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Murder... and a Pint or Two

Posted on Thu Jun 19th, 2014 @ 12:29pm by 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox & Ensign Charity Prince

Mission: Starbase 47
Location: Starbase 47

Leo called out to Prince as she walked by "Psst!" Leo was hiding behind a large crate. He was in jeans,ripped up shirt covered in two types of blood. He looked like someone whooped his rear up and down the streets of Earth. He was also wearing some weird tactical gear.

Chap blinked. She was in the main cargo bay of the star base, looking over some of their shuttle craft just out of curiosity and had heard someone psst her. She doubled back and spotted someone behind a crate. Rounding the crate, she saw that it was Leo and he looked like a wreck. "What the 'ell?" she asked, wide-eyed. "You should go to Sick Bay, immediately!"

Leo was kneeling on one knee. "I'm trying to stay out of sight,don't need these starbase do-gooders knowing what I did. Too many people around that can spot me. " He pointed to a dufflebag that somehow landed in the light where everyone can see "I need that to blend in better"

"Wot did you do?" demanded Chap, retrieving the bag for him quickly before anyone could spot them.

"Romulans killed my brother. So I killed the Romulans responsible." he took off his torn shirt,showing lots of little cuts and bruises all over him. He pulled a fresh shirt from bag and put it on. "There was only 50."

"You- you- WOT?" sputtered Chap, astonished and horrified at once. "You killed? Romulans. You killed Romulans. FIFTY of them?! Please tell me you weren't on the station!"

Leo looked at her,half offended "No,I'm not starting a war. It was on one of their research stations,they were dissecting my brother. So I killed all of them,gave my brother the proper burial he deserved as a fellow marine." he coughed and some blood came out. "Damn Romulans,they had better training than I thought. Either way,thanks to this specially made infiltration kit I got. I was only spotted by two of them using tricorders. " he got done changing and looked a bit better in appearance,he slung duffle over his shoulder,wincing a bit and using his hand up a crate to help him stand. "Alright,I'm out of ideas for today. Got anything fun planned lass? I'm pretty sure I still owe you a pint" he winked at her.

Chap blinked, caught completely off guard. "You sure you don't need a doctor?" she asked, studying him critically.

"Hmmm... get poked and stabbed by doctors or have a pint with a beautiful lassie,I'd rather have a pint." He stood on his own power finally and regaining his composure. "Yes,much ra-ther have the pint."

Chap stared at him for a long time. "So, lemme get this straight," she said finally. "You just killed- killed mind you- fifty people and you're gonna take a girl out for a pint?" She gave him an incredulous look for a long moment. "Aw'right, then," she said, finally, shaking her head. "What the 'ell. But, you should prob'ly clean up a bit first. Your face is a fright! I don' wan' ev'ryone ta fink I beat you up."

Leo chuckled. "Sounds like a complete day for a marine,ey?" Leo rumaged through his backpack,pulled out a dermal regenerator and did his face a quick go-over.

"Well, that's better," said Chap. "Still a bit dirty, but it'll do."

Leo chuckled "A dirty marine,let the jokes begin." he cracked his neck and back "Ahh that's better" he offered his arm "Shall we get a pint lassie?"

"Dirty Marines are the best kind," replied Chap, taking his arm. "Is there a good place for pints on this Station?"

"I dunno lassie.. only place I know are the air ducts where I sneaked in."He lead her out from behind the crate and to the nearest place with decent food and what appears to be decent drinks "This'll doo. Why not." he pulled a chair out for her.

"I suppose," she said, looking around the place critically. "A pint's a pint, eh?" She then noticed that he was holding her chair and slightly surprised, she obliged him by sitting. "Thank you," she said.

After she sat down he gently slid her closer to the table. He called over the waiter. "Two pints lad!" The waiter started at him,the waiter looked rather young. "hey... kid... ever made a marine wait?"

The waiter blinked a few times as he answered back. 'No sir,two pints,right away'

Leo grinned,watching the kid dart back for the beers and looked back at Prince. "man I love scaring people sometimes."

Chap grinned, rather unsuccessfully stifling a giggle. "I'll jus' bet you do!" she said. "He looked as if he were gonna wet 'imself!".

Leo chuckled. "Doesn't help I don't look all clean and proper. Maybe he thinks I'm crazy." He thanked the kid as the pints showed up. He lifted his pint. "To the gladiator,home for us homeless"

"To the Gladia'or!" agreed Chap, clinking her glass to his and then downing half of it in two gulps. "Oh, it's real, too! Come on, tha's lovely."

He took a couple gulps of his drink. "Well it's not fake beer if that's what you're asking." he chuckled "We're def not in a holodeck."

"No, silly!" laughed Chap. "I meant synthehol! That stuff is pretty terrible."

