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Interrogation Part 1

Posted on Wed Jun 18th, 2014 @ 8:11pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark & Lieutenant JG L'Nivek

Mission: C.O.I.L.
Location: Interrogation Room 1

The light finally started to enter into Shark's eyes opened but wearily. The world seemed a little weird with as he felt like he still wanted to sleep. He tried to wipe his eyes but felt an all too familiar cold steel across his wrists. He leaned back in the chair he was in slightly.

Shark was stuck in a metal seat with his wrists shackled to a table in the middle. The lights were currently dimmed low.

Mercia had her arms folded as she leaned against the wall. "Now that we're all a little more comfortable..." she started. "You want to explain yourself?" she demanded. David was here too, in the shadows, next to her. Both of them were in the dark, watching the man wake.

David was leaning up against the wall with his hands across his chest in the shadows watching the two talk. He needed to be away from the two so he could read him. His actions weren't a surprise but he needed to see if he was telling the truth to them.

Mercia pushed away from the wall and came closer to him, "Who do you work for Shark? Is that your name even?" she demanded.

Shark popped his neck, throwing it from side to side in a vicious manner. The pop could be heard throughout the room. "Well, someone is comfortable. It ain't me," he said ignoring the questions. He was still trying to get his barings. "Didn't we meet this way?" he asked.

"I didn't have you tied down last time." Mercia said. "Who do you work for?" she asked again giving him another chance.

Shark shook his head. "What do you think?" he asked out of curiosity. "What did I say before you're hologoons drugged me?"

Mercia folded her arms, "Oh selective amnesia now?" she humphed. "You put up a good fight, seemed like you wanted to kill Lady Patience, even though she insists that you saved her. You said she had to die or they would kill her. Who were you afraid for?" she asked with a softer tone as she crouched in front of him, and tipped her head so he could see her.

"When you picked me up, did you actually run my name? Like look at my record at all?" He asked in a bit of an ignorant tone.

"Why Lady Patience? " David cut in with a simple tone. He could tell that she was asking the wrong question and he wasn't getting what he needed.

"Who was she?" he asked towards Davids shadow in the darkness. "Why were you transporting her? And better yet," he added. "Who was the man that I killed, 'saving' her from?" Shark cocked his head a little at the darkness.

L'Nivek had heard of what was going on, but it took some time for her to get there. She walked in with a little plastic box, nodding at the other two, before watching Shark carefully.

Mercia scoffed, "You trying to tell me this wasn't random encounter?" she asked, "You tried to go after the woman too before I shot you." Mercia reminded him. He had to know who Gili and Lady Patience were!

Shark shook his head. "Do you remember the first time we met? What did I tell you, or was the only thing you can remember me calling you baby?" he stared at Mercia. "I said this is a game. The difference is, I wasn't kidding."

"Lieutenant, your turn to question him," Hawkins said to L'Nivek as he continued to look at him starting to notice what he was looking for.

"No need," Shark said dismissing the Lieutenant walking in. "Apparently you guys just don't get it. Is this room secured?"

"At the risk of sounding like some holonovel villian, prisoner, we are the one asking the questions here." The Vulcan smiled. It was not a pretty sight, for it was not a pretty smile: not even close. "We have you linked with a whole slew of seperate murders...more than enough to put in prison for the rest of your life. If it was my choice, of course, you'd be executed as an enemy of the state. Mercifully, or perhaps not, it is not your choice. I'm sure you've got the gamut of questions before, however, and are well-prepared, due to your training, to anything we could throw at you, apart from some sort of truth serum." She leaned back. "You're going to spend the rest of your life in prison, why not make it at least a little comfortable?"

"IS THIS ROOM SECURED?" he screamed, standing up. The bar that was holding the shackles to the table snapped, but Shark made no other movements. The chain that was through the bars had held, so he was still shackled. "If there is any trace of this, any recording of this, and they will kill my little girl!" His rough and grumble demeanor changed as he was a mix between furious, concerned, and crying. Tears started steaming down his face uncontrollably. He tried to get them to stop, but it was too late. He had no more control.

"It's secure, Mr. Shark," David spoke up calmly as he took his badge off alone with the others followed suit. "What do you have hidden in your mind?"

Shark sat down, placing the palms of his hands on the table, more so he didn’t get shot. He noticed the female that had walked in was carrying and figured she’d shoot in an instant, especially noticing that he had broken part of the thing that was potentially keeping them safe from him. He stared down at the cold table for a moment, deciding whether or not this was a good idea. He figured it didn't matter now.

He looked up at the three of them, tears still coming down but not as much now. “About a year and a half ago, I was contacted by someone with an offer. They wanted me to work for their organization as a hitter. They were going to pay me, help keep me off the grid and help me get some info on some people I’ve been looking for my literal entire life.” He kind of laughed a little. “I declined. I was hiding on some outer world where the federation couldn't find me, in a bottle. Four hours later I found myself being attacked by somewhere around ten guys. I took out four of them but the other six got me. I woke up an hour later, tied to a chair and tortured for an hour. After that, some guy stepped into the shadows, the only thing I could see was a lit cigarette. He offered me the job again but this time showed a picture of my daughter with one of their people and said if I didn't do what they wanted, they’d send her to me in pieces.”

