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For the cookies

Posted on Mon Feb 10th, 2014 @ 8:37am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
Edited on on Thu Oct 22nd, 2015 @ 9:23am

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: Earth
Timeline: Night before launch

The transporter beam faded and their eyes adjusted to the sun setting over the edge of the ocean. The shimmering beams bouncing off the surface of the calm waters. The sand on the beach collapsed under their weight as the took slow walks and enjoyed the fresh sea salt filled air. The sound of the ocean crashing in the distance and the water rushing up the tan colored sand below their feet was a soothing sound. It was paradise.

Hawkins slowly lead his 'friend' up the beach as he enjoyed the surrounding around them. Up ahead they saw housing built up just off the beach. There was his location, but he knew that this was going to test her dramatically. But she needed this more than he did.

Mercia stuck her hands in her pocket, "romantic" she commented cynically. She looked around, this place was beautiful, and she had not spent Much time on beaches to be honest. She sighed, wondering why she spent all her time in bars.

She looked over at Helaku, "so Grayson wants you to break through the walls I keep up huh?" She asked untrustingly.

David shrugged a little as he answered, "You had a shady past. You put up walls when people get close to you. Thats why you jump from bar to bar. Not saying you sleep around, but jumping around gives you that feeling of control and letting people think all things are fine and dandy. It’s a useful tool, but not on a daily basis and an assignment where you will be on for a little while."

Mercia watched the sand as they walked, wondering if she should tell him about Khelev. Helaku had been testing her all day long, her loyalty, her masks, her control, what next? "You would understand why I am like this if you grew up how I did. My shady past wasn't borne of rebellion, It was survival. Street Mice don't survive long unless they learn to use masks." she said softly. "I'm rather uncomfortable with all this. all this testing you're doing." she smirked at him then shook her head, "You're dangerous to me Helaku." she said.

"Well danger is my middle name," he flirted a little and then nodded,

"Is that what Helaku means?" she asked smiling at him. "Because it would sure as hell make sense." she told him. "You walk a fine line... ordering me to hit someone, flirting..., you're dangerous all around"

"Yeah ... well i don't," he grinned as he rolled his eyes. "I walk that line cause it's who I am. Rules are there to be bent and family is before those rules. On the Resolute, that crew were my family, now the crew of the Gladiator is my new family."

Mercia looked at him curiously, family is what you made it... that was the way she was raised. With her brothers and sisters in the gang they were family, and even though they might beat each other if any one outside their group tried to kill them, they would defend each other until death. Family meant loyalty to her. "So is that why tested my loyalty this morning? My obedience to your order?" she asked him. With this mindset, no wonder Grayson picked Hawkins to be her captain, but would this backfire on her?

"Honestly?" he looked at her after they stopped in front of the duplex housing that was their destination.

She stopped next to him and turned to face him. "Yes honestly, I don't want to hear lies." She said narrowing her eyes as she looked at his eyes.

"Yes, I was testing your loyalty, and seeing if you could trust me," He answered in a comforting voice. He let her think about it as he tapped the doorbell and waited a moment. "Plus I knew you need to relieve that built up anger... And he needed a good slap."

Mercia smiled "yes he did. God I needed to hit him, and I still went and smacked a punching bag on my lunch break." She chuckled. She looked at the door, not knowing what to expect, "so whats this test?"

"What makes you think I am testing you now?" Hawkins asked almost like he was offended, but grinned a little as the door slid open.

The door slid open and twin children poked their head out the door as a female adult tried to pry the door open with the kids pressed up against it. "Davy!" kids yelled in unison as they fought to get to him. Finally getting around their obstacle, the twins slammed into his thighs and hugged him. "Guess what we made for you!"

Chuckling, Hawkins hugged the kids with his hands on the back of their heads and answered the boy and girl. "What's that?"

"Cookies!" the girl quickly answered. Her brother shot a quick angry look to which she looked at him and replied after a brief pause, "Sorry bubby." The brother sighed and looked back to David. "They have sprinks!"

David grinned as he looked shook his head, "Sprinkles you mean?"

He paused for a moment and then nodded feeling silly for not saying sprinkles properly. The twins were about four and it was obvious that the boy was a little slow when it came to speaking but was as almost as smart as his sister. They both weren't Identical twins, but they were siblings no less. The daughter was with dark brown hair that came down to about her shoulder blade.

The boy, on the other hand, had cherry blonde hair that was light and thin. he was built quite well and looked like a boy that was strong, but sensitive at the same time.

David looked up at the adult female that he had talked to just before beaming down from the ship. He smiled and she smiled as well as she walked over and gave him a hung. "Its nice to see you, hun," He said as he they hugged.

