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The blood Line

Posted on Wed Aug 13th, 2014 @ 7:55pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins
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Mission: A New Home
Location: Sick Bay Lab - U.S.S. Gladiator
Timeline: Before arrival at the colony

Leaning up against a bio bed, David thought to himself for a moment as he waited in silence. This wasn't what he wanted to do as of right now. It was only time that this would happen, but he wasn't about to let it change the duty of the crew. But this was something that had been bothering not only himself, but also Mercia. He had enough and was ready to take it up with the Medical and get a straight answer for once and for all.

He looked up and saw Mercia walked in and grinned. "I hope this makes you feel better and will get off my back about this."

Mercia smirked as she approached, the EMH had directed her to one of the private rooms, and Mercia was actually pleased at the sense of privacy with this. "Its more important that it makes you feel better, Helaku." she said coming next to him and leaned against the bio bed too. "But yes... I'll stop bugging you about it, and it will satisfy my curiosity. Of course... you don't have to tell me the results, but..." she glanced up at him. "Did you ask me to come so I wouldn't question if you did it?" she asked him. "And I'd stop bugging you?"

"Pretty much," David grinned.

Mercia grinned. "Well Then I'm glad you called me." she teased him. "How long until the results are back?" she asked him. She had noticed Logan sulking in one of the corners of the medical bay when she passed through, the EMH, Emmah, speaking to him quietly.

"Shouldn't be long. The EMH said that they had his DNA already on file and only needed a sample of my blood to update their records," he replied. "But I do feel like its taking forever. I thought this stuff was quick these days. There must be something else going on that she isn't fully ready to explain to me just yet."

Mercia watched his face, she could see just a little anxiety in his eyes, she doubted any one else would be able to see it. And He said SHE had masks! "I'm sure Emmah is just being through, maybe figuring out the other side of the DNA is whats holding things up... If she's not starfleet, or if he is refusing to tell Emmah...?" she suggested, trying to give reasons for the delay. "I'm sure it wont be long..." she said, "Then at least there might be some answers, and you'll know how to move forward." she said.

"Maybe, but I don't know how these answers will truly help in moving forward. All its going to do is show who I knocked up to bring into this world a little hellion like he is," David smirked slightly as he sighed slightly.

Emmah, the EMH poked her red head in to the room, "Captain." she said, "I am ready with the results, would you like the young man to hear them with you?" she asked motion out the door.

Mercia turned and looked beyond the door frame. Logan couldn't hide his anxiety any where near as well as David could. Now she was starting to feel nervous for them!

"Yeah, its only far that the Lieutenant hears any information regarding him," David nodded as he let Mercia stand at his side and released his embrace with her. He wanted to have his full attention on the holographic doctor so he heard it correctly.

Emmah turned her head and nodded to the lieutenant and motioned him inside.

Logan walked in with his hands till across his chest, almost irritated to the point of not looking at the Captain and Lt. Commander. But after a second, he sighed slightly as he looked at the two and nodded a greetings. "Sirs."

Once Logan was in the room Emmah closed the door and ensured the privacy windows were tinted.

Mercia nodded at Logan and put hands behind her back, leaning back against the biobed, her shoulder touching Davids arm. "Go ahead Emmah." she said.

The hologram nodded again, "Captain Hawkins, Lieutenant Hawkins, I have confirmed that David Hawkins is the biological father of Logan Hawkins." she said handing a tablet to David first. "The DNA scan is a match."

Somehow this wasn't a big surprise to either Logan and David. While David took in the information calmly, Logan seemed to grind his teeth slightly as he tried to hide his irritation.

"Well that's one less thing to worry about," David muttered slightly as he looked at his 'son'. What he didn't get was the mother. "How about the mother? The lieutenant doesn't have a clear answer as to who his mother is."

"I didn't say that," Logan snapped but went back but caught himself before going back to himself.

Mercia arched her brows, "Then why don't you reveal who she is and save us from hearing it from Emmah?" she asked folding her arms. "Because we're going to find out in a matter of seconds any way."

"Both of you knock it off," David spoke up as he also crossed his arms over his chest.

"Very well..." Mercia said. "Emmah, were you able to ascertain the identity of Logans mother?"

Emmah looked between the three, her brows furrowing a little bit, "Well that is why the test took so long. I needed to verify the information. Luckily since you had a physical a couple days ago and we were able to update your blood sample..."

Mercia blinked, "Hold up. What are you going on about?" she demanded.

"Oh, the test confirmed you, Lt. Commander Kavi, as Logans biological mother." she said passing over a second padd.

Not taking the padd, The blood drained from Mercia's face, as her mask fell in to place with shock. "Well your program is faulty, because I didn't have a kid at eight years old." she said.

"Of course not Lt. Comdr. Your systems were not functional enough for such a thing until you were 11." Emmah said.

Mercia glared at the hologram, "Yes, I'm sure these two wanted to know when I met Aunt Flo." she growled. "This isn't funny Emmah, who is Logans mother?"

"You are ma'am." Emmah said. "I confirmed it, and retested four times to ensure accuracy."

Mercia felt sick to her stomach as she stared at Logan.

The room was in stunned silence as they tried to understand how this was possible, but only David was the only one that was able to speak up. "How is that even possible?"

Emmah shook her head, "I am uncertain Captain." she said, "I can investigate the idea is a clone of the two you. Or perhaps he is from another time, although I didn't see any form of temporal residual on him."

"My word," Logan almost collapsed on the floor. "I tried to get in her pants."

