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The Payoff

Posted on Thu Jun 12th, 2014 @ 5:16pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Mission: A test of Patience

Gili was panting as he exited the turbolift, bloody dripping down the side of his face and on to his shirt. He had one arm wrapped around his torso, the pain of the broken rib was sending white spots in The shaking ship under attack was no help either.

"Are you alright?" A woman demanded as she passed him.

He growled and stumbled forward.

"Sir let me take you to medical..." she said laying her hands on his arm.

Instinct took over and he turned with his elbow raised and knocked her in the temple. She crumpled to the floor, knocked out completely.

Gilis eyes widened and fear gripped him, this was spinning out of control and now there was a killer after him! Well if he was going down it wasn't going to be alone!

He quickly moved forward passing by some of the confounded security holograms and in to Lady Patiences room. Her servant was there.

"Are you alright?" The Catian blinking her cateyes at him.

"Where is the Lady?" He demanded as he opened a chest he had kept in the room with a couple weapons for this moment.

"She went to the bridge to get answers." The servant said, "mr Nol really if you need..."

Gili turned and stunned the woman, he didn't need her going on and on. He quickly dragged her to her room and locked the door.

The doors opened and a pair of holograms shoved a red faced and angry Lady Patience in to the room and closed the door.
"Nol! There you are!" She said. "Krean! Come here " she called.

Krean poked his head out, "mother you're back." He said.

"Krean go back to your room." Gili said.

Patience looked at Gili and frowned at the bloody mess she just now noticed. "Krean do you still have access to the" she asked ignoring her guard.

Krean looked down, "uh... yes?" He said.

"Good, now can you turn off the holograms?" She asked.

"All of them?" The boy asked. When his mother nodded he grinned, "yeah just shut off the computer, I can do that!" He said. "I think..."

"Good, go do it, I need answers and those blasted security holograms are in my way." Once Krean returned to his room she turned to Gili. "You are a mess."

Gili lifted his gun, "you have no.idea."

"What is the meaning of this?" Patience demanded backing away.

"You. You took everything from us! Your selfish ways have destroyed my family,.killed my parents..." he started. "Now you pay... LADY"

Shark kept following Gili, trying to get a drop on him when he was least expecting it. He stopped a little bit down the hallway from the room. He noticed the hologram guards standing outside the room and shook his head. "Can't use their own muscle these days. Fun," he said to himself. He slinked back a little down the hallway to where he noticed a Jefferies tube entrance. He opened the hatch and climbed through until he heard Gili's voice. He opened the hatch slowly, just enough to see he was above everyone and to see Gili confronting the woman.

"Killed your parents? Mr. Nol I have never heard of you before." Patience said her hand reaching for the knife she kept in her belt.

Gili knew of her blade, "My name isn't Nol. Its Trean Paku, son of Senator Paku." he growled. He shot her arm, sending her stumbling back, but he lurched forward grabbing her by the throat. "You killed him, you destroyed his name!"

Patience felt fear flash through her, as she gasped for air, her arm was burning from the shot. "Nothing personal." she choked out.

Treans hand gripped tighter as she shoved her down on the couch, determined to see the light of life leave her eyes. "It was personal to me." he growled. "my father was strangled and my mother shot, you'll die the same way." he hissed.

Patience bucked under him trying to fight him off, but he was far stronger than she expected. Darkness started to cloud her eyes as her hands flailed, her nails clawing at his face, trying to stop him and to get air.

Trean held her tighter, this was it. Justice for his his family, the witch was going to die. Strangely he didn't feel quite as satisfied as he had hoped. When she finally went limp he held her a few more seconds before releasing her. He raked his hands through his hair, the adrenalin starting to run low and the pain coming back in to his side. He stood up and retrieved his gun before leveling it at her head, wanting to be sure the job was done.

Shark noticed the woman was down and pretty well thought she was dead from the strangulation. He dropped down from his little perch and tackled Gili, the gun being thrown across the room. From that tackle, both of them fell and Shark sprang to his feet a few feet from Gili. "I'm back," he said with a grin.

Trean gasped for air as he stumbled to his feet, the adrenalin was back. "Who the hell are you?" he demanded. "Are you private security? are you one of Lions guys? COIL?" he demanded. Panic was coursing through him, he didn't have much hope of living, but at least he took out the witch with him.

He pulled out a knife that he had confiscated from the back of his waistband. "The only thing that matters Trean, is that you need to die now."

"I did my job!" Trean backed away, searching for a way out of this. "She's was the monster! I just did my job! Lion promised me He would take care of things!" he said trying to angle for the door as he backed away. "You have to let me go." he said. He grabbed a vase from one of Patiences confounded flowers and threw them at the man. It made contact and shattered against him, spraying glass and water all over him. He turned and ran for for the door.

