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The New Boss

Posted on Fri Feb 21st, 2014 @ 10:52pm by David Hawkins

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: U.S.S. Gladiator Ready Room
Timeline: Prior to The Hawkins way

With the launch already underway, Hawkins went to his ready room for a quick relaxing lunch and to complete some paperwork. His blood was still pumping as the enjoyment of launch, even though it was only hours behind them and they were well on their way, was still going strong. It was childish to say the least, but he had missed being in command of his own ship. The loss of the Resolute was one thing, but what had really gotten him the most was the loss of his fiancee on the ship and his future child. Taking the time to gather himself and even start a desk job, had assisted with his pain and got him back on track.

David sat down in his chair and threw his feet up on his desk relaxing at the notion of what was going on thru his mind. He knew that there was going to be more rules and regulations being brought down since he was in command of one of the newest starships. It was expected, it would be a waste of time and energy if they just gave it to a questionable Commanding Officer, but he wasn't one of those in the manner of doing whatever he wanted with orders, unless it had to do with his crew. He would protect them no matter what.

He was almost at the point of closing his eyes and resting when his monitor beeped that there was an incoming subspace communications call. His eyes quickly opened and locked onto the screen almost wanting to scald it with his eyes. He tapped his monitor and sat up in his chair.

The image of the Seal of the United Federation of Planets that was on the screen was quickly changed to show a male Bolian wearing a command red uniform and the four pips on his collar showed he held the rank of captain. He had a slight grin on his face and his eyes showed a easy friendliness to them. "Ah! Commander Hawkins! This is Captain Daro Rixx of the USS Talleyrand. I hope I'm not interrupting anything?"

David looked at the Bolian for a moment and shrugged as he nodded. "Not really, Captain, just relaxing a little after the excitement of today. What can I do for you?"

Daro nodded and had a look of understanding in his eyes. "I'm sure it's been very exciting. It's not everyday that a brand new Sovereign Class ship is launched."

"Among other things," David added as he thought of what his other assignment was. He grabbed his water he had replicated and looked at the Captain on the screen. "I won't lie. I'd be an idiot if I thought that the class of the ship and it being brand new were the only things that exciting these days. But at any case, what can I do for you, Captain?"

Daro sat back in his seat as he continued to speak over the subspace channel. "Well, Commander, I am contacting you to inform you of a change in your task group. I, along with my ship and crew, have just been transferred over from Task Force Seventy-Two. I am your new Task Group CO. And, as the two of us are still both in Earth orbit, I thought I'd start my calls with you."
He grinned softly as he spoke.

"Congratulations are in order," Hawkins replied as he looked at the Captain with a genuine face. "I'm assuming you have the specs of the Gladiator and it's capacities? "

The image of Daro shook his head negatively. "Unfortunately no, Commander. This promotion comes as I am launching on my next mission, so Command has not yet sent me my information packet. All I have right now are the names of the commanding officers under me and their respective commands. So..." He raised his hands questioningly. "I would appreciate it if you sent me a copy of your logs, specs for your ship, mission parameters and a list of your crew. When I return from my current cruise, I will hold a meeting, in person if possible, but via subspace if necessary, with you and you fellow CO's of this Task Group."

As David took notes on a nearby tablet, he thought of the idea of actually working with a task force. Yes the Gladiator was well equipped to handle the majority of missions and assist as well. But the Sovereign class starship was a leading ship and that meant that Hawkins and his people were on the radar. Talk about pressure...

"Sounds like a plan, Captain. Where is the Talleyrand heading?"

"Well," Daro began. "I've got a fresh load of cadets roaming my ship, so, I'm heading out to the Badlands and train them on search and evasion procedures."

"Cadets? Sounds fun. A whole ship with test crew," Hawkins grinned a little as he shock his head. "How long as your ship been doing that?"

Daro tilted his head to the left slightly and grinned again. "For at least as long as I've been walking her decks. She has been given the sole responsibility of being a cadet training ship. I have a core of full officers for instruction and to run the ship in an emergency, plus I have the normal compliment of enlisted and noncoms. All of the other officer positions are filled by third and fourth year cadets. Before they can head out into the fleet, they need my signature in their files stating that I feel they are ready to graduate."

"Not sure if I'd switch that with having the set up to which the Gladiator had or not to be honest, but we all have our strong suits. I guess you have some very... interesting missions there Captain," David responded with some interest. New blood all the time would be Jarland strong suit but Hawkins took in the rejected and wounded to give them a better chance than most. More than likely it was due to his experience during his marine years. Either case they really did have their strong areas and he was in the position that suited him most. "Any orders I should expect from you in the near future besides to report to our new sector of space?"

Daro shook his head. "No, nothing for now. Just get your ship ready for work. As the newest ship of the group, I can assure you that you will be seeing action at some point in the future."

"It will be nice to get back into space and on our own for a little bit. With the holographic crew, it should be a very interesting ride. That is for sure," Hawkins grinned. "So when does the Talleyrand launch?"

It was Daro's turn to grin. "We're scheduled to depart Spacedock in about five hours." The Bolian paused for a moment, then continued. "Perhaps I could come aboard for a brief tour?"

The boss on the ship, he thought to himself before responding. "Sure, who am I to decline having the boss check out one of his ships under his command. He nodded and shrugged, "Sure, why not. If you haven't heard about me and my way of commanding, its best to learn first hand."

Daro nodded "Very well, I can beam over in about ten minutes. Is that too soon for you and your crew?"

"As long as you don't have any plans," Hawkins responded in surprise as he looked at the blue skinned man. "I'll be waiting."

"Do you mind if I bring my dog? I'd like to give him a change of scenery." Daro asked as he sat back in his chair.

"Dog... yeah sure. But don't expect me to clean up after him," David joked a little as he leaned back into the monitor. I'll let transporter room know you are on your way, Captain. Also we will be celebrating the launch of the Gladiator but in my own way. If you are up for it, you should join us."

Daro nodded and replied. "Very well, David. Tell your transporter room that two will be beaming over in about ten minutes. Rixx out." The image of the friendly Bolian changed to show the Seal of the United Federation of Planets.


Captain Daro Rixx
Commanding Officer
USS Talleyrand
Commanding Officer


Commander David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator


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