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Civil Engineering

Posted on Thu Aug 21st, 2014 @ 1:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant JG Llania

Mission: A New Home
Location: Jonus IV Colony, Main Square
Timeline: MD 1 After "The Greeting"

Khelev watched as most of the department heads paired off with their colony counterparts. They'd yet to meet the civil engineer and from the records they had it was a woman named T'letr. He looked down at his PaDD again, it had the basic information but he still hadn't spotted her.

Turning to ask Vanora if she'd see their contact, he spotted a rather shapely Romulan woman walking towards them. She even hand long hair, as opposed to their normal bowl cut and her clothes were more civilian in nature, a tunic that clung to her form and a pair of work pants that seemed to fit her well.

"Ah you must be Khelev the Chief Engineer and Vanora the Chief of Operations," T'letr looked at them both, while she tried to appear friendly it was obvious there was some suspicion behind her eyes.

"Yes, and you are T'letr," Khelev responded.

"I am," She nodded.

Vanora followed Khelev's eyes as he had watched, and appreciated, T'letr approaching. She suppressed a snicker. Men, she thought to herself. "A pleasure to meet you," she greeted the Romulan engineer with a smile.

"The pleasure is all mine, it's wonderful to have the expertise of Starfleet engineers," T'letr replied, nodding to Vanora. "Are we ready to get started?"

"We only need to grab my assistant Chief. Then we can begin planning," Khelev said with a nod, taking a look around for the Deltain female.

"It's impressive how much you have already accomplished, in so short a time," Vanora made smalltalk while she waited for Khelev to find Llania. "I was just thinking that some of your architectural designs a very reminiscent of my own homeworld, Elas."

"Most of it is premade, although we have a couple of architects working on designs for more permanent structures," T'letr replied with pride. "I'm glad you like it though."

"Indeed. If we have time later on, I'd love to meet your architects, and find out more about the inspiration for these designs."

Llania could be found playing with the flower she'd been given. She seem wholly charmed by it.

Khelev finally spotted Llania and caught her attention and waved her over. He turned back to the Romulan and smiled. "I think you're going to like what we have in store for you."

The Deltan started guiltily and trotted over when waved at, tucking the flower behind her ear. It did look a little odd without hair.

"Oh?" T'letr asked. "I was under the impression we'd be installing matter/antimatter generators."

"That was where we started, yes," Khelev said. "Over the last we, we designed and fabricated an entire geothermal plant in one of our cargo bays. I've got teams preping to bring it down, I've run a great deal of simulations from the scans you sent of this world and we can use our ship's phasers to drill down into the crust."

Vanora had intended to step back and allow the engineers to explain the proposal. It was their plan, after all; she was just here to assist and make sure all the components got here in good working order. But it was also very exciting, and she couldn't help but pipe up. "This region is ideal for this type of energy project. It has the added benefit of being purely renewable, meaning that the colony won't have to worry about securing dilithium for antimatter injectors."

"We still have the temporary generators, though, so Vanora had an idea to use them to help distribute water to help with heating in the colony too," Llania said, smiling slightly. She enjoyed the work they'd put into this.

"Your reputation is well deserved," T'letr said with a smile. "It would seem you considered our needs beyond what we requested."

"We do like our projects," Khelev said with a nod. "I think the next step would be to survey some spots to build this and get working on the foundation."

Llania helpfully nodded as well. She had to resist the urge to ask about interesting places to wander - no, bad Llania, working now! She grinned. Working was fun too.

Vanora looked over and noticed Llania's attention beginning to wander. "Agreed," she responded to Khelev's suggestion. "Perhaps Lieutenant Llania can run us through the best candidates we identified during our orbital scan, and T'letr can let us know what works best for the colony's needs and existing construction plans."

Llania smiled and nodded enthusiastically, distraction with the curiosities of the planet forgotten for the moment. "It'll help if we can get a bigger map to point them all out on," She jostled her PADD apologetically.

T'letr nodded, "Why don't you all come with me to my office? I've got a detailed map of the area including our future plans."

Leading the group back to her office, T'letr noted the earnestly in which the Starfleet officers seemed to want to help them. She'd spent years believing the Federation to be their enemy and yet in their time of need, the Federation were the first ones to bring aid and friendship. It was challenging her beliefs, that was for sure.

When they arrived at the main government building, she brought them inside and took them down to the city planner's office. Her office was well lit and decorated with what one would expect. A banner of the Romulan Star empire hung on the wall, some pictures of family.

In the center of the room was a large standing table, T'letr turned it on and pulled up an overview of the colony and their plans over the next few years.

"So the buildings in green are the ones that already exists. The yellow are ones that are planned by not critical and the red are ones that are planned and are critical to the colony," T'letr said with a bit of a forced smile. "Does this help?"

Llania smiled more genuinely and bustled to add little boxes for their proposed sites onto T'letr's map, flicking any that overlapped with red off the list. She seemed wholly absorbed in referencing the PADD and looking up to their bigger map now and then, long fingers practically dancing at the controls. After all the potential spots were added, she lit them all up green - it left three, once she eliminated spots where the Romulans planned to build important things.

"Right. Well we need it close to ground water to run through the plant, and we also want it relatively close to the main colony so that Vanora can work her magic on your heating. Obviously, that closest one," She points, "Overlaps with that yellow," She squinted at the label on it a moment, "" So if you want to keep that there for when your population expands, your best bet is this one. Its on the edge of town, but as you grow it'll kind of grow around it. Lines have to be laid to connect it to your grid anyway, so it shouldn't be too far to deal with. The last one is probably a little more inconvenient, but still possible."

"We have both our Engineering and Operations departments ready to assist," Vanora continued. "So you don't have to choose just one site. In fact, it may make sense to build in some redundancies. As for your grid, Llania and Khelev have already prepared the temporary generators that will provide power while we get the geothermal system up and running. Our thinking is that we can use those as power stations and batteries for your distribution network, so that they'll store and distribute excess energy as needed."

T'letr nodded in agreement. "Very good. I am impressed. Let us get started as quickly as possible."


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