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A shocking night (BACKPOST)

Posted on Fri Aug 29th, 2014 @ 7:09pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Mission: A New Home
Timeline: backpost

Mercia strolled down the hall ways of the ship, in a tight tank top and some comfortable tight shorts. She nibbled on her thumb a bit as she casually moved forward, with no real direction. It was late, most of the crew were in bed, unless they worked over night or were night owls, or were like her. Unable to bring herself to fall asleep. For more than a week now she had the strangest paranoias, feeling like she was being watched. She was tempted to call Lyla, but Lyla was threatening to cut off contact until Mercia spoke to Lizzy at least once.

She could always go to Davids. Due to lots of paperwork to catch up on, Mercia had left him alone for the evening. She had no doubt by this point he was knocked right out, so if she eventually ended up sneaking in next to him, she wanted to be as tired as possible so she didn't bring back the nightmares, or lay awake and risk waking him up. She hated doing that, even though, especially with her nightmares he'd been quite understanding.

She turned a corner and looked up, ahead of her was someone of interest. She smiled and leaned against the wall watching as he approached. She ran her fingers through her unbound hair and just smirked at the man.

Rohrak was walking down the hallway staring at a PADD. One of the crew members had caught his interest, as he was an interesting case. He was out of any sort of uniform as he was wearing just a set of jeans and a white tshirt. As he crept through, almost paying no attention to anything, he looked up to see Mercia running her hands through her hair. "David said you liked your hair pulled, but I'm not him," he smirked.

She gave him a flirtatious grin, "No you're clearly not." she said. Somehow she felt rather satisfied that Davids friend knew that she was with him. "But David shouldn't be talking about his discoveries. I much rather a man discover them on his own." she grinned.

"Yeah well, just as most human - no, just males in general, he loves to talk about his conquests. He didn't actually tell me it was you but that was easy to pick up." He finally caught up to her and leaned against the other wall, PADD being placed in his back pocket. "Speaking of, shouldn't you two be sleeping by now?"

Mercia shrugged a shoulder a little, "I decided to go for a walk." she said simply. "Does me good at times. So what did he tell you of his... conquest?" she grinned.

He laughed slyly. "What is it that two human males call a pact?" he scratched his head. "Bro code," he blurted out. "Sorry, not being fully human costs me some things. You may be screwing him but I'm supplying him booze in return for really good cigars. You are giving me nothing so he wins."

Mercia gave the man a coy look, "I'm sure there is SOMETHING I could give you..." she let the words hang for a moment, messing with him.

"Oh there are definitely some things that youcould give me, however, I'm a Doctor not a fighter." He winked a little. "As fun as it would be for you, David would undoubtedly kill me. So, if you think of something else other than teasing me, I might listen."

"Oh Darlin you couldn't handle me." she said tossing her hair and giving him a coy look. "But that wasn't what I was refering too." Mercia smirked.

"Oh Darlin," he said in a mockingly coy tone. "I believe it would be the reverse. You humans always doubt us half-breeds. Amateurs," he laughed. "So what are you referring to then?"

"Never been with a half-breed." she commented, ignoring his question.

Rohrak shrugged, leaning further into the wall. "Well, it's a shame. We tend to be pretty fun. Such a shame you already have to be with someone. Guess you'll have to just dream of me."

Mercia laughed, "Only if you dream of me cutie pie." she teased. "So where did you serve with him?" she asked her curiosity starting to come out.

"If I ever sleep, I just might," he said grinning. "And I was with him on the Resolute. After she went away, I ended up at StarFleet HQ because they needed a virologist to look at something nasty hitting an outer planet. After things were said in done, I found myself in one of their top positions. They've asked me to run the place but I hate politics more than anyone knows. So, I stay doing what I do."

Now she was burning with curiosity, but she swallowed, knowing she needed to take it easy. "So you deal with nasty bugs? Got any thing to ward of the nasty bugs that are counselors?" she smirked.