"Glad we got you as well," said the female.

Mercia stood awkwardly watching the little ones hug Helaku and act all excited. She looked up, clamping down on the emotion that threatened to well up, this is why she didn't make friend's with family folks.

Hawkins nodded towards Mercia, "This is my Cheif of Security, Mercia, Mercia this is Sara."

When her name was spoken she focused on the words. "Ma'am" she said stiffly.

"Sara will do just fine Mercia. Welcome." Sara said, "alright let Davy go, or he and his friend not going to be able to eat cookies!" She said. "Come on in." She said.

Mercia stepped inside the home and looked back at David, feeling so out of place. Why had he asked her to come?

The little girl wrapped her arms and legs around Davids leg and looked up at him with bright eyes, "walk!" She demanded, as her brother saw what she was doing and copied her on Davids other leg.

"Ok," Hawkins grinned as he slowly stopped as he picked up each leg with twice the wait than normal. The children started to giggle out of control with every step. Once they were in the living room, David acted like he was out of air, and peeled the kids off and hugged them tightly. "You want to help my friend find the cookies?"

The two looked over at Mercia and almost starred for a moment then the girl looked at david. "Is she your girlfriend?"

Mercia stared at, Helaku, her face expressionless. She looked at the two kids who really wanted an answer.

Sara sighed "Sweetie that was a rude, you don’t have to answer that David." She said. "Now help Mercia find the cookies like Davy asked.

Mercia had a millions responses go through her head, some rude and some polite, she was.afraid her mouth one of the rude responses.came out. She looked at Helaku her eyes pleading for help.

Sara used her foot to push a discarded toy out.of the way as she grinned at David, "even though i'm a little curious" she whispered.

"Like I said, she is my security chief," He replied as he watched the kids nod and look at each other before walking up to Mercia. David looked at Sara and shook his head. "You and your nosey characteristic. You had your chance."

"Oh please," Sara laughed as she picked up a couple toys and taused them to the side for now. The children would need to clean up before the end of the day. "So i'm going to go out on a limb and say she hasn't been around children much."

"It looks like it."

"This should be interesting," Sara smiled as she and Hawkins looked at Mercia and the children.

"Want some cookies?" the little boy asked as he and his sister looked at her then looked at each other.

"Its ok, she is confused," the little girl said comforting her brother as she reached out and grabbed Mercia's hand. The brother followed pursuit and went behind Mercia. "Come on, you will like the cookies!"

"Um...." Mercia followed the hand tugging as the little boy got behind her and pushed. "Hey!" Mercia said twisting away, "I got it kid!" She said sternly at the boy.

"Pick me up! I want to get them!" The girl said standing on her tip toes looking at the plate of cookies.

"Uh I don’t think so." Mercia said, no way was she going to pick up some kids she just met! "How’s about we just take the plate in there?" She suggested.

"Ok!" The kid said and started sliding the plate towards her, just able to reach it.

Mercia hesitating with helping, she was very self-sufficient by this age. The plate tipped forward and a pair of cookies slid off before Mercia grabbed the plate, and then caught the cookies. The two kids looked at her wide eyed as she turned around and just carried the damn things herself to the living room.

"Davy! Your girlfriend is a ninja!" One of them gasped in awe. "She grabbed it zoooom! Like that!"

“She is used to be a super secret ninja agent!” Hawkins joked as they walked into the living room. He was sitting on the backside of a couch and watching them as Sara was hanging up a coat that one of the children forgot to put on a hanger.

“What’s that like?” the boy asked as he looked excited and looked at Mercia for a moment then shook his head. “No! She was an assassin… what’s an assassin?”

Mercia looked at the kid then at Helaku. She pressed her lips together, "yeah I am, so watch yourself kid." She said and put the plate down a little more gruff than she meant. She glared at Helaku wanting to get the hell out of here.

“Loran, what did I tell you and your sister about doing that?” Sara asked as she walked over and sighed. “I’m sorry, Mercia. They are still learning not to do that.” But quickly, she noticed the questionable look on her guest’s face then looked at Hawkins. “David, you didn’t tell her before coming here did you?”

David looked up from the daughter’s face to Sara, then back to Mercia. “No, but they are young. They don’t understand yet.”

“Don’t be mad at Davvy!” Tiffany, the little daughter suggested as she looked up at Mercia. “We are sorry.”

Mercia looked around before things fell into place. She glared at Helaku. "Thanks for the warning David." She snipped. Her skin was crawling even more now, telepaths. "You want to know what an assassin is kids?" She said. In her mind she began to remember sneaking in someones house keeping it clean, but scary.

The little girl gasped and dove for her mother, hiding under a pillow.

