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The Kill Switch

Posted on Thu Aug 21st, 2014 @ 7:41am by 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark & David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: A New Home

Shark was walking down the hallways, slightly aimlessly. It was his time off, and since he had his shadow, the guard following him, he decided to go for a walk. The confines of his room seemed to be giving him claustrophobia and it drove him insane. It was actually worse than the idiot following him.

Rohrak just happened to be coming down the same hallway as Shark and tilted his head. He smiled as they passed. In that moment, the Hybrid scratched Shark with something that was on his finger, getting him on the hand.

“What the hell was that?” Shark asked, stopping in his tracks.

“Whatever do you mean?” Rohrak said, turning around and stopping his stride.

“You scratched me,” Shark said confused.

“Did I?” Rohrak shrugged. “I didn’t mean too. Sorry if I did.”

“It’s –“ Shark tried to continue his statement but shook his head. The walls were starting to come closer and spin around. He shook his head again. “Okay,” is what he got out, before Shark passed out and dropped to the floor.

The security guard looked puzzled as he stared at the Romulan. “The hell you give him?”

“Nice little cocktail of a sedative and a paralytic. Can you call transport and tell them to transport Mister Shark to Cargo Bay 2, authorization Shock-Alpha-Nine. They’ll be expecting that call.” With that, and a slight smile, Rohrak took off.

The confused guard nodded, called it in, and then the body of Shark disappeared.

10 Minutes Later – Cargobay 2
Doctor Rhorak Shock walked in the Cargobay that had been converted into a make shift surgery room. He was clad in scrubs, gown, mask, sterile gloves. All the fixens you might say. The small section of the cargobay 2 had been transformed. There were white sheets covering the surgery bed and the instruments that were there, keeping it sterile. There was a holo Nurse that was there with Rohrak.

“Why don’t you have Doctor Maya in here?” the Andorian HoloNurse asked Rohrak.

“Because, she’s a good Doctor and I want her to have no part in this in case something happens.” He said simply. “Ok, the IVs are in place, propofol is running, keep a few bolus’ of succinylcholine handy incase he starts moving around. Mild though, I don’t want to have to intubate because we lost his airway.”

“Why are we using such rudimentary things?”

“Because I like them better. Call me old school if you will,” he said smiling. “Ok Mister Shark, let’s see what we are working with.” Rohrak looked over to the HoloNurse, scan him up real quick, make sure there is nothing weird with his heart, and we’ll get going.”

After a few moments, the Nurse tilted her head. “There is nothing wrong with his heart, but there is something wrong with his brain.”

Rohrak, usually having a quick quip, had nothing to say other than, “Throw the results on my PADD.” Once they were there, he stared at them for a moment, his eyes got wide. “Cancel the procedure, get him back to his room.”

Rohrak quickly dropped all of his sterile gear, keeping his scrubs on and walked out of the cargobay. He hit a combadge, “Rohrak Shock to Hawkins and Kavi, I need you two to meet me in the Captain’s Ready Room now.”

Ready Room

David's arms were crossed and resting on the desk as he leaned over waiting for his old comrad and doctor to get done with what was requested of him. It was not something that he wanted to do, but to protect his ship and his crew, it would probably be best to do just that.

The sound of walking around on the carpet wasn't to loud but with so little distractions, David couldn't help but look up at Mercia whom was pacing back and forth. Her worry and questionable actions were starting to really take a toll on her. Maybe Doctor Maja was right... what if David had chosen Mercia out of being lazy instead of field promoting someone more capable? He hated how he felt about that.

"Calm down before I have you replace my carpet," David remarked as he calmly looked at her.

Mercia looked at David, "I'm perfectly calm, thank you very much." she grunted. She was upset, but didn't really know how to both contain it or express it. She didn't like what was happening and it had been causing a war in her own mind, and so she felt stuck letting it happen, but it made her feel like a caged animal. Finally she stopped and gave him a flirtatious grin, her mask rising in to place, "Maybe you should distract me." she suggested coyly.

"How about wait until I'm done," Rohrak said walking in quickly. He had almost literally ran the rest of the way. "We got an interesting problem with mister Sharky Shark."

Mercia turned to face Davids friend and arched her brows, folding her arms. She tipped her head, "You're calling him pet names now?" she snipped. "So whats the problem?"

"I was going in to add in our little switch in case he got out of control. Did a quick scan of him and noticed some weird results." He handed the PADD over to Mercia. "So, what I already know is that due to his condition, his amygdala is slightly weird. The amygdala is the area in the brain that regulates emotional response. In other words how significant his response it. What has really caught my eye, there is a tiny device that is lodged between the pre-frontal cortex and the hippocampus. The areas responsible for memory."

"His medical records didn't show any information on him having any surgery... at least nothing to do with the head from what I can remember you showing me," David spoke up as he looked at Mercia for her response to her reading the Padd. "What kind of device are we talking about here?"

