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She Wore What?

Posted on Mon Sep 29th, 2014 @ 12:37am by 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark
Edited on on Tue Sep 30th, 2014 @ 8:05am

Mission: A New Home
Location: Lizzy's Office
Timeline: BACKPOST

Lizzy had spent a few hours preparing herself mentally and emotionally as much as she could for what she was going to have to do. She had originally thought of wearing some form of body armour or red-man suit, but then decided that it would give a weaker image. She had also tossed up the straight out seduction routine but turned her back on that when she remebered her first meeting with him - so no nudity.

Instead, she had come up with another idea that just struck a much more stronger imge in her mind. So, she was sitting in her office dressed in a skin-tight black leather dominatrix outfit with a flogger whip and spiked boots.

Lizzy had thought about using the holographics to make it look like a castle dungeon but decided not to - so it was left as the normal counseling office with her stripper pole dismantled and hidden away.

Shark stopped outside the door to the office and sighed. He hated psych people. They just annoyed him. Most of the ones he had always dealt with always treated him like he was subhuman and just not worth their time. But, apart of actually being able to roam around and not locked away in his room when he was not on duty called for him to come see this woman. He walked in and looked around. His eyes widened as he noticed the women clad in leather. "What the hell?" is really all he could say.

Walking up to him, Lizzy spoke, "You didn't seem to be willing to talk earlier, and well.."

She gave the flogger a little flick, so he could hear the sound, "I thought that you might need a bit of incentive to talk."

Shark tilted his head, staring at her and shaking his head. "Yeah - uh - I - uh - really don't think this is for me. I mean," he was tripping over his own words. "I need to come here but this, yeah I dunno about this."

Lizzy frowned, throwing the flogger away to the side, "Oh.. I thought I would have to protect myself because I thought you could snap me like a twig. And you were really rude the last time we spoke.. Even so, I did sort of abuse the captain for the way he was treating you and screamed at some of the other senior officers too.."

She blushed a little as she added, "And sort of fractured my wrist when I snapped a datapad on the table as I yelled."

Shaking her head, she headed to a cabinet and removed a robe, which she wrapped around herself, "Better?"

"Sure, but why did you defend me if I was rude?" Shark asked confused again.

"Because it was inhumane, vindictive and spiteful how you were being treated. No matter what you could have done, that was not acceptable."

Shark nodded. "I commend that action, but I promise you I am far from the one who should be helped because of inhumane actions."

"Hmm.. I still would do it, but who do you mean?"

"You're a shrink, briefed on everyone. So you've seen my record and arrest warrant."

Lizzy grinned, "I know that and I still believe that you should and can be helped. Even if you keep throwing it back in my face."

She put her hands on her hips, "And if what I have been trying so far won't get you to open up, what else will except being stubborn?"

Shark shrugged slyly. "You really think this was going to be easy?" he asked with a grin.

"No, I do not expect it to be easy. It doesn't take much skill to know that you like being a jack-ass. I have plenty of time for your games."

Shark smiled slyly at the comment Lizzy through at him. "You're smarter than most, but I doubt you have time for my games. I've been playing them for years."

Lizzy shrugged, "I have time for games if you really want, but I'm not giving up on you or anyone. Sometimes, they can be fun, and.. well, I learnt that some can go really inappropriate."

Shark shrugged slightly and stared for a moment. "Now what Doc?"

Lizzy thought for a moment, before going with honesty, "Well, I am going to wear through that tough skin of yours. You don't seem to be willing to crack today, but is there anything you want to talk about?"

Shark shrugged. "Only why the hell you were wearing whatever the hell that is."

"Well, you threw friendly back in my face at the first meeting, so I decided to try the exact opposite with dominant. This crew is very challenging."

Shark stood up with a grin and shaking his head. "Next time you wear something like that Doc, the results might not be in your favor. Or maybe they will." He laughed as he walked out of the room, still slightly wondering what the hell had just happened.

Lizzy smiled at the thought, and then headed to her computer to write up some notes. After that, she was going straight to her quarters for a long cold shower.

As she typed, she sighed, and spoke to herself, "Geez, Lizzy. What the hell were you thinking with that idea?"


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