Mercia made a face, "Oh My God you did." she said covering her mouth. And she'd considered letting him. She started to feel even sicker. She looked at David, "Ok so now we have answers, but now many more questions... if he's a clone or time traveler we can't let any one find out about that!" she said. She let out a long breath, panic rising.

"You think?" David stated after a long pause. "How could this happen. Or more importantly, why would there be a reason to this?"

Mercia folded her arms and looked at Logan, her fists closing. She was about to throttle the boy, her son. With David. She felt out of control. "You better start talking Logan..." So many thing were going through her head. She wanted to beat him for not telling, but then seemed as shocked as she was.

Then there was the idea she needed to protect Logan from any scrutiny that would come from wherever he came from. "This makes no sense, you have to have some sort of answers!" she said.

"Oh so I'm a sick bastard that hits on his mother?" Logan snapped as he jumped into Mercia's face. But was quickly stopped by Hawkins' hand on his chest. "All I knew was that you were a whore!"

"Watch your mouth, son," David glared already feeling the anger radiating from Mercia over his shoulder. "We don't need it right now!"

"Don't call me son!" Logan snapped at David. "You have no right!"

Mercia was straining to control herself, "How dare you call me a whore." she growled, only Davids position restraining her. "And he has every right, now tell us something where the hell did you come from? Why didn't you know you're half me?" she demanded. "Why are you here?"

"May I suggest that you don't yell? The rising angry emotions..." Emmah said.

"Computer remove Emmah from this room." Mercia snapped, leaving the three of them alone for the moment. "So... son where do we start in figuring this out?" she hissed, having no issue antagonizing him.

"How the hell am I supposed to know? I am just a spawn of the great and mighty David Hawkins! I guess you were good for just the egg to finish the whole thing!" Logan glared back with anger.

Mercia didn't care, the kid needed this and so did she. She moved between him and David before David could stop her. She pushed Logan in to the wall and pressed her arm to his throat. "You are running on luck that I haven't beat the crap out of you. Knock down your attitude right now, the next slight at me that comes out of your mouth and I'll knock it down for you, do you understand me?" She growled. She was almost shaking with restraint, she was confused and angry and feeling lost, it was not a good combination.

A hand laid on her shoulder as David's voice spoke up, "Threatening each other won't get us anywhere no matter how enjoyable it could be. If he doesn't know, then we need to figure this out another way."

Logan felt the arm over his throat tightly, forcing himself to breath hard but slow. He scanned her eyes seeing the anger and confusion as her mask. But he didn't know more any she did. But the possibility of being a clone, of the two didn't make since, or even come close to making anything useful. All that brought to the table was confusion.

Mercia glared in to Logans eyes. He was as angry and confused as she was. "So what now? We at least need to erase this from the computer record until we can investigate his history and figure out what the hell is up with him." She said.

This made them all think as it was only David's final say of this. There wasn't really much of a right answer for this situation, but then again, he didn't know of any situation that was anything like this one. He knew of clones being used with the Romulan Empire. There was a plan of using clones of flag ship officer to be replaced by their own agents but after it was past when the government was replaced.

"I am not completely sure in this case," David admitted as he stepped aside and looked away from the mother and son. "Let go of your son, Mercia. That isn't helping at all."

Finally after about baring her teeth at him she pulled back, "don't test me." She warned Logan and then back away, needing the distance. She ran her hands over her hair, tension and uncomfortable feelings were running through her. She looked at Logan again, her son? She didn't even understand how it was possible! "I need a drink." she grumbled as she paced the room.

Logan slumped down into the corner of the room as he tried to understand what was going on. Nothing seemed real anymore. How was any of this possible.

"Need something more stiff than that if you ask me," David sighed as he looked at the two. "For now, we keep this between us until we figure out what the hell is going on. Logan is still a living breathing member of this crew and he has his own life. Live it to the fullest."

Mercia looked at David, "I'll access Emmah and erase the test from her memory banks." she looked at Logan. She might have reacted strongly against him, but David was right. They had to live life as they went. "It's not worth the risk of the wrong person figuring out that I'm your...." she choked on the words. "After we all calm the hell down, we should try and sit down to figure out where you came from, assuming of course, you don't know, considering you've yet to reveal any thing beyond your care takers name." Mercia snipped.

"Yeah... I guess you are right," Hawkins replied without talking about the snapping again and again about Logan. He wasn't completely sure still. He needed a stiff drink himself. What else could happen.

"Whatever," Logan replied as he ran his hand thru his hair as he went back to standing and started for the door.

Working her jaw, Mercia needed to swallow her pride and she knew it. "Logan." she said. She frowned and looked down at the floor. "Give me a break, I'm as freaked out as you are. I'm sorry for stacking you to the wall. Apparently we're all in this one together, so we have to figure out how to get along. Give it a couple days, think you can do that?" she asked trying to cover the cynicism in her voice. She knew how hard control was for her, if he had any of those natural traits it must be just as hard for him too.

He paused as he held back the confusion one last time before replying. "Until then, keep your dirty thoughts from thinking about getting in my pants," He said over his shoulder with a slight grin as he walked out.

Mercia felt her face shift with a disgusted expression. She was sickened as it was with the knowledge she'd flirted with him when she first met him. "Same goes for you bucko." she called after him before the door closed again.

"He is truly my son," David chuckled for the first time since they had stepped into the sick bay.

"And mine too apparently." Mercia said leaning against the biobed and putting her face in her hands. Her need for answers was screaming, and she knew it could be days before she'd sleep again.

"This is going to be interesting..." David whispered.



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