"A swift kick in the ass," he retorted. "The sad truth is, I have things that a micro drop of would kill this entire crew in less than an hour. It's orderless, tasteless, and is literally transported every way imaginable."

Mercia smiled, he didn't like counselors either? Fabulous! "Hmm.. Well If i ever take up assassination again I know who to seduce." she grinned.

"Oh?" he said curiously. "Pretty little thing like you? So wait," he said staring ahead. "There are two of you onboard?"

"Aww you think I'm pretty." she smirked, "And two?" she asked him curiously, "Two what?"

"Assassins?" he asked curiously

She gave him a coy look, "Oh I'm dangerous and deadly, never forget it." she said.

He smiled a little. "It's a good thing I don't think the other is cuter, cause this would be an interesting conversation."

Mercia chuckled, "It's already an interesting conversation, any conversation you have with me will be interesting." she purred. "I'm a very interesting woman."

"Ohh sweetheart, if I was a worse man and you weren't with someone who I trust and respect." He laughed slightly.

A half smile tugged at her lips, "Who said I was offering." she said arching her brows. "Just want to make sure you do end up dreaming though." she laughed. She was enjoying messing with him.

"If I dream, I'll dream a little dream of you," he said with a laugh.

Mercia smiled, "I bet you will." she said with a seducing tone. She tipped her head, "Would you like to join me for some tea?" she invited. "I'd love to hear about Helaku from a few years ago." she said softly.

The hybrid laughed pretty hard at the comment. "Can't believe he finally found someone to call him that damn name. We refused on the Resolute on the basis of, well, I thought it was dumb. But he is what he is." He stared for a momment and nodded. "I'd really like that, but only if you'll also permit me to ask actual formal questions. Hawkins has asked me to look into one of your crew members while I'm here and I'd like some input as well."

Mercia chuckled, "Yeah sure, come on." She said pushing off the wall and turning to head for the lift, her quarters would be best. She'd never ask questions about David in open air. "And for the record, thats the name he gave me when I met him." she said. "I still use it frequently, depending on my mood." she grinned.

Rhorak laughed slyly as he followed the woman. "So, it's obvious what kind of mood you are in. I'm assuming he's buried neck deep in paperwork so you're trying to play a good little girl, thus, the witty banter with me and not a tumble in the hay with him."

Mercia smirked, "Something like that, although if I wanted to distract him for a while I could." she said confidently. "I'm always like this, I'm a lot of fun." she informed Shock with a wink. "So has he always had that damned wall around himself?" she asked.

Rohrak nodded. "It was worse back when I first met him. He didn't let anyone in, let alone a female. He's been doing better at letting people back in, but we've been working on the whole female thing."

Mercia folded her arms thinking, about how he never let any one past that wall, "Except for Elizabeth?" she glanced at him, and noted his expression. "So that is her name." she said with a sigh. "I know next to nothing about her, but he did tell me he had lost the woman he was engaged to on the Resolute, he's mumbled that name in his sleep a few times." she commented. She left out the fact that she'd been pregnant when the ship crashed, maybe Shock knew of it, maybe he didn't, but if he didn't Mercia wouldn't be the one to reveal that. Curiosity had sent her poking around some of the personnel files on those lost in the crash, but she just hadn't been certain which one David had loved and lost.

Rohrak nodded a little. "It is her name. And he doesn't even talk about her to me much. I know some things," he shrugged. "But I'm sorry, I can't really go into details with that one. That was one of the few things we've had a bit of a confidence in and until he spills, I can't really say." He stared at her and shrugged again. "Just give him some time with that one. Don't push or he'll retreat further. Eventually, he'll talk. But there are a lot of barriers to break with that one."

She shrugged, "I know, I just couldn't help asking." she smirked. They arrived at her place and she let him in, "I'd offer coffee but its either way too late or way to early for that." she chuckled, "Tea? Alcohol? Water?" she offered with a grin.