Rohrak shrugged. "I'm not entirely certain. I combed through all of his records to find any cardiac history so I wouldn't have issues with placing the switch. There is nothing in his history about head surgery. To be honest, with where it is located, my thought is memory augmentation. The truth is, I'm not too certain unless I remove it."

Mercia stared at the device, "It looks like a kill switch." she said looking up, "Similar to the one they dug out of me." she confessed to them, she'd not spoken that as of yet. "But its a little different, and placed in a odd location, although they don't really need specific placements when you're putting machinery in the brain." she commented. "CAN you even remove it for study?"

"Hold on," David rose a hand as he lowered his head just to shack it slowly side to side, tryingto understand what he was hearing. "Rohrak, You are telling me that someone beat you to the punch? And on top of that, if the location of this 'kill switch' doesn't matter, than you are hinting at his memories being tampered with..."

Rohrak nodded. "So, someone beat us to it. They placed this device in his brain, which would have done more or less the same thing. The difference being that one would have caused a severe stroke where as the one I was going to place would have caused a heart attack. And, this next part is conjecture, I think the device was also used for memory augmentation. I think that it could be used for adding memories after it was placed. So, it couldn't be used for adding or taking out anything before it was placed, but it could be used to add things in. It's just placed too exactly for it to not be." Rohrak looked over Mercia and shook his head. "And to answer your question, probably not. I'm a virologist, not a neurologist. To be honest, our best bet is to disable it for now so it can't be used. It's not hurting him and is placed so well that it won't move, and won't cause any issues unless activated."

Mercia frowned, "But what memories were placed?" she asked. "And are they only active if the device is or are they now a part of his brain?" She put the padd down so David could see it and sat on the cover of his desk, folding her arms in disgust. "What purpose would this serve?

"It's hard to tell at the moment. I need to get a good accurate scan of the thing to know what it has really done. To be honest, something like this seems more like it would be used to add memories, not replace any. You could use the thing to knock him out, and when he wakes up some hours later, the device was uploaded with some memory. You could add in anything from a menial task like going to bed, to sex, to even killing someone." He stopped at the hearing of his own words and looked between the two of them.

Mercia looked at David her eyes wide, she shook her head, "You can't be serious." she said. "That man has the skills and lacks empathy..." she faltered because she had heard of this sort of thing years ago. "So its entirely possible he has no idea what he's actually done and whats been implanted? How would we know?"

Shacking his head, David knew that the plot was thickening and very quickly. "What do you need, Rohrak.?"

"I need to scan the device, and for a good deal of time. He'll have to be knocked out for it so he doesn't move. I'd need the thing to try and scan every single facet of the thing. I would need someone that is great at hacking to try and very carefully get access to the thing." Rohrak stared between the two of them. "I'm not going to lie, it is very possible that he was trained and the memories of killing the people were added in."

"Could that also be what makes him seem as if thr deaths dont effect him? He seems a little on the sociopathic side when it comes to that... you know... lack of empathy." She asked.

Rohrak nodded. "The mind is an interesting thing. You believe something long enough, even if it isn't true, and you start to believe it. If you have vague memories pumped into you, you're going to wonder, but you're not going to fight your mind. People find different ways of coping with things. His is that tough exterior. I seriously bet if you really broke him, his story and demeanour would change."

David pandered to the thought of what Shock was suggesting. Breaking a man wasn't his first time but more than likely wasn't going to be the last.

Mercia folded her arms, "So who breaks him? How to prove any of this?"

David looked over at Rohrak and grinned slightly. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Mercia looked between them, "Oh Lord, and I thought it was frightening whenever I said that line..." She smirked. "I can't wait to hear this..."

"Truthfully," Shock said pondering. "The best way to break him is to stop that device first. From there," he said looking over to Mercia. "Beating him won't do any good. Even before this was placed he was trained to resist that type of stuff. We have to try and walk him through the events. I bet, every single one of them will have some sort of a hole that he can't get too."

"That sounds like a lot of work." Mercia said making a face, "But between David, me, and L'Nevik, over time, we could certainly try that..." she said. "But... if he believes he is a killer, and has the skills... he is still a danger to us all, especially with his daughter captive!"

"He has the skills, he was trained by the Military first. You can train someone all day long to be a killer but not believe he is one. He was trained to do what he needed for the common good of the federation. If you change his cognitive thought to make him think he was a killer, but hasn't actually killed anyone, that doesn't matter. It's going to take time to break him."

Mercia let out a breath, "Lizzy is going to have to be brought in on this, she'll have her hands full with this project!"

"Little late for that," Shock said with a sigh.

"What do you mean?" Mercia asked him.

"He's already being a handful, and is going to continue to be so," Shock said with a shrug. "I'll give what help I can before I leave."

"Sounds like a plan than," David finally stated after thinking long and hard. "We need to worry about other things for now. But keep on working on it in your free time."


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