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Remember When...

Posted on Sun Sep 28th, 2014 @ 7:07am by David Hawkins & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark
Edited on on Tue Sep 30th, 2014 @ 8:04am

Mission: A New Home
Timeline: BACKPOST

Walking into the Gladiator's newly added hang out, David grinned at the set up. There were a bar with a couple crew members working as either waiters or bartenders. There was a long bar on one side of the room and around that, scattered just right, were small round tables that could hold up to four people. He looked in a couple of the far corners to find some good pass the time games, pool tables, dart boards and a small section where a polished wooden floor for light dancing. Finally to add to the costume of the Twenty First Century was a Jukebox that played thousands and thousands of selective songs. This was a great idea to have installed. Just meant he lost a couple quarters space, but with the ship size he had, it was well worth it.

"So what do you think?" David asked as his old friend stepped in behind him. He looked over his shoulder just slightly as he grinned just slightly. "It's either go all out, or go home."

"Now why the hell do you get the real version here but on Reso we had to use the Holodeck?" Rohrak laughed following David in. It was nice seeing his old friend again. "Hopefully this isn't where the Ale I've been sending you is going."

"Because we were on a small ship as is. Converting the cargo bay into a holodeck was out of regs as is," David shrugged and found a path thru the small crowd of people. "And no, I have that stashed in my own personal secondary quarters aka one of the VIP Quarters." With that, he raised up a bottle of the Ale he was talking about.

Shock smiled slyly as he made his way over to one of the bars and sat down. "Two glasses," he said to the man behind the bar. "Come a long way since the Reso old friend."

As he poured into the two glasses, he slowly nodded. "Yeah a lot has changed over what was two years." He sat the bottle down and took the nearest glass as he sat down as well. "Have you heard from any of the old crew?"

He shook his head. "No. Haven't had the chance and it just hasn't happened. "What about you?"

"You are the only one. Only a handful of people survived it. But I think most of them, just like Starfleet Command, blame me for the Reso sinking," David replied as he took a sip of the Ale. It was cool but warm at the same time. He loved how it worked as he drink the liquid.

Shock downed his drink in one shot. "And that's why they are idiots. Anyone smart enough knows that wasn't your fault, but hey, they want to blame someone. Couldn't have been too bad," he said pouring another one. "You got a bigger ship this time."

"I was the perfect fit with the lack of CO's in the fleet and because I ran the Phantom Command program basically from the beginning of its production stage. I wouldn't be surprised that they relieve me of my command once the Project is fully tested and removed from the Gladiator."

"I could always kill them?" he said with a slight grin. "Ok, maybe a little too invasive, but I could make them really sick."

David chuckled as he finally finished his glass and topped off both glasses before going for another round of his liquid. "Well they did offer me the Captain pip. It sits in my office right now."

"See," Rohrak said with a smile. "You're still doing something right. God knows what that might be." He smiled and looked at the bar. "I'm not gonna lie, I miss being on a ship at times. I actually miss having a friend around. A true friend. Don't have too many people like you that I trust in the lab."

"Well when you shocked me everyone I screwed up, I learned to keep in line with your mindset," he smirked as took the glass and downed the drink quickly, enjoying the taste of the liquid. " But i know what you mean. "

"So, how is this merry band of misfits doing? Seems to be an even more interesting blend of people than Reso," he asked, taking another drink.

"With an interesting blend, comes with an interesting way of putting up with eachother. It hasn't been easy with this Shark member," David muttered as he looked around the room before going back to his glass. "Been contemplating resigning."

"Bullshit," Rohrak said shaking his head. "You're a lifer and you know it. You'll talk that talk all you want but you'll never leave."

After a moment of starring at his refill, he smirked slightly as he nodded once as he drank the liquid. "You maybe right, but still. I rather go exploring with a personal ship with no rules or regulations."

Rohrak poured them both another glass and then nodded. "How about, when you go rogue and do that, you call me first and let's blow this popsicle stand."

"Sounds like a plan," David smirked as he slammed another shot and felt the alcohol starting to take effect. "I'll pay ya to stay around. Be more fun around here... Even more than usual."

"Let's get through this first shit hole and then I'll decide, how about that?" Shock said with a slight laugh.


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