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A sudden change

Posted on Thu Jun 12th, 2014 @ 5:15pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: A test of Patience

Mercia dropped back in her chair once she was gone, one hand holding on to her chair, the other dancing over her controls pulling up tactical information on whoever was attacking them. Who were they and what the hell did they want? Several more shots landed on the Gladiator.

"Shields at 96%." Elian informed calmly.

"Orders Commander?" Mercia demanded, not wanting to step on his toes with what her own instincts were telling her to do next.

"Commander, take the tactical station," he quickly ordered as he noticed the reluctance of the Ensign behind the station. Where the hell was Liam? "And target the lead ship. Vanora, open a channel to the fighters and order them to start fly by attacks on the smaller ships. They seem to have the speed to out maneuver us. Attack pattern Theta. Keep us in range of the lead ship."

"Gladiator to Archangel," the Chief Ops stated steadily over the comm, "initiate attack pattern Theta on bogies Gamma, Delta, Echo, Theta. Keep the fighters off our backs while we engage the big guy."

Mercia jumped up and took the station over from the ensign, but muttered to him to stick with her and learn. Her hands danced over the controls setting up the weapons and power she needed and started to calculate timing, and where the fighters were. She couldn't hit one of their own people because she wasn't paying attention! "Target set, ready to fire." she reported.

Suddenly the firing stopped, "We're being scanned." Mercia frowned.

Just as suddenly as they arrived the ships started to pull back, and jumped in to warp. Mercia pressed her hands to the station and leaned forward frowning in confusion before her eye brows shot up. What if the power outage and this attack were not unrelated? She was about to suggest it when her station lit up.

"Help! Help! Gili is trying to kill my mother! help! He's going to kill us all!" a cry from a male child came in.

"This is from Lady Patiences quarters." Mercia blinked, now she was convinced it was all related.

"Go." Hawkins said.

He hardly needed to issue that order as She grabbed the phaser off the Ensign next to her, "I'll barrow this." she said as she rushed off the bridge.



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