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A Sharks bite

Posted on Fri Jun 6th, 2014 @ 7:33am by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Mission: A test of Patience

Gili ran, he ran hard. He couldn't be seen in this area of the ship, and he had the strangest feeling he was being followed. Once he was alone in a lift he took deep dragging breaths, feeling panic course through her. He leaned against the lift wall with her forearm pressed against it, his head resting on it. When the lift stopped he got out of it as fast as he could and started to walk again, while he did need to return to Patience, right now he was too worked up, too nervous on how badly this was messed up to be near that woman. He might kill her at the wrong time. Would the plan even work now? Was his dear sister going to die because of a faulty device!

This wasn't his fault, Lion had to know that!

Shark stepped around a corner and bumped the man, almost knocking him down but not. He stood there staring at Gili.

The man had come out of no where, "What are you doing?" Gili demanded shoving the fellow off, who was fairly larger than him.

"How in the hell did you mess that up Gili?" Shark said crossing his arms. His normal joking demeanor had changed to being more of a figure now.

Gili backed away, "its not my fault!" he hissed. "I did it right! it was shorted!"

Shaking his head, Shark stared into the mans Soul. "That's what they all say.

"Oh God you're going to kill me aren't you?" Gili realized, the chilling thought went right to his spine.

With a smile, Shark quickly covered some distance and threw a right elbow that caught Gili in the face, cutting a gaping hole in the side of his cheek. The crimson liquid started pouring out of the wound. Quickly, Shark threw a left fist but was caught off guard when Gili ducked, obviously being slightly faster than Shark had anticipated.

With that, Shark kicked but it went over the mans head as he ducked again. He quickly countered that with a knee to the rib cage. He felt a slight pop from that, knowing that he broke a rib.

Shark, feeling a little too confident, quickly spun around for a spinning back kick but Gili was too quick. Gili grabbed Shark's ankle and swept the other foot from out from under Shark. This caused Shark to drop to the floor and slam his head against the deck. Gili ran quickly.

Gili couldn't believe his luck when he got some distance between him and the other man. He was struggling to breath, and was certain a broken rib was to blame. His face was split and bleeding, and his eyes were blurry. He was clearly a better fighter than the man realized he was, but now, he knew it was time to run. He had time, he had to fix this!



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