Mercia glared at Helaku, she was about to run screaming.from.this house, but her desire to punish Helaku for throwing her in to this was far stronger.
"Well... you need to stop doing that," Sara said as she patted her kids then looked at David. "That was mean."

Taking a cookie, David shrugged as he ate. "You asked for help didn't you you?"

She frowned at him, "I meant to Mercia."

He paused his chewing of the cookie and then looked at Mercia. Looked at her up and down, almost reminded him of earlier that morning. But then he finished his bite. "She learned something as well."

"I dont do well around kids," Mercia snipped at the woman. Yeah she learned something. Helaku had a mean streak, and he was enjoying this. "Nor mind.crawlers" she added.

Tiffany had come out from under the pillow, a pout on her face. "Mind.crawler is a mean name!" She accused. "And why do you want to hit people like us?" She asked.

Mercia glared at the girl and struggled to control her thoughts, "I have a bad history with telepaths, and when adults cross the line I can deal with it. I don't hit kids, but I can think mean.things so stay out." She said tapping her.own.head.

Mercia looked at Sara, "i'm not trying to be mean really im.not! but theres a lot in my head they don’t want nor need to see." She said. She was trying to give the kids incentive to stay out of her head.

Sara looked at her and nodded before sighing. "Go get your pajamas my little mind readers."

"But mommy!" Tiffany whimpered... almost completely forgetting what Mercia had said. It was apparent that bed time was worse than what they had noticed in Mercias mind.

"We are sorry!" Loran pleaded.

"You shouldn't be saying sorry to me. You know it's not nice doing that."

The two looked at each other before looking at Mercia. The slowly walked up to her with there heads down almost ready to cry they didn't want to go to bed. "We are sorry."

Play nice, David thought to himself as he finished off a cookie. Tiffany looked over at him and then back at Mercia with a slight smile. "Do you want to know a secret? " she asked Mercia in a whisper.

Mercia sat down on the edge of a chair, not liking standing over the two little squirts. What could she do but accept the apology? Forgiveness was important to character, or so Grayson and his team.drilled in to her. Struggling to keep herself calm in this massively uncomfortable situation she finally nodded to the little girl. "Uh... I guess?" She said and leaned in a little closer so the kid could whisper.

"Davvy likes you. But tell him," she whispered then grinned bigger as she looked over her shoulder at Hawkins.

Mercia gulped, and glanced him, clamping down.on her thoughts as best she could. She started visualizing some sheet music, the most.innocuous thing that mind, the tune ran through her mind. "Tell him.what?"

"Daddy said it's feeling what others feel. It can't be helped," she whispered still.

Mercia looked at the little girl, shutting down thoughts was one thing, but emotion was something else entirely. She met the kids eyes for a moment, "Ok... So..." she bit her lip. What did she feel? Terror? Fear? Pleasure? Hope? Terror, yes terror. Last time she got seriously mixed up with a superior officer she got in serious trouble, and he was still causing her problems. "What is it you're wanting me to tell him?" she asked.

She smiled and shrugged, "i don't know."

"Well fat lot of good you are then, cause i'm clueless." Mercia said then straightened up and looked at Helaku, he had that hand against his face and chin, with that raised eyebrow look he had this morning while listening to her and Jarland. Too cute. She sighed and looked away from him before the kid picked up on that.

"Why don't you give Miss Mercia a cookie." Sara suggested. She looked over at David and grinned knowingly.

Loran quickly grabbed a cookie and revealed his ‘masterpiece’ to Mercia. He grinned as he looked at her. “It’s a chocolate chip cookie with sprinkles! I made it… You can have it if you would like…”

A small grin creeped up from Hawkins’ face as he looked at the children seemingly unharmed by Mercia’s mental defense against them. Still he needed to teach her how to handle kids and when to be defensive and when not too.

“So Davvy,” Sara sat next to him and looked at the kids and Mercia as well. “Are you going to tell me why she is here?”
“Its helping me understand her,” He said lowly only for Sara to hear.

“She seems… not to fond of children, but she is fighting it,” she said. “But those kids are connecting with her far faster than most. I’d say she wasn’t able to have a normal child life.”

“What’s normal?” David asked as he looked at Sara.

“True, but she shows signs of dramatic trauma,” Sara replied with a small frown. “Plus the kids seem to sense the incense and want to bring it out to play. Like a new kid in class.”

“Do you use your kids in your sessions?” he asked with a grin.

“Of course not. That would be unprofessional… Like you!”

“Yeah well, I guess bringing her here may have been… mean, but she needs this,” He replied.

“Oh?” She wandered as they both looked at her, then nodded. “So she can connect with her innocent side.”

“No… for the cookies,” David grinned as he took another cookie and took a bite.



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