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Field Promotion

Posted on Wed Jun 18th, 2014 @ 6:54pm by Ensign Charity Prince & David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Hawkins' ready room
Timeline: Immediately following "A Chat"

Chap was nervous.

It felt like that one time she'd been called to the Commandant's office during her Freshman year at the Academy. The only issue then had been that she'd been given an award and the Commandant had wanted to give it to her personally. But, this time it was the CO of the ship and her department head. Even though she couldn't think of a reason, she felt as if she were in trouble.

Still, as she followed Coi into the Commander's ready room, she carefully schooled her features into an expression of mild curiosity.

But, if she were in trouble, why was Coi beaming at her?

Her expression quickly changed to questioning as she looked between Hawkins and Coi, who were now both facing her.

"Doesn't even stand at attention," David shook his head as he looked at Coi's replacement. It was obvious that she hadn't known, but this his time to have fun and to push her buttons. Until now, he had kept his place away from the cadets and left it to the department head's to give them the field training they needed to complete their Academic requirements.

He knew all to well that Coi had personally oversaw Cadet Prince's training... hell he would have done the same thing. But she had also gotten a reputation on his ship. He wanted to see for himself what she really was made of.

Chap opened her mouth to say something, but closed it quickly and with the merest hint of a shrug, snapped to attention and added a neat little solute, waiting to be told to relax.

Ash hid a grin behind her hand. Had Hawkins been her brother, she'd have smacked him lightly and told him to stop scaring the girl, but since Prince didn't seen to bothered by it, she didn't bother saying anything.

Mercia walked in to the room and saw a cadet saluting David. She frowned and came around the group eyeing them. It had been a very long night and she more than ready for her morning coffee, she hadn't expected to walk in to a meeting with Coi and Cadet Chap. "Good morning." she said questioningly.

David returned the salute and nodded for her to relax the salute before responding to Mercia. "Good morning Commander. You are here for an interesting conversation."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Mercia said before going to the replicator and getting them coffee. She glanced at the couch, she could tell David had slept there. Damn Patience, barging in like that yesterday, made him not feel able to rest in his own room. She'd love to give that woman a piece of her mind again. "So, what did the cadet do?" she asked.

"Not much," said Ash. "Only exemplary performance on the bridge AND in simulations. And there's a matter of some teenagers stuck on a turbo lift during the power outage."

Chap blinked. "You heard about that?" she asked.

"Of course," she said, turning to Hawkins and Kavi. "Apparently, the Cadet here not only rescued three teenagers from a stranded turbo lift, she also carried one on her back, up three decks in the shaft, to take her to sick bay because she'd broken her leg. If you ask me, that's above and beyond."

Chap shrugged. "Just... doin' what I'd want done for me," she muttered.

"Well that is the problem, that is expected for my officers and my crew. But as a Cadet, you are only here for your On the Job Training. Kind of a waste if you ask me," David shrugged as he took the coffee from Mercia and thanked her before taking a gulp of it.

Chap opened her mouth to say something, then closed it again, looking confused. "I'm... afraid I don't understand, sir," she said, glancing at Coi, then at Kavi, but receiving no hints at all.

Mercia blew over the top of her coffee and leaned back against the desk, sipping at it. "yeah i'm a little lost too." she commented. "But he is right... cadets don't normally behave like that." she observed starting to piece it together. If he did what she was thinking he was doing she'd be happy only because she figured him out!

"What we're saying, Miss Prince," said Ash, picking up a small box from Hawkins' desk and opening it, revealing a single gold pip. "That you're wasted as a cadet, but not as an officer."

Chap blinked, realization coming to her. "But, I haven't gradua'ed," she said.

"You've finished all the coursework, thought, haven't you?" asked Ash pointedly.

"Yeah," said Chap, wide-eyed. "Are you... are you serious?"

"We sure are," answered Ash, quickly swapping out the Cadet's bars on Chaps collar for the pip. "Cadet Senior Grade Charity Prince, you are hereby promoted to full Ensign, with all the rights and privileges afforded to that rank. Congratulations, Ensign," she added, giving the girl a wink.

Chap blinked rapidly several times. "Seriously?" she asked, her face breaking into a wide smile. "I'm actually an actual ensign?"

"Seriously," grinned Ash.

"Oh, granddad's gonna be thrilled!" laughed Chap. "Well, I am, too, you know," she added quickly.

Ash picked up a PADD from the desk and handed it to Chap. "Your new room assignment," she said. "And your official orders."

"I get me own room, too?" exclaimed Chap. "That's just- well, it's fantastic!"

"Do we seriously need to give her a new room?" David questioned as he looked at Ash and then Mercia.

"Yes," said Ash flatly. "An Ensign can't be stuck in the Cadets' barracks."

"Blimey," breathed Chap.

Hawkins rolled his eyes and sighed as he replied. "Fine... but on one condition..."

"O'course, sir," said Chap, eyes eager. "Anyfing."

"Keep it clean," David remarked not able to think of anything sarcastic. He looked at her for a moment and smiled. "Congratulations, Ensign. I have already cleared you from the Academy and they have approved your graduation. We are more than happy to hold a graduation ceremony while docked at Starbase 47."

"Wotever," said Chap, still beaming. "I don't really need it. Although, Granddad might like to see it. S'pose we could get 'im on subspace or sommat. Anyway, thank you, sir. You won't regret it!"

"Well we will be docked for six weeks, so if you can get him here, we will be able to before we take off," He offered.

"Oh, gettin' 'im 'ere!" she exclaimed. "That'd be even better! Just wait 'til 'e hears!"

Mercia bit her lower lip, what would it be like to have actual family to be excited to tell of something like this? She felt a tightening of her throat as she tried not to think of the fact she didn't have any one to call and share exciting news with. Grayson was dear to her, but he was still the Admiral, and man in charge of her career, and then Lyla... who would likely try to get her talking about things that weren't so exciting.

"Just let me know when he can be here and we'll make sure the arrangements are made." Mercia pipped up. She glanced at the group, "Any thing else?" she asked.

"Not that I can think of. Just understand that you will have other Ensigns under you that will want your position. You have the pairing till you are dead or I find someone better. Understood, Ensign?"

"Understood, sir," replied Chap, still beaming. "I won't let you down."

"We shall see. Congratulations Ensign. Keep it up and you are dismissed," David grinned and nodded as he gave her free a chance to leave.


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