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Questions need answering

Posted on Tue Jun 17th, 2014 @ 7:48pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
Edited on on Thu Oct 22nd, 2015 @ 2:17pm

Mission: A test of Patience

Mercia stepped out of Lady Patiences room and took a deep breath. This was unexpected. She tapped her hear bud, starting to walk towards the lift. "Problem resolved Hawkins, I'll be up to give you the details in a couple minuets. In your office." she said adding a tone.

"Rog, I'll see ya soon," David smirked slightly behind his tone.

She flicked off her ear bud in annoyance and got in the lift. She rubbed her hands together as she thought. This was wrong, the power drain, a random attack, the attack on the womans life? It had to be connected. She jogged off the lift as soon as it opened and entered her own quarters. Stripping down she dropped her clothes where they fell and slipped on a uniform, but since most were dirty and she hadn't tended to them in a couple days she was stuck with a skirt uniform bottom. She slipped it on and pulled on the boots that matched it.

She managed to get dressed in three minuets flat and quickly rushed out of her room, and headed for the bridge. She crossed it seeing that David was already gone, she nodded to Elian and walked in to Davids office. The second the doors snapped shut she started, "It was a mistake to let that man have quarters during transport. Damn it David they make brigs for a reason!"

"So what you, did you come to correct me?" David remarked as he went thru another report before he paused before he looked up at her. "Wait, who are you talking about?"

"It was Shark, He killed her bodyguard." Mercia said, "Patience says her bodyguard was trying to kill her, he clearly tried to strangle her, and she claims Shark saved her, but then he tried to go after her. Look I am all for second chances... but if I was still a killer like him you'd be a fool to give me an inch." she said tugging at her skirt. She hadn't worn it since she got it, and it was fitting funny.

"Where is he now?"

"If I had it my way he'd be out an air lock... I had the hologuards take him to interrogation after I shot his ass." she grumbled.

He sighed slightly as he was about to smart off but then again there was something completely different about this situation. It wasn't time for the smart remarks. "I see. What would you like to do, Number One?"

Mercia made a face, "Have you been drinking?" she asked.

"Yeah, you are right, only morons call their first officers Number one like the good 'ld Ambassador Picard," He smirked before going back to his reports he had to signed off.

Mercia took a deep breath, starting to calm herself down. "For one, for an old geezer Picard is hot. I've seen loads of pictures of that guy... Two You can call me all sorts of things, but lets scratch Number One off the list huh?" she said. "I dont like it."

"No matter," He grinned as he continued to the next tablet. "What is your plan then about the situation? He saved the woman's life. It is probably the most positive thing for her while on this ship."

Mercia came around the edge of the desk and sat on the corner of it, next to him, her tall boots swinging a little as she bounced her foot. She chewed on her lip, thinking for a moment. "From what I saw he didn't mean to save her life." she said. "And he went all crazy talking about how she had to die, or they would kill her..." Mercia frowned and lifted a shoulder as she ran her hands over her skirt idly, thinking things through. "We need to know how the hell he got involved in this, you can't convince me that the power outage, the short lived attack, and this isn't all related..." she said tipping her head down at David.

"No, not at all," David nodded as he finished scanning the Tablet and looking up at her as he tapped his finger on the edge of the tablet as he thought for a moment. "But he is the only link to this so called group. Shit like this is the reason why I stayed in Starfleet... to smash that kind of corrupt organizations." He paused as he looked off into what seemed like the distant stars but he only starred thru the walls of his office.

Mercia frowned, "Its a safe assumption there is a big group behind this." she said. Mercia tipped her head and nudged his knee with his boot, "I sent him to interrogation... we need to talk to him, find out who he's working for, how he got here..." she said. "But I think you should come along... see my methods for getting information out of men..." she smirked.

"Trust me, your ways don't work on everyone," David looked at her with a solid look before finally grinning. "But I agree, we need to find out and the sooner the better."

She narrows her eyes at David, "I think my ways work well enough when used in the right conditions!" she complained.

He chuckled and stood up.

"Where you going?" she asked he moved around the desk.

"To go talk to our little assassin. We have questions to ask him or would you rather ask him yourself?" David answered as he looked over his shoulder.

Mercia hopped off his desk and caught up, "Well... If I do ask him myself you're not going to want to be there." she teased. "No its better for all of us if we go in as team, other wise he might end up dead." she said. "Maybe we should have L'Nevik there too... this is sort of her thing." she said pausing by the door, before it opened.

She reached over and poked him in the rib, glad to see that his leg seemed healed, as he wasn't really limping. "Tag by the way. Wasn't I supposed to get to you to get my pip?" she asked. She tugged at her collar, and pouted at him with a cute expression. "I passed your stupid test of faith." she said. "Didn't I?"

He stopped for a moment as he looked at her collar. He had thought by now, she had put one on for herself but nope. He shook his head as he went back to his desk and found the box with her pip in it. He turned and grinned. "With this, I promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all the rights and responsibilities as such. Computer, enable Lieutenant Commander access to Mercia Kavi, authorization Hawkins 7-1-Indigo-1." The computer chirped in acknowledged and David nodded to her. "Congratulations, Mercia."

Mercia took the box and grinned at him while she put the pip on. She ran her fingers over the set and then smiled at him. "Well... now that I'm properly dressed..." she motioned to the door.


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