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Two Hearts are Better than One

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Mission: A New Home
Location: Main Sickbay, Deck Eight, USS Gladiator
Timeline: Before 'A First Look' and 'The Greeting'.

Maya was in her office going over the records of the latest additions to the crew that had come aboard during last night’s rendezvous with the Hood. One name caught her eye, the Gladiator’s new tactical officer. Alice Kelly Hathaway, Ensign, El-Aurian/Terran hybrid. Born on Stardate 39299.5 aboard the USS Moscow to Soran Andar and Esme Hathaway. Both parents served in Starfleet, has one sister and one entirely human halfsister, Rosemarie Hathaway and Katelyn Sanders. Entered Starfleet Academy on Stardate 57452.5, after spending two years in Academy of Technology. Served aboard the USS Sydney for four years before transferring to Starbase 204.

It was then Ensign Hathaway’s background became especially interesting from a medical point of view. A near lethal dose of thermal radiation kept her in surgery and therapy for almost a year. Much of her nervous system had been repaired by nanites of her own design. The nanites had not only rebuilt her neural pathways, they had remapped them, giving Ensign Hathaway access to abilities enjoyed only by the El-Aurian side of her heritage. Her psychological profile indicated that she was intelligent, strong-willed and honest to the point of borderline insubordination.

Walking along the medical deck, Kelly was heading for sickbay for her manditory medical that came with every new transfer. She never looked forward to these check ups, but they were a nessisary evil that had to be suffered.

Eventually finding the doors to sickbay, Kelly stepped through and looked around for the Chief Medical Officer.

In her office Maya heard a voice. "Duffy to Maya," a female voice said. Ensign Hathaway is here for her physical."

The chief medical officer tapped her combadge. "Thank you nurse," she replied. "I'll be right out."

The doors hissed as the little Vulcan entered main sickbay to see the gold collared ensign waiting for her. "Hello Miss Hathaway," she greeted. "I'm Doctor Maya. It is my honor to be both chief medical officer and your personal physician. Step right this way and I'll see you in Examination Room One."

Kelly smiled, "Well, I wouldn't exactly call you my personal physician, but I appreciate the thought," she said, following the CMO to the exam room, "and please call me Kelly."

"I'm sorry," Maya said as she turned to the new tactical officer. "Would you prefer another physician? Do my people make you uncomfortable? I quite understand. I don't associate with Vulcans myself."

Kelly shook her head, "no, I’m happy to have you as my doctor and I have no problems with Vulcans."

“I am pleased to hear it,” Maya’s face may have been composed, but there was the tiniest hint of relief in her large hazel eyes. “Sit down on the biobed please,” she added as the door to the examination room hissed shut behind them. “Do you mind if I give you a neurotelepathic scan?” she asked as she massaged her fingers.

Kelly was confused, "um, what exactly is a Neurotelspathic scan?" She'd never heard of it before.

"It is similar to a mind touch where I use my telepathy to contact your cerebranervous system in order to medically scan your biosystems," the little Vulcan explained. "No actual sharing of data stored in the mind occurs so any information, personal, or professional remains private for both of us. If the concept of the procedure disturbs you, I can always examine you using medical scanners, but it generally takes longer."

After a moment thinking, Kelly shrugged, "you're the doctor, if you think this scan is a good idea, who am I to argue. Go ahead."

"As you wish," Maya's large hazel eyes were shining and her long spidery digits twitched in anticipation. "Close your eyes and try to relax," she instructed as she reached over Kelly's shoulders to place the tips of her cool dry fingers on the back of the ensign's neck.

Maya closed her eyes and made contact with the tactical officer's nervous system.

Kelly got the strangest sensation of being in two places at the same time. She was sitting on the biobed, with a strange Vulcan woman invading her personal space but at the same time she also was that Vulcan woman leaning over her as well. Kelly could feel Maya's breath in her Vulcan lungs, could sense the Vulcan's heartbeat in the lower left ribcage of the CMO's body. She could smell her own perfume entering Maya's nostrils, yet at the same time she was perfectly conscious of her own body as well. They remained in contact for over a minute.

