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Interrogation Part 2

Posted on Wed Jun 18th, 2014 @ 8:23pm by David Hawkins & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Mission: C.O.I.L.
Location: Interrogation Room 1

"I had a way off the ship but it was disabled when I let your goons take me," he said simply.

"The Phantom Program... Because of the holographic crew. Makes since. The weapon that was used to neutralized the ship didn't effect the holograms. C.O.I.L. must not have an inside person, so this group is not fully in Starfleet, or rather not as high ranked. That seems to be our only advantage," Hawkins spoke up letting his thoughts all come out without trying to make much since. But when he noticed them looking at him, he sighed and spoke again. "C.O.I.L. seems to be against artificial life taking over what humanoids would usually work. So much that they would kill and destroy to prevent it. Shark is just a pawn... A well trained pawn."

"We all are," Shark said simply. "Most of the contracts I've taken out for this group are anything from high ranking officials to low level peon's who could have taken a pivotal role. They turn the tide in politics all over the universe. Federation space, Klingon space, Romulan space, Delta Quad. I've been everywhere."

"Then you will be useful for information. Do yourself a favor and quickly start naming names." Mercia folded her arms.

Shark shrugged. "I can't," he said simply. "The only face I've ever seen is the woman that keeps Mina and keeps me in line. She goes by the name Ice. The only other two names I know are my handler, who goes by the Wolf and I've been used once or twice by a man named the Lion. I've never seen their faces as their very careful."

"Ice? Lion? Wolf? What is this a childrens story?" she demanded before she laughed. She looked at David, "You're not actually believing this line?" she asked him.

Hawkins looked at Mercia then finally over to Shark. "Can you prove what you are saying Lieutenant? "

"There is a cloaked shuttle in the area that was my escape route. It is supposed to have a video message from my daughter and plans for my next assignment. I also have a safe house that has every assignment they've given me. Other than that, the best thing I can really show is I have a video of one encounter I had with Wolf. As usual, you can't see his face because he was blocked by some sign, but you can see the encounter."

"A cloaked shuttle, subterfuge, and worse. And we've got ourselves a for-pay murderer who claims he never, ever lies. My, my, aren't we inclined to believe you." L'Nivek shook her head, sighing. "And resorting to name-calling...what a shame." She looked down at him. "Let's get one thing straight, Shark. You've earned yourself a nice three by three cell in some hole that nobody's ever heard of. You're going to spend the rest of our miserable existence there, Shark, and you're never going to see friends, family, or daylight again." She leaned back, crossing her arms. "So you can either tell us what we want to hear, and perhaps, save this mysterious daughter of yours," the icy skepticism in her voice was dripping with malicious intent, "Or, be secure in the comfort that whatever twisted fantasies you've deluded yourself into to escape from the responsibilities and realities." She had her hands at her hips, still ready to reach for her weapon if he so much as twitched in her direction.

She wasn't buying his story, and quite frankly, viewed him as contemptible less-than-filth.

Shark laughed hysterically at L'Nivek. It actually took a few moments for him to stop. "Well, well, well, aren't we miss high and mighty? Let me tell you something sugarbear, you're going to give me crap yet your gonna sit here and threaten me? Tell me that my daughter is myesterious? You're really horrible at your job. If you were actually worth a damn at being intel, you would have actually done your research on me. I might be headed for that three by three but I'll be dead long before I get there. And, as a matter of fact, I may be a sell sword, but I won't tell you what you want to hear. I'm going to tell you what you need to hear. So," he said, sounding like he was coming to a close. "Sugar Bear, do your homework next time before you open your mouth." He looked over at Hawkins. "Believe me or not, I don't care. You asked, I told you the truth. Either have your lap dog of an intel officer shoot me, like she wants to do with her hand at that hip, or put me back in the brig. But just remember that when you're attacked again, or another device shows up on your ship, and when you hear that Lady Patience is dead within the week, just remember," he said pausing. "That I was right. Now, if you'll throw me back in my cell now, I can rot in peace."

"Oh, and another thing," he said looking between L'Nivek and Mercia. "I'm insignificant and I'm well aware of it. But I can promise you this will be the last time I give a shit."

