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Posted on Wed Jun 18th, 2014 @ 8:26pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG L'Nivek

Mission: C.O.I.L.

Mercia quickly left interrogation in search of L'Nivek. When she saw the Vulcans back in the hall way outside the security department she jogged up to her. "Hold on Lieutenant." Mercia said quickly.

L'Nivek's mind was racing. She sure as Hell had to have a good reason she walked out on that interrogation...and one came to her. She almost smiled. She turned, and looked over her shoulder. "Make it quick, please, something just came up."

Mercia caught up with the woman, expecting her to stop, but she kept going. "Hawkins wasn't ready for you to leave." she said. "We have to go back and wait for him. His orders." she said. She might not be in agreement, but she knew and order when she heard one.

"His orders?" L'Nivek clearly had a few words to say on that, but bit it off, there. "'I've gotten all the information I need from Shark. I specialized with cloaking devices in the Academy, if we're going to find that shuttle, it's going to be a trek." She stared her straight in the eye. "And I meant what I said about the Federation, and terrorists."

Mercia was about to agree, but something in her knew that was a shot at her as well. She pressed her lips together, narrowing her eyes. "Look Vulcan, I'm mad as hell about that guy, and I don't know what Hawkins is thinking, but he's the captain, you really want to piss him off more?" she asked. She remembered having to pull David off of Jarland after finding out all he did. "Because something tells me thats a bad idea." she said.

"If Commander Hawkins wishes to make the decisions he does, he is the penultimate authority onboard this starship. I can only presume that he agrees both the civilian tribunal and JAG agrees with him. Regardless of my," she grit her teeth, "Personal thoughts otherwise, I am dedicated to my duty as an officer to do my utmost to service this ship and her crew to the best of my ability. Since Commander Hawkins does not, and did not, wish this to be an Intelligence and JAG matter, my services are better put to use finding this shuttle, if one exists."

"I have my doubts about the shuttle story too, but he told me to get you and to wait outside for him... so are you coming? Or is this going to have to escalate in to a hard way or easy way thing?" Mercia grunted.

"Well, Lieutenant. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place: catch this shuttle, or deal with the ire of Commander Hawkins. I'll try my hand on the shuttle, instead: if we can't find it, I was right, and if we -do- find it, it'll be because I found it. Best of luck with Shark, though. He's a trained Marine, I would need a few days with him to get anything useful and lie-free."

Mercia blinked a little stunned and weighed her options. "Last chance Lieutenant, because if you refuse to come that will indicate you referring a direct order from two superior officers." she said, her lip curling a little. Part of her wanted the Vulcan to challenge her, she had a keen dislike for intel, and any chance to get them in trouble was well worth the effort, L'Nivek make it easy.

L'Nivek narrowed her eyes. Her blood was certainly boiling, but she paused for a moment, cooling it off, storing it for later. Instead, she gave Mercia a big ol' smile, nodding. "Very well, Lieutenant Commander. I hope that we can find this shuttle, then, since I'm not able to help in the immediate." She gestured towards the room they'd both come from. "Any further orders, Lieutenant Commander Kavi?"

Mercia just glared at her and led her back to the holding area "you can use that console if you want, its a full access station." She said after punching in a code to a door, it was a research room for such sistuations. She might not have been cheif of security for long but she knew this place well.

Mercia leaned against the wall and folded her arms, next to the door waiting for David. She closed her eyes starting to wonder if she was an idiot for leaving him alone in there with Shark.


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