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The Temple

Posted on Wed Aug 13th, 2014 @ 12:05pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox & Ensign Charity Prince & Lieutenant Commander Gabriel "Archangel" Delling [ch'Koro] & Master Sergeant Megan Cross

Mission: The Arena
Location: In the mountains
Timeline: Late afternoon MD 2

Mercia looked down at her tablet and nodded to the Romulan aide, Clatra, that the Governor’s office had sent with her. She was headed for the landing pad near one of the warehouses with Cadet Mago in tow. They had picked up a strange signal in the mountains and Mercia volunteered to go check it out.

She waved down Chap who looked as if she was checking her larger shuttle over. "Chap, I need you to fly us over the mountains."

"Sure, gov," said Chap, using a Cockney slang for "sir." "On'y I've gotta take 'im back up to the ship first."

Mercia peered inside and spotted Shark, locked down, and under heavy guard, with six guards standing about. "It’s just a detour, I'd rather check this out now, He can sit pretty while we take a look." she said shrugging and motioning for Clatra to get on the shuttle.

"Yeah, all right," muttered Chap in a resigned sort of way as people started piling onto her shuttle.

Shark had had some intel to share, and so had come to the surface, but his meeting was over. The transporters were busy at the moment offloading supplies, so he was to be flown back home.

Mercia glanced outside and frowned as Fox, Cross, and Lizzy came up, "Seriously, I don't need more guards... really? This shuttle’s going to be packed." she complained.

“Just for the ride Ma’am,” Master Sergeant Megan Cross assured her. “You won’t even know we’re here.”

Not knowing what they were going to face Mercia sighed. "Fine... be quick about it." she grunted. She motioned to the four science people and the guards that were coming along with them to the shuttle next door, "Delling’s going to have to come along as well." she said sending them all to his shuttle.

Mago certainly found the shuttle packed. "Er, hi," he managed to say to no one in particular as he found himself wedged in between two of Shark's guards.

Mercia took a seat and glanced at Lizzy, wondering if the woman was using her mind crawling ability to see that Mercia was a torrent of turmoil under her skin. Of course the woman seemed far more concerned with Shark, who was well tied up.

In the shuttle’s interior Megan sat across from Shark and three of his escorts. “Panzer, make sure the security palm readers are activated on your weapons,” she ordered. “Our guest may be tied up right now, but he’s gotten loose from more than this and he doesn’t need a phaser on a colony filled with civilians.”

“Roger that, Top,” one of the enlisted men guarding Shark replied as he checked his phaser.

Megan glanced away from the empty look in Shark’s eyes to survey the men guarding him.

Sergeant Saul Panzer was small dark human from Vega Colony who was a demolitions expert and sharpshooter. He been in the marines since the Reman crisis eleven years ago and went by the callsign: ‘Psycho’.

At his side was Corporal Suvok, the Gladiator’s finest unarmed combat expert. If there was anyone aboard who was capable of physically restraining Patrick Shark, it was the six foot two and two hundred pounds of athletic corn-fed Vulcan sitting next to him. Anyone who went up against Suvok found out the hard way that the Vulcan Death Grip wasn’t merely a myth. He went by the callsign: 'Crybaby'.

Corporal Debra Gordon of Alpha Centauri was the platoon’s medical corpsman and carried a hypospray filled with a tranquilizer that had been synthesized for Patrick Shark’s unique body chemistry. It would knock out a Nausican in ten seconds. She was also a sharpshooter who knew her way around boxing ring despite being a pale skinned baby-faced redhead who was the marine corps’ reigning beauty queen. Her callsign was 'Woody'.

Private Mord Brott, callsign ‘Seamless’ was a bald Bolian whose uncle had died in the Dominion War. He had joined up as soon as he was eligible and was the squad’s sniper, being the only one of the six who was a better marksman than Panzer. Only Suvok was better had turning himself invisible and Seamless insisted that Crybaby used his psychic powers to cheat.

