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Launching of the Gladiator

Posted on Thu Feb 13th, 2014 @ 1:28pm by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Neville Jarland & Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Lieutenant JG Joshua Hoss & Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: U.S.S. Gladiator Bridge
Timeline: MD1 - 0755 Hours

At long last, the day had finally arrived. Hawkins had gotten the green light that the Gladiator was ready to report to its assignment to Task Force 47, assigned on the edge of the Federation/Romulan neutral zone. Hawkins had enjoyed the thought of being in charge of a Project as big as the Phantom Command to which was going to show the outcome of having a more active role of Holograms to assist on active ships. But more importantly, he was proud to be assigned as also the Commanding Officer of the ship field testing it thoroughly.

He may have taken a moment in time to not command, but when he put in for a command, he wasn't sure where he was going to be assigned after the project manager position was complete. But once his assignment came in to be the Captain of the ship, it was an honor to say the least.

Commander David Hawkins walked onto the bridge to look at his new crew, or zoo from the words of Jarland, were all in position at their stations. He looked at Jarland and nodded in greetings after their ordeal earlier.

"Captain on the bridge!" Jarland barked quickly and stood at attention, expecting the rest of the crew to follow. This was a big moment, and it was an honor to run it by the book.

Unable to keep the smirk off her face, Ash was the first person to snap to attention. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn't have had to; the pilot had to stay put when the ship was in motion, no matter WHO was suddenly on the bridge. But, as the ship wasn't currently moving, it was safe enough. Besides, Jarland seemed to get a bit high off the whole thing.

Vanora Stele stood at attention. It did remind her a little bit of boot camp again, but there were times when a little pomp and circumstance was warranted, and the launching of a new ship seemed as good as any. She just wished she had been there for when they had broken the champagne bottle on the bow.

Josh too had snapped to attention naturally, a by product of the academy. He hadn't had time to meet many of the other crew members, but figured there would be time for it on the upcoming mission. He had a skeletal crew assigned to him in the science department, but even if he hadn't he would have made sure he was on the bridge for the start of the mission.

Mercia decided not to push Jarlands buttons, and actually snapped too. It was more for Hawkins than any thing. It was the right time for a stance. She couldn't help the smile as she watched Hawkins observe his crew, she could see his pride even though they'd yet to do any thing to elicit that pride.

"At ease," Hawkins said after a grin went across his face after seeing everyone in unison stood at attention as the Lieutenant called the room. He walked over to his position and looked at his XO and nodded again. "At least we know that the 'zoo' can follow things by the book once and a while," David joked as he relieved Jarland of the CO chair and took the position himself and relaxed. He had to shift his holster of his postal a little but it rested well as he looked over at his keypad and entered in his access codes.

Information rushed threw the small screen showing quick updates here and there as he heard the calm activity on the bridge. He felt like a child in a candy store as he sat in the command chair. This was what he was meant for.

"All station report," Hawkins called out as he followed the proper launching procedures. This was some of the rare areas he actually followed and enjoyed as well. It was also to make sure it was safety.

"Helm- all systems ready," said Ash simply. Nothing more was needed.

Mercia tapped a few buttons, "Security reports ready. Tactical the same." she said. "We are ready Captain."

Vanora chimed in next. "All on-boarded crew are accounted for, and on-duty staff are at their stations. Requisition lists have been filled and cargo bays are secured. All primary systems are online and operating within normal limits. Operations reports ready."

"Science ready sir" Josh said very quickly. He wondered if the nervous feeling he had would ever go away.

"Engineering is green across the board, Captain," Khelev spoke up. "We're ready to make the switch from station power to our own warp core on your order."

Jarland scanned the list as each department not only spoke their ready, but reported it to the system. "All Departments report ready Captain." He relayed. "Ready to launch on your order."

Liam had arrived last, this time not to his own laziness but he had actually been working. He stepped onto the bridge, and took over an unused station near the rear of the bridge. "That Diplomatic Corps stands ready, Sir." He opted to be more formal, he didnt' want a second trip to the bridge, well unless Ash was going to join him then he might have to think about it.

