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Beginning the Coup

Posted on Sat Jun 14th, 2014 @ 5:59pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]
Edited on on Sat Jun 14th, 2014 @ 6:21pm

Mission: C.O.I.L.

Jafan Typho was sitting back on a bench in a park, watching as people milled back and forth. His work with Isla, Katania, Eket and Thex had turned out very well so far. Eket was well connected and brilliant, he was great with gadgets and electronics. The two of them had become fast friends. Thex was the muscle and the Andorian was worth every penny.

Katania was a brilliant thief and Isla could charm anyone. Now he was trying to pull it all together and this meeting would do it. They’d gotten the real identities of every other member of COIL and this meeting would get him the location of Ice. The woman was the worst and he was going to take her down, with her gone, he could finally start making some moves in the right direction.

A man finally arrived and sat down next to him, Jafan was dressed in a suit and had been waiting for longer then he liked. “It’s about time. Do you have what I asked for?”

“Yes,” The man produced an isolinear chip and offered it to Jafan. “Do you have what I wanted? Ice will destroy me if she finds out I gave this to you.”

Jafan produced a small pack and handed it to the man, “Everything you asked for.”

“Good,” The man took the pack and then gave Jafan the isolinear chip. “Good hunting.”

Jafan stood up from the bench he was sitting on and started making his way out of the park when he was joined by a redhead. “Two months of work and we’ve finally hit paydirt.”

Isla walked along side of him, putting her hands in her pocket. “Its about time. That man wasn’t easy to find or convince.” she said. “Think he will keep his head down and out of Ice’s way?” she wondered.

“If what he just gave us is real, then she’d kill him, his family and anyone else she could get her hands on,” Jafan said, smiling as he spun the chip around in his fingers. “If it’s a trap, we’ll know before we even attack but I will have her head on a pole before it’s done.”

Isla put her arm through one of his and smiled at Jafan, “No doubt you would, I’ve seen you do some very intense things.” she said. “And some very dark things.” she said although she smiled still. “Ice has no idea what is coming at her.”

“None of them do, but that’s not the point,” Jafan looked over at her and smiled at her. “I’ve done what is necessary and through it all you’ve been right beside me. You’ve done well.”

She purred with pride as she shrugged her jacket a little closer around her. “I’m very glad you picked me up in that bar Jafan. I believe in what you do, and I support you.” she said. It had become more than a job to her already, and she had a feeling it would stay that way.

“I know,” Jafan said with a nod. “I think I’d have figured it out any other way. Let’s go get something to eat, I’m hungry and I hear there is a cafe around that has the most delightful little shellfish. It sounds fantastic.”

“You are a strange mix of high class and brute force.” Isla teased. She followed him up the street, knowing what place he was thinking of, “I heard they have some exotic tea as well that I’ve been wanting to try.” Isla tossed her red hair back. She was enjoying her work and her team, They were coming together tightly and Jafan was a strong and yet good leader.

“My treat,” Jafan replied with a smile, glancing over at her. She’d proven herself to be quite the ally and he was more than happy to dote on her when he could. She was a beautiful woman and he rather enjoyed her on his arm.

The two of them came to the cafe and both of them got seats, he took a moment to plug the iso chip into his mobile tablet and access the data. He’d taken security precautions but there wasn’t anything malicious on the drive and after searching the data he became convinced it was real. He established an encrypted connection with the ship and uploaded everything.

“Now Thex and Eket can start working on a plan. Although I’m sure we’re going to need more firepower then my yacht can provide,” Jafan said with a smile.

“Ice is powerful.” she said, “And dangerous. She has a lot of firepower, and she moves quickly. It will be hard to pinpoint her, and she has several ships, pinpointing which one she is on is just as hard.” Isla sighed, “Its like she playing a game of cups all the time.”

“You’re the best grifter I’ve ever seen, I know all your tricks and they still work on me,” Jafan admitted, giving her a smile. “And despite that you still can’t see the bigger picture. Ice is good, moves about a lot but if you watch her ships, study the effect she has on those around her, you can pinpoint what’s going on. Give me a few days to watch and I’ll find her.”

She licked her lips and paused while the waitress dropped off their drinks, she stirred her spoon in her tea and watched him, “I’ve become better at what I do because of you Jafan. No job has given me the benefits you do, and you put a lot of faith in me. Truly I hope you always have work for me.” she smiled.

“I’d be a fool not to have you on my staff,” Jafan replied with a grin, taking a drink from his glass. “I’m glad I’ve helped make you better at what you do. I’m tough on my people but I believe in them and that one can always get better at what they do.”

Isla grinned, “It helps you’re good looking too.” she winked at him. She’d always flirted with him, she liked powerful men, and Jafan had a calm cool and collected power about him. She would never want to be on his bad side, because he could be ruthless too.

“You are very beautiful Isla,” Jafan replied with a nod. “It’s why it took me so long to trust you. I’ve found that woman in your line of work use their charms on men to their advantage. I have to be careful with you.”

She gave him a sultry look, “You should always be careful with me.” she warned him playfully. “You never know what I am capable of.” she said running her hand along his arm. She winked at him then pulled her hand back, before running it through her hair.

Jafan reached up and gently tucked some of her red curls behind her ear before lightly caressing her cheek, “I know. I’ve found women to always be something of a danger and yet they are a danger I find myself indulging in.”

“I doubt you could have it any other way Jafan. I have a feeling that danger would always find you.” she laughed tipping her head in to his hand. “If not you would seek it by challenging people like Ice and the other COIL leaders.” she grinned.

“If things were different, I might not be so bold and while I may be a ruthless man, killing innocents to prove my point seems a worthless endeavor,” Jafan waved his hand and smiled as the food came, two big plates and a buckets for the shells. “And if I can grab some power in the mean time, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

She nodded, “No I agree with you.” she said. “There is no need for the innocent to die for the sake a point and those people just don’t seem to care. If we lose our care for the innocent then how are we better than those who seek to replace us?” she commented as she started to work on the shells of her dinner.

“Precisely,” Jafan said with a nod. “Let’s enjoy this, then we can scheme all we like.”


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