Private Dwayne Frost callsign ‘Snowman’ was six foot three inches of coffee colored muscle. He was the squad’s best climber and was a qualified sniper and forward observer. He was also the best grenade tosser in company.

The unit’s heavy gunner was America Montoya, callsign ‘Muchacha’, who grew up on the failed colony of Turkana IV. When asked why she joined the marines she simply said that after escaping the nightmare world of her misspent youth it felt too strange not killing anybody. She carried the squad’s tetryon pulse launcher to provide suppressing fire that could vaporize duranium when the platoon was on maneuvers. The five foot tall hellcat was also a deadly knife fighter as well.

Mercia sat next to Chap in the cockpit as the two shuttles rose in to the air; she stared out the window, getting lost in her own thoughts, and the heartache behind her ribs.

A beeping brought her back to reality, it had been nearly 20 minutes and they were hovering over a small strip of field on the ledge of a cliff, high up in the mountains. "Nice and easy Chap," she said softly.

Chap did not comment. She held back the snarky retort about being the pilot on this shuttle and only settled them all safely onto the ledge.

Once the shuttles were down she headed for the hatch. The air was cooler up here, and the wind was piercing. "Alright people, let’s find this signal." she said looking around, and nodded to the science department personnel coming off of Delling’s shuttle.

"Lt Commander, if we are going to explore around here, can we let Shark out of those cuffs to help?" Lizzy asked. "We have plenty of guards around."

"He should stay on the shuttle locked up." Mercia grunted, not in the mood to hear this.

"Where can he go? And we could be here for a while," the counselor insisted.

Mercia rolled her eyes, "Fine, but Cross joins his little guard entourage, and you do as well. He pulls any thing they're under orders to shoot the man, and I'll hold you responsible." she muttered. Despite what had recently been discovered she still didn't trust Shark.

"Can you please take these damn restraints off? I'm not going anywhere with your snipers at bay," Shark asked. He was still curious as the why the hell he was here in the first place since he was being held under lock and key anyway.

“I don’t know sir,” Megan quipped as she spelled ‘sir’ with a ‘c’ and a ‘u’. “Bondage turns me on.”

Leo smirked at Shark. "Aww, I bet you wouldn't complain if it was a pretty lady that had you all tied up" he glanced at Mercia as he pulled out a tricorder. "How much trouble do you think we'll get into for this one?"

Lizzy blushed a little at the mental memory of how she was found nude & tied up in bondage when that blackout occurred and she had to be rescued by the chief of security at the time.

Pulling out her medical tricorder, she adjusted it for life-forms and did a bit of a scan.

Over to one side, she spotted some bunny rabbit like creatures sitting on a block plinth, "Commander, can I borrow one of the security officers to check out some rabbits?"

Megan blinked and looked at the quirky counselor. She gave Leo a look that said: 'And THESE are the people who determine if WE are sane?'

"I also know more than you shut up and just watch his ass," Mercia snapped. She waved her hand at Lizzy giving her leave to check things out, it was why they were here after all.

One of the security officers, Petty Officer Toby Schultz, sighed and spoke, "I'll watch her." He wasn't very happy having been dragged along, especially with plenty of jarheads, and now he had to baby-sit. He only was hear really coz he lost Rock, Paper, Scissors with Petty Officer Lomax anyway.

Lizzy made her way quietly over to the rabbits, noting that there was two of them, who seemed to just be watching her.

Taking out a chocolate bar, she broke a bit of chocolate off and reached out with her hand, "Come, little bunny."

Toby sighed in disgust as he watched.

When Lizzy's hand was close, one of the bunnies opened its mouth to show many teeth, including two massive fangs that must have been slid in somewhere hidden, and let out a really disturbing soft growl sound.

Lizzy let out a shriek and Toby instinctively brought his weapon up & fired, sending out a shot that caused bunny spray out on the rock.

The other bunny tore off away as Lizzy back-pedaled away.

Leo grinned at Liz and turned to Cross, mumbling. "Oh there's a joke or two there somewhere.."

