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Messing around

Posted on Sat Jun 7th, 2014 @ 7:28pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Patience room
Timeline: Minuets after Patience leaves

Hannalyn pulled her feet up under her skirt as she hugged her knees and looked at Krean. They were in the bedroom they had to share while on this ship. "Mother is going to have to go through those holograms to get to the Captain." she said.

Her brother paced a little bit, thinking, with his hands behind his back. "Yes I know! It is like she's going on an adventure in to the claws of evil!" he sai launching at his sister with his fingers bent.

Hannalyn squealed and rolled back on her bed, away from him. "Kreeeeean!" she complained. "I'm serious!" she complained again.

Krean ran his fingers through his hair "I know!" he complained. "Stop being such a baby." he growled. He knelt down and crawled under the bed and pulled out a tablet. "At least that Blue jerk face didn't come and find my other tablet!" he said sitting on the floor.

"And that he didn't find us at the big core yesterday!" she said.

"If you had been quiet I would have been able to do more, but You were gonna give us away!" Krean said shoving her away when she got closer.

Hannalyn stuck her tongue out at Krean. "So what are you going to do?" she asked.

Krean accessed the connection he had set up. He was good, better than that Blue guy who had been so mean to him and Hannalyn. He smirked, he had found a way in to the holograms computer core. It had taken him several days but he found a way in, even though he had to crawl through the ship to make the connection. Now that he had it though...

He accessed the security holograms files and tried to order them to leave their mother alone. He thought he figured it out when he frowned. "uh oh." he said. "Oops." Krean made a face.

"What! What did you do, I'm telling!!" Hannalyn said backing away.

"Oh shut up, no you're not, I'll tie you in a knot and stuff your head in a replicator." Krean grumbled. "I thought I had the pair that were supposed to follow Mother around, and order them to turn off, but I had the wrong pair... a couple that were supposed to be on guard duty for some prisoner. I erased their orders... I think it sent them to follow Mother, not leave her alone" he grumbled.

"Fix it!" Hannalyn said.

Krean gave her a look, "I can't Stink Breath! I'm just starting to figure this all out, I'm working on the simple commands, and am messing with the more complicated stuff totally by accident. Now i broke a couple of them, and I might get caught because of it!"

Hannalyn sniffed, "Maybe they'll learn not to use stupid holograms to do real peoples jobs!" she said lifting her little nose in the air and folding her arms.

Krean turned the tablet off, as much as he knew he was good at getting in to programs he shouldn't he didn't want to get caught again. "Yeah... maybe." he shrugged, before he picked up a dirty sock and threw it at Hannalyn, sending her diving out of the way, complaining about how disgusting boys were.



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