"Actually, I will take some coffee. I'm going to have a long night staring at records so I'll take the caffine. Although," he said with a slighy mischevious grin. "You could add some alcohol in the coffee for me anyway."

Mercia chuckled and replicated him some coffee, and her some hot tea, before returning to the sitting area. She set the cups down and then went to her cabinet and pulled a small bottle out and poured some of the liquid in to each of their cups. She liked that she'd found a tea that tasted good with this. She gave the man his coffee and sat down on her couch, tucking her feet under her. She glanced at the clock and sighed, she should be asleep by now, but it just wasn't coming. "So you have some questions for me to hmm? I best answer them before I start drinking." she chuckled.

"This Shark character," he said looking up to see a reaction.

Mercia shifted uncomfortably and made a face. "What about him?" She asked unhappily.

Shark noticed the reaction and nodded to himself really. "Obviously not much a fan. What are your impressions of him?"

"That he is a liar and killer, and coming from a killer, he is one with no honor or standard. I don't think he had any remorse and that bothers me."

"That's the funny thing. I can't really find much of any recordings of him lying. He seems to have omitted a great deal, but he hasn't lied. Something about his lack of remorse is troubling me." He shrugged. "You read his jacket? Mostly medical?"

Mercia shrugged, "Honestly, No I haven't" she admitted. "I've heard a little about it. How is it mostly medical?" she asked as she took a long drink of her tea, thinking now maybe tea wasn't the best, maybe she should go straight for the harder stuff.

"I meant more of, have you looked at his medical record. A little fascinating," he admitted.

She shook her head, "I've don't nothing but glanced over his profile to be honest. Is there anything I should know?" she asked. "Maybe I should actually read it more, I've been rather busy, and considering the fact that man nearly cost me my job and boyfriend... I've not really put much effort when it comes to him."

"You should," he said quietly. "From what I'm gathering, he was genetically engineered in the womb."

Mercia frowned, "isn't that sort of thing illegal?" Mercia asked taking a long and then setting the cup aside.

"Quite so," he said. "But it didn't stop Brashear's parents from doing it either. It's more of a common practice than people realize. There are probably thousands more people you see in everyday life that have some tweak that no one knows about. It's hard to find if it's done right."

Mercia put her hands behind her head, and arched her brows, "Im not really surprised." She sajd. "So what modifications did he have? And why is that so fascinating"

"I'm still reading this chart trying to figure out. What I can gather, more than likely his parents wanted to make sure something was in his genetic make up. Since he was dumped on the streets, I'm assuming it didn't happen." He folded his arms and leaned back in the chair. "Its fascinating because as much as I've researched genetically modified people, I've never had access to one that I can actually study."

Mercia felt her brows shoot up, "how do you intend to study him?" She inquired before she got up and got another drink. "Criminal he is, and as little as I like him, he's not a lab rat." She commented going with a glass of rum this time. She didnt think she'd have issues with Shock even with her playfully flirty nature.

"He wants to know who created him, his linage. I want to propose that if he lets me study his blood, his motions and movements, that I will try and help him find more than he has," Shock said simply.

Mercia rubbed her face a moment and considered, "We'd have to run it past David, but honestly I don't really see why not. If Shark agrees." she said. "Listen to me... I was one of the first who figured he should be shot on sight, and here I am advocating for his rights." she rolled her eyes and looked at her glass, "i haven't drank enough to loose my senses like this!" she giggled.

"Or just enough," he threw back with a grin. "You try and get some rest Mercia."

Mercia sighed, "Who knows if I can, but I'll try." she said dryly, getting up to see Shock out, "one more thing..." Mercia smirked, "Tell me something about David I might not know." she said with a challenging grin.

Shock stopped for a moment and thought. He nodded slightly. "He cares about you more then he tells you, and unless you push it, he'll never tell you." With that, he smiled and walked out of the room.

Mercia smiled as the man left, his words leaving warm fuzzies inside.



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