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Playing Medic

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Mission: Pitch Black

Robert was totally lost on the nickname,but oh well. he nudged the door open a bit more. "Let's go find injured,the EMH can go take our her own programming for all I care." he stepped just oustide the door,spotting someone's leg sticking out through a jefferies tube. "Looks like we got our first customer."

Ash grinned. "If he's really hurt," said Ash. "Or she. I dunno, that leg looks a bit feminine...."

Robert smirked."I hope he's not a guy.." he said moving toward the person's leg. "He may be rather upset." He moved the flashlight around to see who it was. "Crewman marx,engineer. Mike I think." He moved up to the person and padded his cheek "Mike.. can you hear me?"

"Geez, he has nicer legs than I do!" muttered Ash, a bit jealous. "He could probably make a mint as a female impersonator. Well, he's have to shave the beard."

He looked around for blood. "I'm not seeing any blood,he's probably just knocked out. Still,might as well lay him down,he'll come two in a hour or so hating life,but he'll be fine."

Ash pulled the medical tricorder out of her medkit and did a quick scan, shutting it off again once she was done. "Very mild concussion," she said. "Probably he was on his way to Sick Bay and just couldn't stand it anymore. I'll bet he laid down to rest and fell asleep. He should be fine."

"Well" said Robert,dragging off a bit mid sentence as he dragged the guy out and laid him down a more peaceful state "can't let him sleep like that, it'll give him muscle spasms" he grabbed flashlight and kept walking "Let's see if we can find someone more worthy of help"

Ash chuckled softly. "Yeah, because an unconscious pretty-boy isn't worthy at all!" she said. "I wish the charge on this tricorder wasn't so low. I could scan the area to see who's hanging out behind these doors. Suppose we should check?"

"Y'know for a cutie conn officer, you need more brute force." He noticed the door and kicked it in like it was made of wood.

"You're the second person to call me a cutie conn officer," she said, peering into the dark room. "Well, the third. I'm beginning to think it's written on my forehead or something. Anyone in here?" she called, shining her flashlight around.

Robert stopped in his tracks,hearing something rumbling. "you hear that?" He looked around more with the flash light. "it's like.. I'm not sure... something move in the walls.. or the ventilation system."

Ash stopped, too. Sure enough, she heard it. But, she didn't know if she actually heard it or if the power of suggestion was strong enough to make her think she heard it. "It sounds like..." she started, but shook her head. "Nah. It's probably just the power trying to come back on. Or maybe ch'Koro got the Engines working."

Robert looked up,hopped on a chair and started knocking on the vent. "Nope,nothing,I'm hearing stuff." He got down and started looking around.

"You know what it is?" Ash said, shining her flashlight around. "It's that ambient hum you get when you're used to noise and suddenly there isn't any. It gets louder when we stand still and don't talk." Just to prove it to herself, she did just that. "Yeah, that's what it is," she decided, heading over towards a desk to see if anyone was behind it. She cracked her shin on an ottoman she hadn't seen and curse. "Oh, this is stupid," she said. "Okay, I'm going to do something possibly really stupid."

Robert move his flashlight onto her. "How stupid? I hate seeing people hurt themselves,especially those I actually like."

"Only dangerous to me, really, if someone's in a really bad state," she said, going through a few mental exercises. "You see, my race is mildly empathic. We build these mental shields so we don't get overwhelmed by everything around us. I'm going to drop mine. I'm hoping that if someone's in pain or unconscious, I'll pick them up. But, it could be a bit much for me to handle, so if I start screaming and you can't get me to stop, take me to sick bay and have them sedate me, okay?

"Ah,well then.." Robert reached into his pocket and pulled out a type one pocket phaser. "You go too crazy on me I'll stun you and carry you to sickbay. Just don't start flailing and screaming."

"I'll do my best," said Ash, gently dropping the shielding on her mind.

She was at once flooded with several hundred consciousnesses, all in various emotional states. A few were on the verge of panic, a few in full freak out mode and a few terrified, but most were calm, if a bit miffed. "Okay," she said. "There's nobody in here, but a few doors down are several people who are in full freak out mode. Oh!" she said, suddenly realizing what it must be. "It's the nursery! The children are scared and freaking out. Let's go see if any of them are hurt."

Robert nodded,walked over to the door to open it. "Shall we m'lady?" He grinned,he liked teasing the cute ones.

"Why, thank you, fine sir," said Ash, giving him a mock curtsy before heading three doors down from where they were. It took them awhile to pry the doors open and by that time, the children were in a panic. "It's okay," she said as the lights came on. "What?" she said, looking around, blinking in the sudden light.

"They made the lights come on!" exclaimed one five year old, jumping up from his place on the floor, face still tear stained. "They must be super heroes!"

"Uh..." said Ash, glancing at Robert.

"They're super heroes!" the boy insisted, turning to the other children. "They got super powers! They came to save us!"

"Sure kid,we're super heros." Robert wedged himself in between the doors and with a jerking kick and shot the door completely open. Then turned off his flashlight. "Alright kids,single file line,let's go to sickbay and get everyone checked out."

The adults in the room began herding the children out the doors, thanking Ash and Robert as they went. "What made the power come back on, though?" Ash said, blinking at the randomness of it all.

"Can you shoot laser beams out of your eyes?" asked a boy of about 4.

"No, that's just Cyclops," said Ash as one of the adults attempted to lead the child on. "Honestly. Super heroes! Kids..."

Robert grinned at Ash,Robert's always had a skill with kids but he was oddly amused at how Ash wasn't. He looked at the kid. "Is Cyclops your favorite?" he asked checking the kid over with a tricorder.

The boy nodded. "He's cool!" said the boy, resisting the teacher's urging to move on.

"We'll get him there," Ash promised, crouching down by the boy. Immediately four more children crowded them. "Whoa, hey!" laughed Ash. "We really SHOULD go to Sick Bay. Is anyone hurt?"

"N-no," stammered one small girl. She'd obviously been crying hard. "W-we were jus-just scared. B-but we're ok-ay now. Th-thanks," she added, throwing her arms around Ash's neck and hugging her tight.

"Aw," said Ash, returning her hug. "You're welcome, but I think your teachers deserve some thanks, too. After all, they stayed with you when it was scary, didn't they?"

"Y-yes," said the girl, glancing at the teacher who had stopped only three steps away.

"And see there?" said Ash, glancing as well. "She's STILL here."

Robert lead out the rest of the kids. Glanced at Coi. "Should we follow the kids to sickbay or find more injured?"

Ash hesitated, glancing at the kids. "Let's go with them," she decided. "Come on, guys, let's get to Sick Bay."

Robert picked up and carried the smallest kid,following the group.


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