacy underwear made of silk. His jaw went slack as well, and his eyes wide, and his ability to think rationally gave out such that he was left sitting and staring, dumbfounded.

Lizzy looked down and pulled her bra out a bit, looking down. Letting it go back, she smiled,"Yep, boobs.. Correct term is ma'am."

Grinning, she helped picking up cards, being really careful not to damage any, "We can be pretty sure that it was most likely both of our faults."

She looked at one of them, "These are pretty good. Did you make them?"

"Er... yes, Boobs," Mago stuttered, his eyes still glued to the black bra that left little to imagination. "I mean, Ma'am!" he corrected himself too late. Despite there being almost no light, the cadet suddenly felt that it should be much, much darker in this corridor. "It's just a booby. I mean hobby! It's a hobby."

Lizzy realised that it was a Freudian slip, and smiled, "Don't worry, Cadet. I have a tendency to cause that sort of thing a lot since I'm part-Betazoid. Where do you work on the ship?"

"Operations, sir. Part-Betazoid?" His eyes managed to tear themselves away from Lizzy's chest and get a look at her face. "Ah, you're Doctor Caldera! We still talk about the Tower Cow prank at the Academy. Classic, just classic," he grinned as he shuffled through his cards. "Could I, er, well, this seems like a really inappropriate time for this, but could I get you to sign your card?" he asked as he pulled out one of the cards bearing rotating images of her, along with her scrolling biography.

"Get your act together, Cadet!" the ensign barked. "This is an emergency, not time for fawning over and gawking at the Counselor."

Mago had not noticed Ensign Andrews until that moment, and blushed as he noticed that Andrews' own state of undress. It proved somewhat easier for Mago to not stare, but he found it equally difficult to look the officer in the eyes. "Sorry, sir, it's just very hard... well, that's not what I mean..."

Lizzy turned towards Ensign Andrews, "Hey! Don't speak like that."

Looking back, she smiled, "Cadet, I'll come see you after everything has been sorted out, to sign your card."

"It would be an honor, ma'am!" Mago grinned, finally able to look Lizzy in the eye, before turning and scurrying off, hoping to avoid any more accidental collisions.


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