Leo chuckled "Oops,must be that lack of sleep catching up on me." He blinked and made a silly face "Darn lack o sleep,always messin wit me when I'm tryin to du stuff"

"Tell you wot, though," said Chap, setting down her drink and motioning the waiter over. "If this is real, the food prob'ly is, too! Bring me some chips and deep fried pickles," she told the waiter, who nodded and turned to the Marine, looking nervous.

Leo grinned at the kid. "Mozerella sticks. at least 10. Or I may have to eat a waiter." The kid promptly left the table to go talk to the chef.

Leo snickered "That poor kid,we gotta make sure to give him a tip for giving him such hell"

"Well, I've recently started getting my own credits, so I'm sure we can make that happen," she said happily. "I rather like being an Ensign. Oh, I gotta remember to call granddad. Don' let me forget!"

Leo nodded,pointed to a new sew-on patch on his backpack "I'm now a 1st Lieutenant,CO promoted me right before we got to the starbase." Leo laughed,realizing something. "I already got hate-mail from brass!"

"Brilliant!" said Chap, smiling widely. "Promotions are grand, aren't they?"

"oh,especially if your promotion is a slap in the face to brass that you're still alive and well" He chuckled as the food arrive "Sweeeeetttt.." leo grabbed two and instantly downed them in a second. "Want to hear a secret?"

Chap thanked the waiter for the chips and pickles as she grabbed a couple chips and popped them into her mouth. "I always want to know secrets," she confessed. "Wot's yours?"

He leaned in close and whispered "Your beautiful" He turned around and looked behind him to make sure no one was looking "Also,if you ever want to bribe me for anything?" he shook a mozzarella stick at her. "Use these or pineapples."

"Well, the first isn't really a secret," she replied with a wink. "And the second is good to know. Mozzerella sticks or pineapples. I'll keep it in mind.".

Leo blushed, a lot. He was finally happy to meet someone with a sense of humor that came even close to his. He turned his head like he was going to sneeze and sat with it,wondering if it'd come out.

"Bless you," said Chap preemptively, popping one of the pickles into her mouth. "Oh, my GOD! These are fantastic!"

Leo sneezed and jerked in pain,almost falling from his chair. After a few seconds he completely regained composure,as if being able to ignore the pain. "silly pickles,never could get used to them." He grabbed another mozzarella stick and downed it in a gulp. "Now these though. I could kill for these."

"Seems to me you just did," she replied. "Are you alright?" she asked, noticing that he seemed to be in considerable discomfort. "You sure you don' wanna see a Doctor?"

Leo shrugged "Just some broken ribs. I've been in combat for 12 hours after broken ribs. I'd like to think I can sit down and eat and drink for a while." He took another few gulps of beer. "enough beer and I'll forget I'm in pain,like a true irishman" he chuckled a bit.

"Well, if you're sure," she said uncertainly. "Mind, if you die on my watch, I'll kill you!"

Leo kinda chuckled "If I die,you can't really kill me if I'm already dead." he stuck out his tongue in a silly manner,winking.

"Watch it, I might put sommat on that tongue!" she laughed, winking. "And it may not be sommat you'll like."

"As long as it's not seafood,I'm so allergic to that it'll kill me." He drank more of his pint

"Mental note," she said in a half aside. "Never give Leo seafood. Got it!" She popped another chip in her mouth and chewed happily. "So, wot else you do for fun?" she asked. "You know, aside from killin' Romulans and takin' girls out for pints and chips."

"Wrestling Program in the holodeck for training and physical fitness. Sometimes in the holodeck I'll meditate in the middle of a thunderstorm." Leo chuckled "That's about it."

"Wrestling," mused Chap, looking him over. "Yeah, I can see that. Yeh've got the build for it. I've never tried. Maybe I'll join you sometime. It would give me an excuse to wear that new bikini."

Leo blushed. "Bikini oh? Sounds like date number two. Next date though hopefully you won't find me in such rough shape."

Chap's smile faltered slightly. "Wot?" she said. "Date number two? Is this a date?"

Leo smirked "I know you didn't find me in a perfect shape earlier,and I'm still not now. But we are having drinks and such right?"

"Well, I suppose," said Chap. "I mean, it's all right. Well, look at you! You're hot! Anyway, I just didn't realize. Okay, so now we're on the same page. So, yes, wrestling. I'll try that. Bikini and all," she added with a grin and a wink.

Leo grinned,hearing a beep and checking out his watch. "Smeg,I forgot I had a Dr appointment.. now I'm going to show up banged up and intoxicated. The dr may just kick my arse all over the place."

Chap barked in laughter. "Well, you have fun with that," she said. "I'm gonna finish me chips. Lemme know when you want to go wrestling."

Leo chuckled "Oh if the doctor has anything to say about it,never again." He slowly stood up. "Those bloody doctors,ruining all the fun. Seeya around lassie" he winked.

"See ya, Leo," she replied, taking another gulp from her pint. "Don't let the doctor be too hard on you!"


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