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To be or not to be...promoted?

Posted on Wed Jun 18th, 2014 @ 8:11pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Meeting Room,deck 1

2nd LT Fox walked into the meeting room off from the bridge,tapping a padd. "Hey lads and lasses.. I found a weird bug error on half my stuff in the marine bay and I wanted to.." he looked up,noticing the lights were off and no one seemed to be around. "fix it..." he placed PADD gently on the long meeting table and took a few more steps in,trying to listen for any breathing. "If this is a weird prank,you got me.."

Mercia silently moved behind him and lowered her voice. "This is no prank, this is very serious." she whispered in a creepy voice.

Fox swung around,stopping with a knife close to her head. His eyes grew wide. " Lieutenant Commander!" he quickly withdrew the knife. "You should know better than to sneak up behind a marine! what's going on?"

Mercia smirked, and tapped her knife between his legs. "You should know better than to underestimate me, or think that I would underestimate you." she said with a sickly sweet voice. She would have dropped before he could make contact, she'd be ready for it.

"Now kids," Hawkins spoke up as he held his Pistol to the back of Fox's head. "I think we all know who wins here."

Leo grinned,the CO always wins. Except for poker.

They all grinned as they all holstered their weapons and relaxed as Hawkins continued. "I have an issue Lieutenant."

Leo turned around. "What is it sir? Do you need someone killed, Marine style?"

"Honestly," Hawkins looked at Mercia. "I have a ship of assassins. What the hell?"

Mercia laughed and put the knife away, "Guess you just got lucky Helaku." she said giving him a wink. "Promise though, I'm the best one." she said with a cocky tone before she sashayed to the table and sat on the corner of it. She tapped the lights and they raised just enough to see, but not blind them.

Leo grabbed the one chair with a bit of green on it,showing it's for the commanding marine officer. he sat down. "So what's this issue sir?"

"The marine department is about about to get its full detachment and the aren't to sure a butter bar can maintain a large group like that. We need more skill and rank," David replied saying bluntly.

"Well it'd be kinda hard to promote Saville,she arrived maybe a week ago. Cross just got here yesterday and she's a NCO. I guess your stuck with little old me sir." He kinda smirked at him,he knew his promotion was coming up.

"What makes you worthy of promotion?" the Commander crossed his arms as he looked the man over. "I have yet to be surprised by your work and your leadership skills."

"I know it doesn't take a lot to keep charge of literally 10 marines and one phaser rifle.. hence me being so ecstatic of the new stuff we're getting,to which once again,I thank you. But I will promise you this. I will lead these marines to the brink of hell itself and back until my last dying breath in the name of you as our CO.. the Marine Corps and Starfleet itself."

"Over dramatic if you ask me, but whatever," David rolled his eyes as he chuckled as he grabbed the small box and tossed it to the Lieutenant. "Congratulations 1st Lieutenant."

Leo blinked "Sorry,I get defensive over my work.." He opened the box "Sweeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt... I knew it was coming,wasn't sure on the day though" he chuckled.

"Well we have to keep things interesting some how!" Mercia said laughing. "Now shut up and get to work!" she teased.

Leo stood up. "Well in that case" he said smirking " I guess I should do work,that weird reason why I'm here. Besides bugging you two constantly." he chuckled.

"Oh don't worry, you have your hundred and twenty-seven troops you will be able to annoy as well. But you are more than able to bother us," David shrugged.

Leo let out a big honest chuckle. "True,I can annoy them and have fun with you guys instead. Maybe I'll sucker the cadet to hand-deliver some PADDs to you guys or something,just to scare 'em up a bit."

"I also expect you to pick up a Lieutenant as your XO. I can't be having a Cadet as your XO with that of a large amount of marines... Sorry," David shrugged as he explained.

"Well the cadet is just for training,when their training is done I send them back to officer school. It's more of a internship. The only other officer is Saville,she basically told me flat out 'if I have to,then I will' but she seems to want nothing to do with marine command."

"Sometimes you have to make do with what you have, even if just for a little while." Mercia said.

"When you become Captain, then you can chose that," Hawkins stated at Mercia , then looked at the Lieutenant. "I expect the best in my marines."

"Don't worry" Leo said with a smirk. "You got it."

"Do we have anything else for him?" David asked Mercia as he went back around to his chair and sat back to relax a little bit.

Mercia shook her head, "No sir." She grinned. "Congratulations Fox."

"Thanks Boss" Leo stood up. "Not to be a jerk,take a shiny rank and dart off. But with a full detachment coming, I'm sure I got a lot of work coming my way."

"Oh you sure as hell do, Lieutenant. I was there at about the same age myself. If I can pull it off, then you can as well," David nodded in agreement.


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