"Chief, transfer us onto our own power. Ops, disconnect us from dry dock, Helm, once disconnected, engage maneuvering thrusters until clear," Hawkins ordered as he looked directly over at his new Ops officer. "Also open up and engage our view screen view port please. I am sure everyone would like to enjoy the view.

"Sending the notice to the station and bringing the warp core online," Khelev replied with glee. The lights flickered for a second and the deck plating began to hum as the ships heart began to beat. The readouts at his station came to life and he tapped a few commands. The core was running well, even if it would need some fine tuning as they went. The impulse engines began to power up next and he glances over is shoulder. "Alive! It's alive! It's alive!!"

Mercia about snorted as she looked towards engineering. She giggled, "Bl├╝cher." she said in a loud whisper, and a big grin.

Hawkins smirked as he took in the remark from his Chief Engineer and his Chief of Security. This was going to be an interesting crew all together.

"Station has released docking clamps," Vanora reported. "All service vehicles and hard lines to the station are clear of our hull. We're clear for departure, sir."

Coi's fingers flew deftly over the controls, appearing completely careless. But, it was almost an art form the way she worked. The thrusters seemed to fire of their own free will as she steered the ship out of, and away from, the dock.

The Gladiator came to life once again as it did when on the planet. Beacon lights lit up multiple locations all over the hall as the ship's nacelles started to beam brighter as the ship called for power. Thrusters burst into action and started to push the ship forward and allowed the protective arms of the Dry Dock to release the ship into the depths of space. The impulse engines started to glow bright red as the ship finally left the edges of its protector and increased speeds.

Sitting in his Command chair, Hawkins watched, along with the rest of the bridge crew enjoyed the sight of other starships in the orbit of space docks and workbees moved out of the Gladiator's way to show more of the dark sky and its bed of stars to twinkle before them. David had been looking forward to this for a long time, and it was finally upon them. They were now own their own. This made it official.

"Helm, lay in a course for the edge of the Neutral Zone," Hawkins's order was more of a reminder of their destination.

"Course laid in sir," announced Coi, fingers moving lazily again. Once the command came to engage, she tapped a couple more buttons and they were off like a Jack Russell Terrier out of an open door.

Once the Gladiator was at full impulse and stars were now before them with no holding back for the first time, Hawkins sighed a sigh of relief as they saw the beauty of deep space travel was now before them. He was loving every moment of it. But he knew that there was more to this than sitting back and relaxing. "Lieutenant Ch'Kolo, are we ready to activate the Phantom Command project?"

"That's ch'Koro, Captain," Khelev replied, with a half smile. "I've run multiple tests since plasma has been flowing through the EPS grid, we're as ready to power these emitters up as we're going to be."

David paused feeling a little guilty but then paused for a moment before speaking up... "If you say so, Lieutenant." He grinned and looked at the Andorian and continued on. "Computer, activate Phantom Command protocol." With his orders activating the new project, all over the ship, holographic crew members activated in their expected locations. All acting as they would expect new cadets from the academy. "All department heads, as explained, please assign normal duties to the holographic crew members, and report to me on any ideas and issues you encounter."

"The grid is holding," Vanora reported. "Minor energy spikes on Decks 7 and 8, but well within acceptable parameters. Your Frankenstein's stitches seem to be holding together, Khelev," she smiled at the Chief Engineer.

"Sounds good, Keep an eye on your project's stitches, don't need them coming apart." Commander Hawkins remarked as he stood up. "Great work people. I'll expect everyone to be up for a drink later for our success."

Vanora glanced over at Jarland, and then turned back to Hawkins. "Is that an order, sir?" she said while suppressing a mischievous grin. She knew that as much as the XO was by the books, he wouldn't be able to get out of socializing with his fellow crew if the CO ordered him to.

Josh smiled while reading his console. He could sense some tension in the air, but the offer to have a drink with the other senior officers was too much to wreck his giddy mood. He was part of the ship, part of the crew. The stars moving on the screen confirmed that. The drinks later were just the celebration of years of hard work in school and at the academy. He had made it.

"If that is what it takes, then yes," Hawkins grinned as he looked at his crew. "We are now on our own. We will celebrate the Gladiator in our own manner. We will head to warp in due time. Great work people."


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