"All three of you shut up," David calmly snapped as he sighed while the thoughts went threw his head once more. If this was even close to being partly true, then they needed to look into it. "Can you retrieve the shuttle still?"

"62.37.65 mark 27. Fire a small emp burst at that location and the cloaking device will stop," he said simply.

"Better yet, can you remote control the shuttle?" David looked at him slightly.

Shark tilted his head. "It wouldn't be hard to hack. But why?"

Mercia frowned, "You want to give him access to a computer that he can use to hack another, which happened to be the one controlling his escape route?" she asked. "What the hell are you thinking?" she questioned him.

"If he wants our help, he is going to be an inside member for the C.O.I.L. If they want to get rid of the program or this ship, having an inside man is what they could use more than just blowing it up. It would be more convenient to ruin it from the inside out," he remarked as he looked at the group. "Shark, if you want our help, speak up now."

Mercia shot her hand through her hair, she was near demanding if David always played with such fire, but then again.. he was involved with her right? She was agitated by it though, something inside of her was screaming that this was too dangerous. She wasn't used to tampering down her own instinct and trust someone elses. She turned and glared at Shark with an icy expression, maybe she would get lucky and the idiot would be too proud and opt for prison. "So what is it darling?" she asked with intense sarcasm.

"What are you offering?" Shark said perplexed. He didn't quite know if he was getting played or not yet, but his curiosity had been peaked.

"You want your daughter. I want this threat against my ship gone. We have have a far better chance of achieving our goal if we work together than separate," Hawkins explained.

"If you don't want threats to the ship why the hell are you even talking to him? He IS a threat!" Mercia complained.

"The last thing, Captain, the Federation does, is openly negotiate with terrorists." She looked down her nose at Shark; the very air seemed polluted by his presence.

This was starting to irritate him. There was one thing speaking their mind but constantly after he had made up his mind... He rubbed his eyes as he finally stated. "If this guy has a shuttle and can prove his story, then it is final. The man with his skill blackmailed in order to keep his daughter safe, don't blame him one bit. Hell I feel the same about one of my crew but it's a child... his own bloodn" he looked between the both before the man. "Shark, get that ship caught up with the Gladiator and keep it cloaked. If you can do that and give us the information to back your story, you will have our FULL cooperation. Do we have a deal?"

L'Nivek was outright furious, but hit it expertly behind a mask as cold as ice. She knew that this next stunt could cost her the career she'd built so far, but...well. She turned on her heel, unwillling to be a party of this further, and walked right out.

Without looking away from Shark, David gave Mercia the order, "Kavi, go get her and stand by outside the room."

Mercia was stunned, and confused, but she nodded. "ye... Yes sir." she said and quickly complied.

Shark watched the two of them leave then stared at Hawkins, trying to get him straight. "So, you're offering me help getting my daughter back in return for me to help you get COIL. That means I stay out of prison, and am stuck on the ship with you even though your command staff is very against it. Am I close?"

He slowly nodded as he took it all in. "Yeah... pretty much," He admitted.

"Writing," Shark blurted out quickly before really thinking about it. He stopped himself for a moment, staring at Hawkins and nodded to him. "I want it in writing."

"If there is paperwork of what we are planning, we take a risk of C.O.I.L. finding out, and blowing up the ship anyway. Once you procure this shuttle, then I will reinstate you and your rank under my command. I still have strings I can pull. The epic saving of Lady Patience's life will pull greatly along with her more than normal announce of refusing to continue friendly conversations with Federation if you are just thrown in Jail," David explained. "You will then get in contact with your connection and report that you failed to kill Lady Patience but you are now on the Gladiator. If these people are against the Phantom Project like you say, they will jump to use you against us under our own nose."

"Do you really think whoever owes you a favor can really keep me from the gallows? Because that's one very tall order."

"You worry about your daughter and leave me with the rest of it," David countered. "Now do we have a deal?"

Shark sighed, staring at Hawkins. How could he trust this man? What if he doesn't come true with the promise of keep him out of prison? What if he didn't actually help find Mina. Then again, how could Hawkins know if Shark wouldn't disappear or kill them all? Quid pro quo, he thought to himself. And with the thoughts being dispelled, he simply nodded.


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