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Boys and Older Women

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Mission: A New Home
Location: Main Sickbay, Deck Eight, USS Gladiator
Timeline: Before 'A first look' and 'The Greeting'‏

In her office on deck eight the new chief medical officer was reviewing the medical files of the Gladiator’s officers and crew. Doctor Maya was reading the file on Cadet Senior Grade Mago Barca. Mago Barca, born on Stardate 47562.3 to Ebro and Dru Barca in Nou Lleida, New Catalan in the Scorpii C system. Described by his instructors at Starfleet Academy as studious and intelligent.

Maya doubted that a boy his age would have any serious medical condition but his scheduled physical evaluation would give her a chance to see what kind of officers Starfleet was producing these days. She rose from her desk and walked towards the examination room to make sure it was ready for Cadet Barca's physical.

Vulcans scared Mago. This fear reached back to his earliest encounter with a Vulcan tutor when he was preparing for his Academy exam. The tutor was downright cold, and not at all understanding of the young boy's extracurricular interests. The tutor had shot down any exploration of subjects that interested Mago beyond the specific guidelines of the exam. It did not help that at the Academy, the cadet had found his Vulcan instructors to be very similar in style and approach to his education. He entered Sickbay with his hands behind his back, eager to make a good first impression. For the time being, the card sitting in his pant pocket would go untouched, at least until he had a better sense of how this officer might take his request. "Lieutenant Maya," he stood sharply after entering. "Cadet Mago Barca, reporting for my medical examination.”

"Hello, Mister Barca," the little Vulcan said with her back to the boy. "You're right on time. Follow me to the exam room and we can get started." After a brief pause, Maya turned around with a wide unnatural smile on her face. Previous experience had taught her that cadets were a nervous skittish breed and that special care was needed not to intimidate them. Since most people didn't seem to like doctors or Vulcans Maya was making a special effort to make a positive impression on their first meeting.

"Er... okay?" The unlikely appearance of a smile on Maya's face had the unintended effect of causing Mago to become even more nervous. He briefly forgot about his promise to himself to act professionally and allowed his concern to show on his face.

Maya's artificial smile vanished when she saw Mago's grimace. "Are you feeling well Cadet?" She asked as she placed her hand on his forehead before she raised an eyebrow and motioned him to follow.

Still, he was able to comply with basic commands, and followed Maya into the exam room, and took his seat on the biobed. It was a familiar routine; cadets seemed to go through physicals on a much more frequent basis than commissioned officers, given the nature of the Academy and the need to constantly clear cadets for new and unpracticed exercises and courses.

"Please remove your shirt," the little Vulcan instructed as she retrieved handheld probes and medical scanners from a cabinet and placed them on a floating tray hovering in space next to her. Each medical instrument appeared more technical and threatening than the last.

Meekly, Mago removed his uniform jacket, and then his undershirt. It suddenly felt very cold in Sickbay, and he momentarily moved to cover his nipples with his hands before putting them awkwardly by his sides, and then equally as awkwardly in his lap.

Maya eyes narrowed and she pursed her lips while examining him. The nonverbal communication she was getting and the state of tension her empathic senses detected indicated that the boy was nervous. She remembered her own experience as a cadet and attempted to use ‘small talk’ in order to alleviate the boy’s distress.

“So what made you join Starfleet?” she asked him as she brought the tray forward and massaged her fingers.

It was a question that Mago had been brooding over a great deal in recent weeks. It wasn't an easy one to deal with. Sure, he'd been academically successful. But was this all what he really wanted to do? More questions, however, was not an appropriate response to a senior officer such as the Doctor. "It seemed like the most exciting place to learn more about the galaxy and the universe," he said after a few moments more of thought.

"Yes, I agree," Maya replied while running a hand held scanner over him that made electronic chiming sounds. "I found my homeworld restrictive and confining. Serving in Starfleet allows one to meet so many interesting people."

Mago's reticence suddenly dropped away at the line of conversation, and he responded rapidly and enthusiastically. "Exactly! I've met so many accomplished and impressive people, from so many different places..." His hand went to his pant pocket, and he hesitated for a moment. "... and even, times? We learned in the Academy that there have been instances of dramatic time displacements before, ships thrown into the past or future, but in most cases it seemed that the vessels were able to reverse the anomaly and return to their original time. I... never thought I would meet someone from the 22nd century. Can I say, it's a huge honor, sir."

