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A friendly meeting

Posted on Thu Aug 28th, 2014 @ 8:40am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: A New Home
Location: Security Office, Deck 5
Timeline: prior to MD1


The Gladiator did not have a proper Chief Security and Tactical Officer for most of its time in service. The short-lived tenure of Commander Jarland (referred to by the crew as "Jerkland") and his subsequent booting from the ship had moved Mercia from CSec/Tac to First Officer very early on. There had been an Acting Chief, of course, but even with the full Marine contingent aboard, the lack of someone whose sole and permanent mandate was to manage the Gladiator's security, both internal and external, had not sat easily with Vanora. Something about Security in particular seemed so vital to Vanora's sense of safety. It wasn't a secret; the feeling no doubt stemmed directly from the loss of her husband, who had been her own chief of security on the civilian freighter she used to run.

In any case, Vanora was happy to meet the new department head, though given her conflict with Hawkins and Mercia over the addition of Shark to the crew, and the preparation for their current mission, it wasn't until now that she'd finally found the time to pay a visit to Security.

In her new office, Kelly was setting up her security net server which was linked into the ships central core. She'd learnt this little habit from one of her previous CO's and she'd found it quite useful for intruder alerts and tracking down lost children.

Finishing off the hardware set up, she began loading the software.

Vanora found the new chief hard at work when she entered her office, knocking on the wall on her way in. "Ensign Hathaway, I presume?" she smiled. "I don't mean to interrupt you, but I realized that I haven't had a chance to meet you yet. Lieutenant Vanora Stele. And please, none of the 'sir' stuff; just call me Vanora. We're both senior staff, after all."

Quickly turning around, Kelly was about to say 'No sir, you didn't interrupt anything' but now she had to rethink her responce, "no, it's fine, I was just about finished anyway" she said, before walking out from behind her desk, "so what can I do for the Operations Chief today?"

"Make sure the ship isn't destroyed by hostile forces, and the crew kept safe from anyone trying to harm us. That's about it," Vanora grinned. "All kidding aside, I just wanted to introduce myself. My understanding of Operations has always been to make sure the ship and the crew have everything they need to do their jobs. So if there's anything at all that you need, let me know. I've got contacts from back in my days as a civilian freighter captain, so I can sometimes procure items that are more... 'difficult' to access through official Starfleet procedures."

Kelly nodded, "I appreciate that and I might have some work for your contacts before long" she said, before motioning to the couch sitting in one corner of the room, "why don't you tell me about yourself?"

Vanora sat on the couch, finding it quite comfortable, and leaned back into it, happy to be off her feet for a little bit. "Professionally, or otherwise? I could probably bore you for hours with the 'otherwise.' Professionally, the Gladiator is my second Starfleet assignment. I was on the USS Bouzid for more than three years before I came here to take the Chief Ops job. The Bouzid's an Excelsior class, so this is definitely a bigger ship. I suppose you could say I literally became an Ops officer by accident, but it's a good fit for me. Before the Bouzid I was a civilian freighter captain, the SS Lady of the Lake, and before that, I was living the merchant ship life. I've been space-bound since I was 16." She smiled at herself; even as she was trying to talk about her professional background, she nonetheless couldn't keep some of the personal story out of it. "How about yourself? Actually," she interrupted her own thought, "I'm not sure how you prefer that I address you. Ensign? Hathaway? Alice?"

"Kelly will do fine" she said, taking a seat, "and as for me, a came here from Starbase 204. I heard about an opening for a chief security and tactical officer so I applied"

"Surprised to get a department head position as an ensign?" Vanora wondered.

Kelly nodded, "yea, I felt for sure that I would be bumped up to Lieutenant JG, but as it turns out no such luck"

"Don't worry about that too much," Vanora reassured her. "Captain Hawkins is someone who rewards accomplishments. I'm sure he's just testing you right now, seeing if you're who he thinks you are. Do a good job and he'll make sure you have that next pip as soon as he can. He'll go to bat for you with the brass, I'll promise you that."

Hearing this didn't make Kelly feel any better about her promotion, "geeze, no pressure or anything"

Vanora laughed. "Do a good job is too much pressure? I guess I shouldn't tell you, then, that you're our first Chief Sec/Tac since the XO got promoted to her current job."

"Well, it's my post now. I guess I better get used to it. Are there any upgrades I should know about?"

"It's a brand new Sovereign class, so everything is state-of-the-art. Type XII phasers, point defense batteries, burst torpedo launchers, ablative armor and even a cloaking device. It will be a long time before the Gladiator needs upgrades," Vanora smiled.

"A cloak? Geeze I thought this was a ship of exploration, not a stealth vessel. I guess the destruction of Romulus has an advantage for us" Kelly said, surprised by the fact the ship had a Cloak.

Vanora shrugged. "I wouldn't go that far, but the rarity of cloaking devices does seem to have shifted dramatically since the Dominion War. The Gladiator's a multi-role heavy cruiser, but a heavy cruiser nonetheless. Khelev will give you all the details if you're curious, but the ship was built in wartime, and there are those in Starfleet HQ who still think it should be outfitted for war. Which I suppose means taking advantage of any tech they can get their hands on." Vanora stood up from the couch, stretching a bit as she rose. "I've enjoyed talking to you, Kelly. I've got to run and make sure my staff aren't loading the wrong cargo onto the shuttles," she smiled. "Do let me know if you ever need anything."

"I will, have fun" Kelly replied with a smile.



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