The vase shattered against Shark's upper chest, causing him to turn away for a moment. When he looked back, He saw Trean headed for the door. He rotated the knife, now holding it on the blade and not the hilt. Quickly, he tossed it and hit Trean in the right Achilles tendon.

Hannalyn and Krean were against the wall in the wall way. "We have to get help!" Hannalyn cried in a hushed whisper.

Krean put his hand over Hannalyns mouth and pulled her back. "Stay hidden." he hissed and crawled away in to his mothers bedroom. He quickly accessed the communications system "Help! Help! Gili is trying to kill my mother! help!" he said. He didn't know for sure is they heard him. "He's going to kill us all!"

Trean cried out as he fell forward, the shock making him hardly able to move. The impact with the floor drove his broken rib in to his lung. He gasped for air as he crawled forward, but he couldn't move. The end was near.

Shark walked over to Trean/Gili and pulled the knife out from the heel. He kicked Trean over to be on his back and bent down to meet the man. "She will be safe, and she will be looked after. Any money they promised you will go to her. But they never said you would live," he said in a whisper so that only Trean could hear him. He took his left hand and covered Trean's mouth while he plunged the knife into the man's throat. Trean tried to scream and move but was unable too. Once the blood stopped pouring out of his neck, and he stopped moving, Shark stood up and turned around.

Hannalyn quickly ran out to her mother now that Nol was dead. "Mother! Wake up!" she cried.

Krean heard a yell from where he was calling for help and he quickly rushed out of the room, hearing his sisters cries. He tackled Hannalyn quickly, tucking her on the floor behind him as he looked at the new man untrustingly.

Patience gasped and arched her back, rolling off the couch in her shock. She coughed and looked up, seeing Krean Paku was dead. Her eyes looked up at the new man as her children quickly took a hold of her. Her voice sounded unlike hers, her throat was bruises, and her eyes hurt. "You saved us...." she said her instincts insisting she put her arms around her babies protectively.

All of the color drained from Patrick Shark as he watched the commotion. "You - were - dead," was all he could say at the moment. She was supposed to be dead he thought. She needs to die, but the children. He stood frozen.

Patience pressed her hand to her painful throat as she struggled to stand herself to her feet, "Apparently not quite." she panted, and settled for sitting on the edge of the couch, rather than standing. She grabbed a glass of water she had been drinking earlier and quickly drank it down despite the pain. It only partly helped.

"Who do I have to thank for saving me?" she asked through her rasp.

"Sh-sh-sh-Shark," he said stuttering. He was still pale and trying to figure out what to do next.

The doors flew open and Mercia rushed in with six security holograms behind her, still in her Lara croft outfit, but with a phaser in hand. "Shark!" she cried. "Take him!" she ordered.

"Wait! he saved us!" Patience cried.

As two of the hologuards grabbed his arms, the reality sunk in. "No, wait," he said starting to fight. "She has to die! They'll kill her if she doesn't die!" he said screaming. He got one arm loose from the hologram and punched the other, making him fly back. He turned and kicked the other one down. It had been a while since he had succumb to this much rage, but he only had one thing in his own mind. "She has to die," he said starting to lunge at Patience. "They'll kill her," he cried, tears starting to stream down his face.

Patience recoiled from the man her arms tightening around her children. "What are you talking about? Who will kill me?"

Mercia blinked and instinctively lifted her phaser and stunned him as the Holograms jumped on him again. He seemed sluggish but he wasn't down!

She jumped between Shark and Patience, knocking him as hard as she could in the jaw as the holograms adjusted their strength level. He tumbled back and Mercia shot him again at a higher level, this time knocking the man out cold.

"Take him back to security, restrain him in an interrogation room, but keep him sedated." she said looking the prisoner over. He apparently had failed her test, and got past the holograms at his door, who were programmed to 'die' if he made a kill move. They were supposed to allow him to get out of the room before forcefields would drop in to place and they would report his escape. He must have gotten out during the power failure, but why didn't the holograms report the escape? She would have to look in to that.

"What just happened here?" Patience asked.

Mercia turned to the woman, "What just happened is me and some holograms saved your ass." she grunted.

Patience narrowed her eyes at the under dressed woman. "Shark saved me from that guard." she growled.

"Yeah I'm not so sure about that." mercia said as they hauled him out. She tapped her ear bud, "Medical, send Emmah to tend to Lady Patience, and a clean up crew to handle a body." she said.

A moment later Emmah materialized and arched her brows at the scene.

"Emmah, the other one is dead, heal up the Lady." Mercia said as she moved to look the dead guy over.

Patience' eyes widened in horror, "I don't think so!"

"Now mother! The holograms helped, and that one makes people better! I insist you let it help!" Hannalyn said folding her arms and stamping her foot.

Patience felt rage flare up, before it was replaced by pride. "Very well." she sniffed, "Just this once." she said.

"Have fun." Mercia said waving her hand, "I'll check back in with you soon." she said before she left to report to David what happened.


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