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A little sweat

Posted on Tue Jun 17th, 2014 @ 2:38pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Mission: A test of Patience

Amity stretched herself out as she looked at the silk in front of her. One of the nice things about holographic emitters every where was the ability to adjust work out equipment to fit what they liked, she and apparently a couple other people on this ship liked the work out on the silk cloths.

She took a deep breath, knowing she was as bit out of practice, but it was well worth the work. She gripped it and started to pull herself up, until she was a long way off the ground. She wrapped her arms and legs around the cloth and began to twist her body, almost dancing between the line. She remembered the moves, and she was good at them, she just needed to remember when to grab, count the twists, and hang on. After a good 10 minuets her arms were nearly shaking, so she twisted her legs up and held on, taking a bit a break high up. When Amity looked down she could see a cluster of people watching her with gaping mouths. She grinned and waved, embarrassing them, so they quickly dispersed.

Robert was in a wrestling match in the mini-holodeck in the next room,Amity could probably hear the crowd chering over something. He was standing at the top of the ladder,looking down at a guy on a table 30ft down,he was wearing some wrestling pants tights,boots,nothing else as the crowd chants "Le-gend-kill-er!". he pointed to a championship belt hanging from a good 40ft above the ring as the fans cheered more.

Amity looked over at the door, before she started to lower herself down from the silk. Once her bare feet hit the floor she rolled her shoulders and shut off the ropes station. She walked over to the doors and frowned at the cheering she heard behind it. She touched the screen and let herself inside. She blinked at what she saw. Never having seen any thing like this before she wandered up to the ring, trying to figure out who was real and who was hologram, and what the point of this was.

"For the Gladiator!!!" Robert then jumped,landing on the guy on the table. The fans starting chanting "E-C-W! E-C-W!" as Robert stumbled to his feet,raising his fists,some blood coming down his face. He crawled into the ring and up another ladder and grabbed the title. He sat on the top of the ladder and slung the title over his shoulder and sat there enjoying the moment. He looked down to the ramp and say Amity. He started talking to himself,glad the crowd covered his words "No way,the hot red head counselor? wait,what is she doing here?"

Once he exposed who he was she was able to lock on to his mind. She put her hands on her hips and projected in to his mind. ~I heard the noise, You think i'm Hot?~ she teased. Of course he thought she was hot. He was a male wasn't he?

Robert was totally shocked and rather embarrassed,it threw him off. He blushed. Trying to recover,forgetting she was telepathic, he stumbled and went right off the ladder,slamming through a table outside the ring,probably a good 50ft from where he was. "Smeg.. only the pretty ones do this to me.." He laid there for a min,wondering how long it'd take to heal him up this time by focusing his augment DNA.

Amity ran around the ring, to the table and pulled pieces of it off of him. "Robert right? You saved me from my shower?" she said remembering the feeling of his mind. She helped him sit up, "Take it easy, take a moment..." she said. She touched his mind, feeling the focus he was giving himself, wanting to try and help she enhanced his focus mentally.

Robert stumbled to his feet,like it was a bloody miracle he was alive at all,he was still bleeding from his forehead,but only a slight cut makes it look bad,he turned around bonking against the ring looking at her. "Yeah.. Robert.. how good are you with combat?" He yanked a part of the shirt off the guy he railed through the table and used it to wipe up some blood from his head.

Amity arched her brows, "I can fight if I must, but that isn't so much my skill." she said. She tipped her head, "I can heal you with a kit..." she said the loud cheering starting to annoy her. It was loud, "I used to spar a little with my friends. Being a boomer you have to have skills to defend yourself."

Robert smirked at her. "This is a randomizing wrestling program,at the end of each match there's a few mins of break then it moves to the next match. I hope you didn't show up too early. This is a gauntlet match, I just won the 1st match out of 3. Thank goodness it's best out of three,I just got to win this next match. And I get to keep the belt. " He checked at the commentators,they looked rather excited. "We got about a min left. "

A guy in a nice suit picked up a mic and said "This next match,where if Shadowfox wins he keeps the Starfleet Wrestling Title... is a LAST...MAN...STANDING...MATCH..!" Robert whimpered,after that last match he hoped he got the endurance. He looked at Amity "This one's tricky,I need to beat up the other guy to where he doesn't stand up for a 10 count. No rules. Weapons encouraged. Interference is okay if you want,but if you interfere you may get hurt. I'm not sure you can physically take a chair shot lass."

Amity arched her brows, "Well... Don't let me stop you." she said moving with him to his corner of the ring. "I'll be right here to help you if you need it. I'll wait to see about joining in. I came more for agility and such, not fighting." she said.

He looked up the ramp,seeing a guy right about his size. He groaned. "Great.. this guy loves using sledgehammers..."

"Sledgehammers?!" Amity gasped. "Oh Hell no!"

Robert took another peek at the guy and how he was holding a kendo stick,he laughed evily "Oh hell no,that's my thing!" Upset Robert slide out of the ring,grabbed two and slided back into the ring "You're mine! Come'n!" The other guy slid into the ring and ran up to Robert and they started the match as the bell ring,having a sword duel ,Robert eventually won and popped the guy in the head and the ref started counting to ten. The other guy got up at 6 and robert tripped him up with a kendo stick and slid outside the ring,looking under it for something.

Amity frowned, but the oponant turned his attention on her now that Robert was out of sight. "Uh... Um. um..." she said shifting around the ropes to try and get away. The guy jumped her and she quickly turned, landing a solid punch in the face. She ducked under the ropes and darted away. "Robert! Where the sphincter hell you playing at?"

