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Stocking Up

Posted on Thu Aug 21st, 2014 @ 2:01pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: A New Home
Location: Main Lounge, Deck 3 Forward
Timeline: MD1 - prior to "Greeting"


Vanora entered the Lounge on business, which was unusual. Given how hectic the ship had been, between dealing with the needs of all the new crew and helping to organize the cargo transfer for the new Romulan colony on Jonus 4, she would have liked nothing more than to sit down for an hour or two and have a few drinks. But there was no time for that right now, and she made a beeline for the barkeeper.

"It's Indira, right?" Vanora was usually good with names, but hadn't had the chance to formally introduce herself to the barkeep yet. The woman was gorgeous, shorter than Vanora but otherwise of a similar build, with raven hair and wide, friendly eyes.

Indira looked up from the table she was wiping and smiled gently. "Yes," she replied. "And you are Vanora Stele." She straightened and fixed the other woman with an appraising look for a few seconds, before smiling wider and saying, "what can I do for you?"

"So I am. I see my reputation precedes me," Vanora grinned in return. "I'm sure you, more than anyone else, have noticed the larger crew that we have aboard now," she nodded back over at her shoulder. Despite the amount of activity that was going on around the colony project, the crew was now so large that even now the Lounge was bustling. "More crew means more demand for drinks. Not just synthale, but real alcohol, too, and various other eccentric beverages. So, I guess the question is, what can I do for you?"

Indira gave her another gentle grin. "I took the opportunity while on the starbase to procure many of the necessary items," she said. "However, I have not been able to acquire many simple items. Seltzer water, for instance; there is not much call for it, but I haven't a drop in the whole bar. Also, I have found myself with many orders for gin and tonic and have discovered that I will soon be unable to fill them because my supply of tonic water is dangerously low." She shook her head. "One would not think that such simple liquids would be so difficult to locate," she said.

Vanora looked slightly confused. "You aren't able to replicate them?"

"Of course," answered Indira. "But, like most replicated items, it is not satisfactory. It will do, in a pinch, but the original article is so much better."

"Right." Vanora tapped the bar. "Well, I doubt we'll find any of that on this Romulan planet," she smiled, "but I'll start putting out some calls and I should be able to have some of the authentic stuff for you the next time we dock at a star base. I can also look into using one of the industrial replicators to make you your own machine, but that may take a while as well, given that they're all being used to make the parts for the colony. Any other simple items that you've been missing?"

Indira smiled, this one lighting up her eyes. "That will be most satisfactory," she said. "Everything else seems agreeable. However, this bar has no name. You could assist me in thinking of one," she offered hopefully; She liked this Vanora Stele.

Vanora grinned back. She had always found names to be beautiful things, and was happy to assist. "'Three Forward' would be the default, but it's a bit drab. I suppose naming a bar is a bit like naming a ship: you draw a bit from your own past and history, and you also look forward, make it something aspirational. Tell me, what is it that you want most out of life?"

"To be happy," said Indira without hesitation. "And I am."

"A person who's reached their goal is a rare person indeed. Lucky you," Vanora smiled, scrolling through her PADD. "The word 'happy' exists in pretty much every language the Federation has encountered. Even the Klingons have it, 'Datlvjaj.' On Elas, where I'm from, it's pronounced 'Kteer.' There are thousands of Earth languages alone. Anywhere in the galaxy especially special to you that you might want to honor in the name?"

"India, of course," Indira replied. "It was my home until my parents passed away when I was twelve. Then I went to Russia. I adore my foster family as well, and Russia is just as captivating as India." She thought for a moment. "Neither the Hindi nor the Russian terms are terribly easy to pronounce. Samagri and dovol'nyy, respectively."

"After having to learn to pronounce some of the names of our crew, I'm sure everyone will manage. Or, you could combine the two, honor both places of your heritage? Sama'nyy?" she experimented. "Dovolgri?" She shook her head at herself. "Maybe I'm not as good at naming bars as you'd hoped."

Indira grinned. "It is not a bad idea," she said. "I am tempted to use both names in full and name it 'Samagri and Dovol'nyy' but I do not believe the crew would tolerate it. I am certain I will come up with something."

"I love it, actually," Vanora replied as a wide smile spread over her face. "It's unique and beautiful, much like its proprietor. And the crew will get used to it. That, or they'll all just call it 'S & D.'

"Perhaps it is what I shall use, then," Indira said with a grin. "I shall consider it. It appears I have new customers," she commented, watching a pair of engineers saunter up to the bar. "Are you certain you would not like a drink?" she asked.

"If only I could. How about you have a double ready for me when this away mission is over. With this crew's luck so far, it should go about as smoothly as square wheels on a gravel road."

"Deal," said Indira with a bright smile that reached her eyes in such a way as to make it infectious. "And now, if you will excuse me," she said, nodding towards the ensigns.

"Of course. We all have jobs to do," Vanora smiled, waving as she left the the newly named lounge.


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