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Posted on Wed Jun 18th, 2014 @ 7:48pm by Ensign Charity Prince & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Corridors and Chap's new quarters

Ensign Charity Prince. She liked the sound of it. She fingered the pip on her collar as she paused in packing her belongings and smiled vaguely to herself. A field promotion! Granddad would be SO proud when he heard about it. With a contented sigh, she finished packing her things and took one last look around the Cadets' quarters that had been her home for the past month. A field promotion meant her own quarters. They would be small, but they would be all to herself and that's what mattered.

"Well, here goes," she said and headed out the door. As she walked down the halls, she studied the PADD that contained her new room assignment on it and was not paying attention to where she was going. As she rounded a corner she ran smack into a wall and was sent sprawling to the floor.

At least, it had felt like a wall. Actually, it was a marine. "Sorry, sir," she said, blinking up at him. "My fault."

Leo blinked,looking down and leaning down,offering a hand. "Please,my friends call me Leo. may I help you up miss?"

"Why not?" said Chap, allowing him to help her to her feet. "I'm Chap. Well, my name's Charity, but most everyone calls me Chap. Comes from me name. Charity Anne Prince. Chap, see? Friend o' mine came up wiv it."

Leo grinned,loving the accent "You got a lovely accent lass,one o these days we'l have to get a pint"

"Make it a fifth an' I'm in!" replied Chap, conspiratorially. She bent to pick up her bag and the PADD she'd dropped. "Anyway, I've gotta find me new quarters. You're welcome to tag along, if you like," she added, flashing him a winning smile.

Leo "oh I'm sure I can help lov, I know trying to find my place at first was bloody hell. " He pointed down the hall a bit. "It's probably this way,this is where most of the big wigs stay."

"Well, I'm only an Ensign," she said, glancing in that direction and then back down to her PADD. "Says 'ere Deck 5, section 12. Well, at least I'm on the same deck. Down this way, I fink," she added, pointing down the hall into which she'd been headed.

Leo grinned,doing a light bow and stepping to the side,guesting with his whole arm down the hall. "Shall we m'lady?"

"We shall," said Chap, giving him a very terrible little curtsy and heading down the hall. "So, Leo, you're a marine. Wha' made you choose that?"

Leo "I grew up by myself.. my parents died when I was a boy." He walked with her "Grew up on the streets fighting,the Marine Corps was just the next step for someone who had no one."

"My parents died when I was little, too," she replied. "But, I had grandmum and granddad- me mam's parents. Granddad forced me to apply to the Academy. I didn' think I'd get in, bu' he made me anyway. An', well, 'ere I am."

Leo sighed,his life story was rather sad,he hated hearing the same from others. "How did your parents die?"

"On the Europa," she replied. "I was on it, too, but I was safe in the nurs'ry. I was only 6 months old. Don't really remember 'em. Anyway, there was an accident. When I was a kid, I was glad it was an accident, but now... well, it seems sorta pointless, ya know? I mean, if they'd died in battle or in a rescue mission, that'd be dif'rent."

Leo nodded quietly. "It sucks living solo and trying to make it through life. At least I know I got someone to talk about it with."

"Gran'ed, I was to'ally alone," said Chap, looking at the numbers on the doors as they passed. "I had mam's parents. Didn't feel the same, though. I always wondered if I'd've 'ad any brovers or sisters." She sighed. "Still," she said, brightening. "There were friends and such. An' I did end up in Starfleet, so I suppose someone did sommat right, eh?"

"At least you had somewhere to go. I was on streets from the age of 5. My entry physical for the marine corps took a week catching up on shots I should've had as a child. Took bloody forev'r. " He yawned,was getting a rather low amount of sleep recently. He stopped at a door and pushed the button,opening the door. "Here we go luv,you're new quartarz"

Chap walked through the door and her eyes bugged out. "Whoa!" she breathed. It wasn't a large room, but compared to what she was used to, it was HUGE! It was a two room deal- main living area with a bed in one corner and a seating area at the front and a bathroom through a door at the back. There was no window because she was in the inner ring, but that didn't matter. "My own replica'er!" she exclaimed, dropping her bags and rushing over to it. "That's fantastic! I never 'ad me own before!"

Leo yawned again and leaned against the wall,crossing his arms and watching her,he wondered if that's how he looked with his own room while he was going nuts about a week ago. he smirked,was oddly amused with watching her. He figured he'd let her have her fun. "As luck would have it,my quarters is across the hall,it's got the 'MCO' tag by the door. If you get bored you're welcome to visit me,I don't sleep anymore anyway." He shrugged.

Chap turned to grin at him. "Nor do I, if I get me own way abou' it," she said saucily. "Well, sometimes, anyway," she added quickly to cover any embarrassment.

Leo shrugged. "I've read sometimes it helps to have others around when sleeping if you're used to being alone. If you need help sleeping I can sleep over here in the chair if it helps you." he raised his hands "I won't do anything,promise."

"I fink I'll be alright," she said, grinning. "But, thanks for the offer. I will take you up on that drink, though, when you got the time."

Leo grinned,blushing a bit. "Careful lass,I already got a thing for accents, even more for those who can hold their alcohol" he chuckled.

Chap just barely held back a laugh, but her eyes sparkled mischievously. "Then, I fink you an' I are gonna get along jus' fine," she said.

Leo blinked and kinda gushed at the sparkle in her eyes. Had just totally hit swooning. "Well I haven't slept in a few days now,I'm about to drop weather I like it or not,tomorrow for drinks?"

"It's a date," she promised. "You know where to find me."

Leo swooned for a second,grinning and blushing "K lass,seeyas"

He walked across the hall,pushed the button to his door and pegged the floor with his face,out cold and just barely passed his door as the door closed behind him.


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