Robert appeared out of no where,blasting him with a chair,busting his head open. But only got a 8 count for it. "Alright,you wanna mess with my friends? You're done!" Robert clotheslined the guy and threw him,literally,over the top rope. Slid in after him,almost slithering all over the ring,stalking him as he slowly got up. Roberts eyes glazed over to a cold and heartless gaze as he stood up and backed up to the oppisite corner of the ring,looking like he was going to run at him. He seemed like he was foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal.

Amity stayed out of the way, there was no way this guy was going to be able to get up after another hit, it just wouldn't make any sense at all! "You got this Robert! Come on!" she cried.

Robert grinned, his cold calculated eyes still locked onto the guy, as the other guy got to his hands and knees, Robert ran up and punted the guy in the skull, his opponent's head snapping around and he flopped to the ring, that finally got the 10 count as a song played in the background as the crowd cheered, Robert kept staring at the opponent, slowly picking up a chair and staring some more,debating on putting him on the shelf for a month to make a point for going after Amity.

"He's a hologram Robert, he was programmed to go after me." she laughed. "Good fight though." she said leaning on the pole at the corner of the ring. "You are all sweaty!" she laughed seeing the sheen on his skin. "I suppose that was a heck of a work out."

Robert shook his head,getting himself out of his 'must kill' daze. He looked around blankly,then at Amity. "Who won?" He looked at the chair he was holding. Then back at her. "You're not hurt are you?" He said looking rather worried.

Amity looked herself over, "I'm perfectly fine." she said. "You won of course!" she said clapping with the rest of the crowds. "Mind if we turn off the cheerers? I'm getting a headache." she chuckled. "That was an impressive fight Robert."

Robert looked around. taking in the cheers for a second. "Computer,Run Robert Meditate 42." The crowd vanished,the broken weapons and tables everywhere. Just a few chairs in the middle of a empty ring, a cooler of cold water and some towels in the middle. Robert gestured to a chair "Shall we?"

"You're not going to hit me with it?" she laughed. She moved to the chair and grabbed some of the water. She sat down and started to take a drink. "I'm kidding,." she waved her hand. "So I've boxed and sparred before, but I've never seen something like this...." she admitted.

Robert sat down,pulling a towel out too along with a bottle of water. "I've been doing this for years. It also builds hand-eye coordination and sharpens hand to hand combat. " he wiped the blood off his face with the towel. 'Remind me to tweak the safety settings. That fall through the table kinda hurt." He drank some of the water. "I got into this when I was a kid. Earning championships with random settings actually help me through marine training."

"It seems as barbaric as Klingon sex." Amity grunted. "Then again... I've heard thats fun soooooo." she smirked.

Robert shrugged "I don't know,I guess I could do kinky,but that's a bit much for me." he pulled his dog tags out of his wrestling tights and put them around his neck. "So,how did you find me anyway?"

She lifted a shoulder, "I heard a horrible noise while I was trying to practice my silk dancing, and came to check it out." she said.

Robert blinked "Horrible noise?" He thought back,wondering what was so horrible. "Oh,may have been that chair shot I took."

"The crashing and screaming..." Amity said shaking her head, "It was loud enough the normal anti sound barriers weren't keeping up very well." she tsked him. The doors opened and a couple people entered, "You're time in here must be up." she said.

'Well then." he got up "Where to next?"

Amity chuckled, "Well I need a shower, and I believe you do as well." she said waving her hand over her nose, trying to be silly. "So there is that."

"shower room it is" he opened the door of the holodeck. "Catcha in a few mins?"

She smiled, "Sure... why not?" she said. She headed for the locker room and took a nice long hot shower. With her red hair tripping wet she pulled on a blue tank top and black shorts over her under clothing. She stood in front of the mirror and looked herself over, maybe she should seek some adjustments... maybe she did look like a call girl, and would never really be taken seriously. She sighed and tucked the thought away to examine later.

She came out of the locker room and sat down on a bench putting her sandles on, and checking to ensure she didn't forget any thing in the locker room. She glanced up when she heard a whistle, glancing down, she realized her shirt was pulling far too low. She rolled her eyes and pulled it up a little, yet another curse of her size.

Robert came up wearing jeans and his dog tags,putting on shoes. "I heard a whistle,do I need to beat someone up?" he grinned while re-tieing his shoes.

Amity laughed and stood up, "No. I can kill him with my brain if I have to." she said. "So what would you like to do?" she asked.

"Well..." he said digging through his duffle. "First off,find a shirt. But someone jacked all my shirts. "He turned around and tried getting into his locker,but the lock wouldn't budge. "Alright,done playing. " He shot his fist through it and ripped the locker door off he it was fake metal. He shook it off and threw it away,grabbed a shirt and slide it on. "Ha,there we go." he looked at her. "I dunno,steaks?"

Amity smiled, "Sure... Why not?" she said again. "I haven't had dinner and I'm hungry after all then. I suppose its time to eat." she said smiling. "Lets go."

Robert grabbed a towel,wraping his wrist from getting cut from the locker door. He walked to the locker room door and opened it,he offered a hand. "Shall we m'lady?"

"Oh you're going to call me m'Lady?" she chuckled. She wondered if he knew. "First, before we leave, I'm going to fix your cut." she said insistently.

Robert looked down at her,kinda blushing "Uhm,okay then." he unwrapped the towel from his wrist. Showing a rather decent cut.

She walked over to the wall and opened a door, accessing one of the kits. She walked over and frowned, "Looks like the bleeding is already slowing." she commented. She used a dermal regenerator and finished healing it up. "There all fixed!"

Robert looked at it "Nice,shall we?"

"Dinner it is!" she grinned and took his arm.



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