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Counselling the Counsellor

Posted on Sun Sep 7th, 2014 @ 6:23am by

Mission: A New Home
Location: Lizzy's Counseling Office
Timeline: Backposted before Arena

Lizzy looked up from where she was drawing with crayons when the door chime went off.

Lizzy called out as she began packing up her art supplies into a small draw bag, "Come in."

Standing outside the counsellors office, Kelly brushed a stray hair out of her eye before entering. She'd been informed by her staff about any recent developments or incedents that had occurred before her arrival. One of which peeked her interest over most of the others, the Chief Counsellor acting out during a staff briefing. Hearing about this, Kelly thought she better try and find out what happened in case it happens again.

"Lieutenant, I'm Ensign Hathaway, the new Chief Security and Tacticsl Officer. I was hoping I could speek with you about what happened during a recent staff meeting?"

Lizzy nodded, "Okay, if we can also talk about you too. As for the meeting, three other officers were being asses and I just lost my temper with a data-pad."

Taking down a few notes, Kelly nodded, "alright than, what would you like to know about me?"

"I have read up on your previous counseling and medical records, especially since I am cross-trained as a medical officer and moonlight there sometimes. I would like to know how you have been going since your recovery."

Kelly nodded, "fine I guess, I haven't had any cause to complain. I get a little sore in my lower back on occation but it doesn't effect my work. As for the psycological stuff, i've delt with it and that's all i'm going to say"

Lizzy grinned, "I should mention about now that I am very stubborn and don't take 'No' for an answer to counseling. Not even the Executive Officer gets out of Counseling, and I'm still working on getting blood out of the stones that is Lieutenant Shark."

Lizzy leant forwards a little, "In all my time in Counseling, I know that a year and a half isn't enough time to deal with what you went through, and just saying that it is all that is going to be said on it proves that there is more to go."

Mirroring Lizzy's movements, Kelly lent forward aswell, "don't get your hopes up. The only way you're going to get me to talk about it is to get me drunk" she half-whispered before sitting back, "besides, I'm sure you have lots of other people's problems to worry about without putting mine at the top of the list"

Lizzy grinned with amusement, "Hmm, oh really?.. I'm probably
the ship's drunk. I got so absolutely smashed during our last leave that they needed eight hefty dudes to haul my wasted slippery nude butt down from dancing on the bar and off to Sickbay for a massive detox before I hit on anything that moved."

Reaching to the side of her desk, Lizzy hit a concealed button. Across on the wall, one of the panels popped out and slid sideways to show a staggering array of various bottles of alcohol, "Which do you prefer to start with? I have Aldebaran fire-whisky, Dresci, absinthe, bourbon, scotch, retsina, grappa, ouzo, tsipouro, vodka, tequila, rum, Romulan ale, Andorian ale, bloodwine, Chech'tluth and a few others. Oh, and I have a bottle of Polish Spirytus Rektyfikowany - that stuff is super strong and will really fuck you up for a month of Sundays though. I still don't know what I did and that was four years ago. If I'm missing anything, I can always go scrounging for it."

Lizzy also added, "Don't worry about me - I put everyone's problems on the same pedastal and I am going to include you too."

Looking over the 'Collection' of alcoholic beverages Lizzy's had in stock, Kelly became more concerned about the councillor becoming a risk any time she was on shore-leave. "So, you're an alcoholic with a record of aggressive outbursts. Tell me, what would you professional opinion be if someone else was sent to you with these criteria?"

Lizzy shrugged, "Don't worry, it isn't just alcohol."

About that point, she realised and gulped, "Yeah, probably shouldn't mention any more.. Let's just say I like scrounging and if you give me time, I can probably get anything that might have fallen out the back of a shuttle."

"Also, it wasn't aggressive outbursts. I just got really really amorous. So what if I end up waking up in a lot of strange beds with people that I don't know. And the cause is being half Betazoid. Honestly, I really can't see how Deltans can go without any."

Lizzy shuddered at the thought.

This didn't make Kelly feel any better, but she wasn't sure what to do. If Lizzy was one of her security staff, Kelly would put her on light duties for a while, just to make sure she wouldn't get overly drunk again and become a danger to the ship. But as it stood, all she could do was watch her discreetly and try to keep her from harming any more innocent PADDs.

Eventually, after staring at Lizzy with a sarcastic look on her face for a while, Kelly sighed, "well, let's just make sureit doesn't happen too often"

"I don't drink to get blotted unless I am on leave. I don't hurt any one.. I'm pretty useless actually with doing anything physical. Does Security have any like classes?"

Kelly shook her head, "not as a general thing, but if you're willing to be taught by someone younger than you, I'd be happy to show you what I know" she offered, figuring she could teach Lizzy something, "my former department CO had a saying, 'See one, Do one, Teach one', well I've seen one, and I've done one so I guess it's time to try and teach one"

"Cool, I am fine with that. I do have to admit that in the first self-defense clas that I took, I kinda managed to knock myself unconscious. And I probably need to take it easy with one of my hands for a few weeks. But still want to."

Kelly nodded, "alright, we can start off easy by building your stamina up a little than move into more complex things. When would you like to start?"

Lizzy grinned, "You don't have to worry about stamina or endurance because I am hyperactive. I regularly do pilates, yoga and gymnastics - which also helps a lot with dexterity and agility. Also, I do lots of running, netball and hockey. Oh, and I've been told I am like the Energizer Bunny in bed. My Klingon ex-husband had trouble keeping up with me at times - quite proud of that. It is mainly strength and defense skills that I'm not really good with. I am ready anytime you are."

"Alright than, how about tomorrow after our shifts are over on holodeck 4?"

"Sounds good. Anything particular that I should wear? yoga outfit maybe?"

Kelly smiled, "wear whatever makes you confortable. I'll tell you if you're wearing something wrong"

Lizzy giggled with amusement, "Since I'm part-Betazoid and with my history, I am guessing that the comment about comfortable clothing should actually include some clothing."

"Yes, some form of clothing would be advised, but if you think that you'll be more comfortable in the buff, it's up to you. I just hope you don't bruise easily" Kelly said, standing up, "well, at any rate, I better be going. See you tomorrow?"

Lizzy nodded, "I was only joking about going nude. See you then."


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