"There's no need to call me sir," Maya nodded demurely as she entered some information in her PADD, "and the honor is mine. Unfortunately our ship was in no condition to travel. We were disabled, and only seventeen people survived. It was fortunate that our sacrifice built such a wonderful future though.”

"If it's not too much to ask," Mago added as he slowly pulled one of his holographic cards from his pant pocket, and pressed the icon that activated the holographic pen, "could I get your autograph?"

Maya looked at him blankly, but as a Vulcan, she often had a blank look on her face. "I don't understand."

Mago looked embarrassed. "It's a Starfleet Officer Collectible Card, or SOCC for short," he explained. "I've made one for each officer on the Gladiator's crew. It's, um, I like to think of it as a way for both Starfleet officers, Academy cadets, and the general Federation population to get to know better the crews that are exploring the universe. There's incredible interest out there. Look," he pointed to the card, which featured a rotating series of images of Maya, with a chryon underneath that gave her biographical record and important achievements. "This is you. Sort of. And, uh, well, one of my goals is to get all the Gladiator's officers to autograph their cards. For my personal collection."

Maya picked up the card and examined it. “Collecting your superiors’ signatures sounds like a security violation, but since so much of my personal information is a matter of historical record I don’t see the harm in my case. I am honored,” she said as she plucked the holographic pen from his fingers. She signed his card and handed both card and pen back to him. “Now for a request of my own. May I perform a telepathic scan of your cerebranervous system?”

"Telepathy!" It was supposed to be a question, but Mago sounded downright excited. "I've never been scanned before. I was so excited when I found out you're a telepath," he admitted meekly. "It would be my honor, if you would!" Mago had absolutely no clue what such a scan entailed, he was just happy to see one of Maya's documented talents in action.

"I assure you that no private or professional information will pass between us," Maya informed him as she massaged her hands. "I merely want use your body's cerebranervous system as a diagnostic tool. This should only take a moment," she added as she leaned forward and placed the fingertips of her left hand on the back of his neck. "Breathe," she instructed as she closed her eyes and placed the fingertips of her right hand over his heart.

Suddenly, he was no longer sitting on the biobed but rather leaning over a sweating twenty year old boy. Mago could smell the air with his scent enter Maya's nostrils. He could feel how her garments and undergarment fit her slender lithe body. He could sense her heart beating in the lower left hand side of her ribcage instead of the center of her body as he was accustomed to. And he could feel her cool dry fingertips pressing against his hot clammy skin. As suddenly as the sensation of being Maya affected him, it was gone. He was himself again and Doctor Maya was removing her hands and standing up straight again.

"No medical problems that I can detect," she said off handedly. "You're body is somewhat overactive in its hormone production but given your age, gender, and species its entirely normal. You appear to be a perfectly healthy twenty year old boy."
Wow." He said, blinking as he looked around the room and at Maya through his own eyes. "Wow. That was amazing! Thank you for sharing that with me," he grinned. It was possible he hadn't heard any of the scan results, but he stood up from the biobed like he had awoken from a restful sleep.

Maya grimaced before returning a grin of her own. "You're welcome," she said as she moved to the food replicator. When she returned, she gave him a lollipop. "Here," she said. "It's a confection from you're home planet. I give them to all my patients as a reward for going to the doctor's. Have a nice day and I look forward to serving with you."

"Thank you. Me too. If you, ah, ever want to scan me again, um, I would be open to that. Thanks again!" He grinned stupidly and awkwardly waved as he exited sickbay.

Maya awkwardly waved back and when her artificial smile left her lips the light didn’t leave her eyes. Such an optimistic and open-minded young man! Truly, the current century was the best time to be alive. She seemed to have made a friend, and as a Vulcan it was a challenge to make new friends. Cadet Barca seemed to have the bravery, scientific curiosity, and unbiased perspective Starfleet was looking for in its mission to seek out new life, to seek out new life and new civilizations and boldly go where no one has gone before. In twenty years, Cadet Barca would probably be Captain Barca. All he needed was experience and seasoning.

The little Vulcan hummed a Denobulan tune while entering the results of the boy’s physical examination into a PADD.



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