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Meeting the Operator

Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2014 @ 10:18am by Lieutenant Neville Jarland & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: post-launch

She'd heard a thing or two now about the XO. The commander had basically warned her that Neville would push her buttons, and Jarland hadn't seemed particular fond of her joking in the senior staff briefing, either. Still, they all had jobs to do, she told herself as she pressed the chime to the XO's office.

Neville was rubbing his chin, thinking about the past 24 hours when his chime went off. "Come." he called.

"Lieutenant Vanora Samsoe Stele, sir."

He looked the woman over, "Ah, the jokster." he said resisting the temptation to dress this officer down for her remarks in the briefing. He told himself to play nice, he agreed after his conversations with Hawkins. "What do you want." he grunted.

"I have been known to make the occasional joke, sir," she smiled. "Reporting to provide you my official transfer orders." She placed the PADD on the XO's desk and stood at attention, remembering the commander's advice that she try her best. "We did not have a chance to be properly introduced at the senior staff briefing, and I believe it is customary as well for the Chief Operations Officer to work closely with the Executive Officer in managing the ship's crew."

"Better late than never." Neville remarked pulling the pad a little closer. He glanced over the highlights of the her profile then looked up at her. He pushed the pad back and leaned back in his chair, "How about you tell me what brought you to this zoo?" he asked wanting to hear things form the horses mouth so to speak.

"I was assigned here, as I imagine most of us were. It doesn't appear that many requested this posting specifically, other than the commander and Chief Engineer, who both knew about the holographic project. But, perhaps you're wondering if I've speculated as to why I was assigned here, given the appearance that many of the senior staff are getting something of a second chance with this newly-launched ship?" She paused to see if she was reading the XO's question correctly.

Jarland sighed, "yes, What horrible thing have you done that puts you on this second chance crew?" he demanded.

"I don't think I've done anything horrible, of which I'm aware. I believe this is likely a 'first chance' posting for some of us as well. I didn't go through the Academy, you see. I've been told that there are some COs in the fleet who have a bias against officers that were commissioned through non-traditional paths, such as Officer Candidate School, given the shorter length of the program and the absence of intensive cross-training in non-specialty fields."

"Ah" Jarland said, "So you skirted past all the hard work we had to put in to our careers." he commented. He eyed her for a moment, "And what is the deal with your uniform?" he asked.

"I believe I've put in as much effort to building up my skill set and expertise, if not more, than any other Operations officer of equal rank within the Fleet. But more important than my own opinion is Starfleet Command's, and so here I am, whether or not my credentials might be challenged under some other metric. As for my uniform," she ran a hand over the knife belt, "I have a cultural exemption for the display of this sash. The appropriate waiver paperwork has been filed with Starfleet Security, and I've notified the Chief of Security as well."

He snorted, "I'll make sure that is true, our good chief of security likely mis placed the paper work likely." he said. He was critical of the girl, she was too young for her job and she was a hell of a trouble maker. He didn't like her in the least. "Well see you do your job well and prove you were deserving of your commission." he grunted. "Unless their is any thing else, you are dismissed." he said, and looked down at a tablet on h is desk.

"There is one other thing. I did want to check in on your preferences for managing the crew. On the Bouzid, Operations managed the duty roster entirely, but I'm aware that some XOs prefer a more hands-on approach."

Neville frowned, "No, I won't be passing off my work to others. There is no honor in that. Ill be very involved with every thing." he said insistently.

"I wouldn't say that my previous XO was shirking his responsibilities. Rather, with a ship this size, which is even bigger than the Excelsior class, there's plenty enough for Command to do without managing more mundane logistics. But, it's your chair, so as you wish. I'll have my draft duty rosters to you as soon as I get back to my office. Commander," she saluted.

"See that you do." Jarland said and dismissed the woman with hardly a second thought.


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