L'Nivek had removed her badge, when the CO had, but that said nothing about the recording device in her boot. "So," she began, spreading her hands, "You were already gone, off of our grid, and you fell in with some bad people, who beat you and tortured you...let's see." She still looked unimpressed, and after his equipment-breaking outburst, one hand was on the butt of a phaser pistol at her hip. "You were beaten up. As a Federation Marine, I would have expected more of you, especially after reading your file." She glanced at the other two in the room, before returning said attention to Shark.

"So...let me get this straight, Shark. You wandered across the quadrant, slaughtering all, for someone you never met, but who merely had a photograph, which would have been easy to doctor?" She leaned back. "I wouldn't have expected you to be -stupid-, Shark, but then again, I shouldn't have expected much from someone of your clearly dubious calibur." She sighed, shaking her head. "And now, we catch you attacking a head of state, onboard our vessel..I daresay you've got a very short life expectancy, Shark. You are a disappointment to the Fleet, and a shame to the Corps." This was all part of a plan, of course. L'Nivek was a relative stranger to official interrogations, but she's done enough 'off the cuff' work with some of the more experienced members at the Academy that she had a fair idea of what to do next.

Mercia scoffed, "Assholes like this don't care about being disappointments.i Is that right darling?" she muttered, her hand was also on her gun. She didn't trust this guy in the least. "I'm mean really, what holonovel did you take this story out of?" she rolled her eyes.

This only made David lean back into the shadows as he took it all in. It was a plausible story but then again he was a well trained member of Starfleet and the Federation. They had trained him in the most advanced tactical training possible and to say that he hadn't gone rogue would only reinforce their beliefs in this or any other story.

"First off hooker," he said staring at L'Nivek. "You obviously didn't read my file. If you did, you'd know that I don't lie. Ever. Second off, while you were so busy 'reading my file,' you must have forgotten to do some detective work. If you see someone's file that says he has a daughter, and he's supposedly killed a bunch of people, your next question being an Intel officer should have been 'Wait, where's the daughter?'" He stared at her and shook his head. "I figured by now they'd teach you intel people something but apparently I was wrong. So, when you decide to do some actual digging, you'll find very quickly that my daughter was with my best friends wife for the past five years and was reported missing and hasn't been found. I might be a 'disappointment,' as baby pointed out, but that woman and her husband were not. Oh, and if you really read my file, you'd know that I also helped that woman's father, my best friend, get their daughter off of Romulus."

He shook his head again and stared at Hawkins. "Seriously Davey-Boy, this is who you have working for you? These imbeciles can't do simple detective work or ask simple questions? And you really think someone like me wouldn't have tried him damnedest to get his daughter back?" Shark scoffed and stared between the three of them. "You are also apparently dumb enough to think that I don't have proof hiding anywhere. Even better. And for the record," he said staring back at L'Nivek. "The warrant you see in my jacket, that's not what I've done for COIL. Those were personal. I have another eighteen that were done for them that I have no ties too, and three of them were high ranking officials on various planets that the federation has jurisdiction over, that they don't even know about."

Mercia scowled that he referred to her as Baby again. "Hold up Tiny." she let her eyes take a meaningful glance as to what she was referring to as tiny , "Why don't you tell us more about this... COIL?" she asked. "If you're so good how come you haven't figured out where your kid is and found a way to get her back?" she asked. She didn't believe his story, for all she knew he stuck his kid some where else to play a 'they're forcing me to kill' card.

Shark stared at Mercia and shook his head once again. He brought both his hands up, mostly because they were still chained together. He reached up into his mouth, pretty far into the back of his throat. What he produced was a string that kept coming from his mouth. A moment later, he gagged slightly and produced a small black device, colored slightly in stomach acid that was tied to the string which was tied to a tooth. He placed it on the table and pushed a button.

What the room heard was a recording.

I told you Mr. Shark, the voice was heard saying before a few packing sounds. Those sounds were followed by grunts and slight yelps. If you tried to find your daughter, you or her would be hurt. Since this is your first time being insubordinate, I'm letting her get the benefit of the doubt. You, on the other hand, are not going to fair very well."

"Where is she?" Sharks voice was heard screaming before getting hit again.

"Moving, always. Ice will keep her safe until we are done with you."

With that, the recording stopped.

"L'Nevik will have to take that to examine it for authenticity." Mercia said folding her arms. She didn't watch to touch it herself.

Shark started laughing, pretty hysterically actually. For the current situation, it was completely out of order, but he was still laughing. He grabbed the device, wiped it off with his shirt and tossed it over to Mercia anyway. "I'm done talking," he said finally curbing the laughter. "Go ahead and investigate my claims but by the time you find out I'm not lying, my daughter will be dead, Lady Patience will be dead, and more than likely, you will have been attacked, if not dead. These COIL guys don't screw around and they don't waste time."

Mercia caught the device but made a face as she passed it to the vulcan quickly. "Let me ask once more thing. What the hell is the point Shark?" she demanded. "If she's dead already why tell us at all? What do you expect us to do?"

"You were supposed to die too," he said simply. "This ship was supposed to be destroyed."

Mercia glanced between the other two, "The ship? Who is stupid enough to try and take out a class of ship like the Gladiator? Why would any one want that? And that means you were to die too?"




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