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Posted on Sat Jun 14th, 2014 @ 7:04pm by Commander Mercia Kavi
Edited on on Mon Jun 16th, 2014 @ 5:02pm

Mission: A test of Patience

It took almost an hour for Mercia to finally get the dancing Gorn out of her office, by the time she succeeded she was in a foul mood and wanted revenge. The womans offer to retaliate was tantalizing, and she knew exactly what to do.

She headed for her quarters and picked out two oils from her body oil kit and put the bottles in her pocket, along with a pair of gloves. Heading to the counseling department she found Lizzy's office and was pleased to find it empty after using her access code.

She glanced around for a few moments before letting her eyes fall on the dancing pole. She licked her lips and pulled the unscented oils out of her pocket. Using the gloves she applied a little of the oil to one side of the pole and a little to the other side.

It was a trick she learned as a child to disqualify other girls when making a mark, it was a useful skill. The two oils, harmless on their own, once absorbed in to the skin, the mix of them caused the person to emit a horrible odor for 48 hours at least, sometimes longer, but never shorter. When she was a young assassin she would ensure she was selected by their marks as the girl to take home, with several skills, one of which was getting rid of the competition.

Satisfied with her work Mercia stood back a little, the pole didn't look any different, but after she danced on it...

Mercia glanced around, she put a few more drops of the oils around the room, to ensure the chances of mixture. She heard the woman didn't wear clothes frequently, so this should work very well. She didn't need to leave a note. If Lizzy was smart, she would figure out who messed up her day easily.


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