When Maya broke contact she was strangely invigorated. "Fascinating," Maya chirped in almost-giddiness. "Your physiology is indeed a miracle of your El-Aurian heritage and your own genius. I have never made contact with anyone whose nervous system displayed such a level of complexity and sophistication," she declared as her hands waved around like they were tree branches swaying in a strong wind.

"Two hearts, respiratory bypass, sensitivity to disturbances in space/time, latent psychic perceptions, and uncanny intelligence, manual dexterity and willpower," she continued. "You can actually hold your breath and stay awake for over ten minutes. That's amazing. Your achievement in nanite technology will revolutionize my primary medical field. You must show me how to use them. I have read your paper, but I must confess that some of the concepts are beyond me."

Her head spinning from the list of things Maya had just told her, Kelly tried to push that aside for one moment and deal with the doctor’s comment about the Nanites. "Well, to tell you the truth, a lot of my designs are based on either Borg research or pre-existing research. I think the only unique idea I had was to use the nanites in this new way. Also I didn't do all of this on my own, I consulted with both the Stations Medical and Engineering staff."

“Yes, but many people have tried but you succeeded,” Maya almost-smiled. “You appear to have an understanding of your own nervous system that equals my own. You are neither a neurologist nor an engineer and you are less than half my age and yet you still managed to achieve greater success than those who came before you. Even if others did the preliminary work, you managed to apply what they had done and achieve what they had been working on for two decades.”

Kelly shrugged, "I just made some connections that other people missed and it didn't exactly happen overnight. What's not in the official record is that we went through several versions of the nanites before coming up with the final product, and even that Starfleet Medical decided not to put what we'd discovered into full use without going back to the drawing board and starting again," she explained, wondering if what the doctor had read had made what she'd been through seem easy, "in fact, the only reason I even wrote a paper on the work we did was because the Bach's Medical Staff kept bugging me to 'document my miraculous discovery'. It was enough to drive me crazy."

“During your ordeal you displayed amazing willpower, creativity, observation, analytical ability, and perseverance,” Maya almost-smiled. “I am sure that you have the makings of a great starship captain. When we get to the Romulan colony you should ask Commander Hawkins if you can beam down and interact with the colonists. It will give you the political and diplomatic experience you need to get promoted.”

Kelly nodded. "I think I'll do that, but after I get settled in. It's probably not the best idea to be making requests so soon after a transfer," she said, thinking over how she would go about asking for extra bridge shifts. "So, any other strange scans you want to conduct? That last one stirred some emotions underneath that cold exterior."

"You don't have a cold exterior," Maya assured her, completely misinterpreting Kelly's remark.

Kelly was about to explain what she meant, but figured it wasn't worth an argument. Instead, she just shook her head. "Never mind, is there anything wrong with me?"

“Nothing I can detect, although I must confess the complexity of your nervous system makes it easy to miss something,” the little Vulcan admitted. “That was why I asked for a neurotelepathic scan. You will probably discover new abilities as you grow older and your synapses make more complex connections, but I wouldn’t expect anything noteworthy for a few decades. Before you go I have something for you.”

She turned and went to a nearby food replicator and when she came back to Kelly she offered her a lollipop. “Here, try this. It’s a confection on the end of a stick. I understand it originated on your mother’s planet over five centuries ago. Go ahead and try it, it’s cherry flavored.”

Looking at the candy curiously, Kelly cautiously took it from Maya. She'd never seen anything like this before as her mother raised both her and her sisters on what she liked to call an 'Organic diet', where Everything was grown in an arboretum. Kelly didn't have replicated goods until she got to the academy and even there she kept her own little vegetable garden. After looking it over and resisting the urge to scan it with her tricorder, Kelly smiled. “Thanks, I guess,” she said before putting it in her mouth, tasting the artificial flavor.

“Isn’t it the most whimsical thing you have tasted?” Maya smiled politely. “I find a reward dispels the negative connotations of a visit to the doctor’s. I’ll let you get back to your duties now. You must be eager to experience your life aboard a new ship.”


Lieutenant Junior Grade Maya

Ensign Alice "Kelly" Hathaway


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