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Can't stop the signal...

Posted on Fri Aug 15th, 2014 @ 12:36pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: A New Home


Vanora was assisting Engineering with setting up wireless relays, so the various parts of the new electrical grid could communicate with each other, when she began getting some unexpected interference. She ran the broad spectrum scan one more time, just to be sure. "This shouldn't be here..." she wondered aloud, before hitting her comm badge. "Stele to Kavi. I'm reading some sort of signal coming from the north. I'm still trying to pinpoint it, but it seems to be originating from the closest mountain range."

Mercia pulled herself out of the lala land she'd been getting sucked in to all morning and yawned a bit. "You're getting a what?" she asked.

"Signal," Vanora repeated. "A signal. On this bandwidth," she pointed at her console. "That shouldn't be there. We checked before we started, and this entire range of the spectrum was clear for the wireless relay's use."

"Any idea whats causing it?" Mercia asked as she turned on her tablet, ready to receive any information Vanora might send her way. Finally, something to distract her.

"It's definitely not a naturally-occurring phenomenon. I can only assume either the Romulans have set up some sort of device, or that someone else has been on this planet." She looked up at the XO. "One other fun fact: it's inside the restricted zone that the Romulans prohibited us from entering. Smack dab in the middle, actually. That makes me think that they definitely know about it, whatever it is."

"Thats strange." Mercia said finally approaching. "They said that area was restricted due to wildlife endangerment Policies..." she said scratching her head.

She waved over to one of the government aides that had been assigned, "Clatra." she called. "You want to give us some more information about this?"

Clatra frowned deeply, "Thats the restricted zone, the wildlife in that area is not very populous, so we're under orders to leave it alone for ten years before revaluation." she said.

"This signal is in the middle of it...?" Mercia said.

"We didn't set any signals... We didn't need to." Clatra said. "Excuse me." she said before stepping away.

Mercia looked at Vanora. "Fantastic, more games." she grumbled, her mood already sour.

"Well, whatever your plan is, figure it out quick, because my guess is once Clatra lets her superiors know that we found this signal, we'll be up to our eyeballs in games, complaints, diplomatic crises, you name it."

She eyed the woman and nodded, "Who can you send with me? I'll grab a shuttle or two and head out there to take a look." she said softly.

She tapped on her tablet ordering one of the science teams to meet her, as well as security, ordering it be done discreetly. She glanced over at Clatra, who looked angry as she spoke in to her communication device.

Vanora pulled up her duty roster. "Chap's on active shuttle duty, and her shuttle should've just finished unloading it's cargo less than five minutes ago, so you should be able to get her to be one of your pilots. It's a bit of a mess down here, so check with her to see who'll fly you a second bird, if there's one free? Oh, here's one, huh. Looks like they even recruited Lieutenant Delling, the fighter pilot, to fly shuttle runs. Guy must be bored out of his mind, you oughta take him, too, I think." She scrolled down further, and failed to suppress a snicker. "You've met Cadet Barca?" she asked.

"Mister Personal cards?" Mercia chuckled. "Yeah, he's a bit of a fuddy duddy."

"He's got a lot to learn, including how to be more confident. But he has skills. I'm actually surprised he's not an engineer, given his creativity and programming expertise. He should be able to help you sort out whatever is sending the signal, once you get there."

"Alright, send him along with me." Mercia said.

Clatra came back, "Do you have a way to take me there?" she asked with annoyance. "Something isn't right, and no one is giving me answers. I want to go take a look myself."

Mercia glanced at Vanora, "Well then. looks like we've got permission to go... come on Clatra, lets be bad guys." she smirked.


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