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From Marine to Marine to Marine

Posted on Wed Sep 24th, 2014 @ 3:46pm by 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox & Master Sergeant Megan Cross

Mission: The Arena
Location: Marine Office
Timeline: TBA

Leo was sitting at his desk, filling out a few reports. Every now and then he grabbed a different PADD from the shelf behind him. He glanced at his shiny new MXO, he grinned to himself, he was glad his word carried some weight with the CO to make it happen. And that Logan was filling the shoes nicely. He smirked at him. "That desk fits you Logan.."

Looking over at the open desk, which was almost the size of the Lieutenant's Desk. He wasn't completely sure how he had gotten so far in his life as to this, but he was excited and proud at the same time. Even though he had father issues, he was glad to know that he had gotten somewhere with his career. "If you say so sir," Logan remarked as he slowly walked behind the desk and took a sit for the first time behind it. It was unlike what he was used to but it was a nice fit as well.

Leo chuckled. "Oh I do...Lieutenant.." he smirked, saying the rank. "Don't bash yourself Logan, it fits you. It'll take a bit to get used to. But before you know it, you’ll be leading the troops into battle. But for now" he chuckled standing up, walked over and handed him a PADD. "Baby steps, first is paperwork and general leadership courses. The courses aren't that long, maybe a day or two. During this upcoming mission, in your spare time study up. If I make it back alive and in at least semi-good health, we'll do a quick review, then you can start leading the troops on basic recons and training exercises."

Logan looked at the man and smirked slightly as he nodded. "As you wish sir. But I have to ask, what made you chose marines?"

Leo sighed and sat down on his desk, facing Logan. "Fair enough.. I joined the Marine Corps of Starfleet because I grew up most of my fighting. Fighting to the death almost became second nature. Killing became second nature. My parents were killed by some jerkwad with a phaser. I swore to myself that I would become everything I can to ensure that happens to no one else. What better respected.. and feared... and reputable... warriors in Starfleet, that would drive fear into those who would go after someone's parents.. Than a Starfleet Marine.." he smirked. "The Best of Starfleet... The Klingons of Earth.. the Darkwing Knights.." he chuckled. "The list goes on, but no one should have to suffer like I did. I personally got 5 of those kids I scrapped with all my life into the marines, all of them became better men and women for it." he made a thinking face. "I think one of them is a now a 1st LT,as of yesterday.. hmmm... HA! I'm the highest ranking of all five of them" he chuckled

"Interesting..." Logan replied not surprised that a person that was brought up in a violent way as he tried to put his past next to this man but he was only here to make a name for himself. "Do you plan on making this a career?"

He smiled. "Oh yeah I do. I hope to make Colonel, which is equal to Captain of Starfleet. Maybe even a second officer. With being promoted to 1st Lieutenant, I'm already one step closer."

He chuckled again. "How about that last mission huh? I almost died, I got my ass beat like a freshmen in Starfleet Academy." he glanced at the clock and Cross' empty desk. "I know I said feel free to come in late as that last mission was rough, where’s Cross?" he glanced out the window and sees her giving 'tough love' to the privates. "Oh.. found her.. she doesn't look amused" he closed the blind as she turned around to come back into the office. "Hope she doesn't beat them up too bad. Need them to live to the next mission at least."

Megan entered the office to see the smiling faces of two young officers who were young enough to be her children. She didn’t know what they were grinning about but after twenty years in the corps she wasn’t going to ask. “Sirs,” she nodded as she clicked her heels before heading to her desk. “Don’t mind me. Just came in to check my mail while the platoon is taking five.”

"Hey Megan,how goes it?" Leo said smiling,he enjoyed having a full office. He felt comfy enough with the current group of fellow marines to go by first names.

"Hey Megan, how goes it?" Leo said smiling; he enjoyed having a full office. He felt comfy enough with the current group of fellow marines to go by first names.

It was true. Lieutenant Fox and Megan Cross were on a first name basis: He called her ‘Megan’ and she called him ‘Lieutenant’. “About as well as you’d expect Lieutenant,” she replied as she wiped her brow and strode into the room. “I see you and Lieutenant Hawkins are getting along,” she added as she sat at her desk.

"To say the least, Ma'am," Hawkins remarked with a slight feeling of In-equalitiness. He tried his best to sit straighter than he had been.

Leo smiled. "Relax Hawkins, you me and Cross have our own bond of leadership. We can even do first name basis and no one will yell. " he chuckled and glanced at Megan. " I see you're dishing out some tough love. Any lessons are just making sure they know not to mess with you?" he said as he walked started tossing bottles of water to everyone,nice and cold.

Logan grabbed the water out of the air and nodded. "As you wish, Leo."

Megan's eyes lit up as she looked at her screen. "Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed. "I don't believe it!"

Leo looked up "Wazzup?" he sat down ontop of his desk,drinking the water casually.

“There’s an opening for a master sergeant on my son’s ship!” Megan chirped. “The Argos! She’s the ship my son Clark is taking his cadet cruise! Oh sir, you’ve got to let me transfer!”

"Wouldn't it be kinda weird to get orders from your own kid?" he said looking at her, kinda confused.

“He’s Fleet, not in the Corps,” Megan shook her head. “A completely different chain of command. “He’s only a cadet anyway, he’s got no authority. It sure would be nice being able to see him though.”

Leo sighed, he’d hate to lose her, but family is important. "I'll talk to the Captain."

She smiled weakly. “Thanks sir. I know that you of all people know the importance of family.” She stood up and looked at the two younger officers. “Well, when I see my son, I’ll give him our best. From marine to marine to marine.” She saluted Leo. “It’s been an honor and a privilege sir. And a pleasure to serve under two young and attractive men such as yourselves. “Semper Fi. Carry on.”

He saluted back, watched her leave. He looked at Hawkins and shrugged. "I guess we need to look for a new Toppy.."


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