"Yeah, the joke is that the counselor outranks me," Megan murmured.

With a shot fired Mercia rushed towards where Lizzy had gone. "What happened?" she demanded, her own gun pulled out.

Lizzy blushed, "I tried to feed one of the rabbits, and it had big giant teeth.. It gave me a fright when it growled."

Mercia gave her a look, " really? A rabbit?" She sighed.

"It was a big rabbit Ma'am," Megan quipped dryly.

Mercia turned to inform everyone else to watch out when a cleanly sculpted pillar caught her eye in the trees.

Toby made a nasty face at the XO as she walked away, and ignored the counselor that he had been told to watch. He didn't really care about whether Mr. Psycho Bunny had a heaven either.

"This way!" she said, her tricorder confirming the signal came from there. As she approached she could see there was a dip in the ground and a stone path leading to a broken door in the side of the mountain. "Well so long as no rabbits are guarding this door I say we get inside!" she said.

Chap shrugged and headed towards the door. "Can't be all that scary, can it?" she commented.

Leo followed Chap to the door. Slightly raising his phaser rifle, slightly crouched. "Got you covered Chap."

"Oh, really, Leo," said Chap, rolling her eyes. "I'm pretty sure there's no dangerous bunny rabbits up 'ere!"

(tag Fox, if anything)

Megan nodded to her marines who got in a stack behind her. With the exception of Crybaby, that is. He passed his weapons on to Psycho and kept an eye on Shark. Like they were going to trust Starfleet Insecurity. The rest the marines formed a line behind Megan and put a hand on the shoulder of the squad mate in front of them. Psycho gripped Muchacha. Muchacha gripped Woody. Woody gripped Seamless. Seamless gripped Snowman. Snowman put his coffee colored paw on Megan’s shoulder and squeezed to let her know that everybody behind her was ready to go to warp so Megan Cross, callsign ‘Mama Bear’ put her hand on Leo’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. They were ready for anything. Anything aside of their shuttle pilot going in first that is, but enlisted marines don’t make the rules. They just die when the officers mess up.

Chap glanced back at the Marines just before entering the Temple. Surprisingly, the place was very dull, as ancient temples go. It was empty save for an alter right at the center. There weren't any hieroglyphs nor any writing of any kind on anything. There was a fairly interesting painting of a dog and a goose- or something that vaguely resembled a goose- who appeared to be friendly with one another. Other than that, though, it was just a bunch of cobwebs and insects. "Well," she said, glancing around. "That was a bit underwhelming."

Mercia looked around as she turned on the bright light from her tricorder. "Wow... This is... there must be more to this, spread out and take a good look, there must be writing of some kind." she said, "Be careful." she called out to everyone.

Clatra kept close to Commander Kavi, "I've never heard of this place," she said.

"I suspect someone has been here though." Mercia said. "The door was open."

Leo walked along side Chap, reached behind him, grabbed a marine, and told him to go right as he went left and started checking the area for any immediate threats. One of the few times he gets to be tactical instead of doing paperwork. He felt kinda dumb wearing his camo, as it didn't really match the temple at all, though it did give him piece of mind knowing he brought the troops and he can see them better.

Megan checked the tactical tricorder on her phaser rifle for any threats. A tricorder didn’t pick up everything but she could at least scan for the obvious threats.

Leo checked into a few side rooms that were nothing more like closets and took a knee on a upper area overlooking the area. "Clear! Stand down!" he singled to Psycho and Snowman. And they both stood down. "Psycho, Snowman, take guard of the front door. Crybaby, Seamless, check around more in detail, scan for booby traps, radio check every few minutes." He got off his knee and jumped down to the lower level with ease, walking back to Mercia. "All clear Commander," he said slinging his rifle and pulling out his tricorder again.

Gabriel wasn't wild about this, he was a pilot and there was something about having to get out of a perfectly good shuttle to go cave spelunking. He had a phaser on his hip and just watching things unfold.

Mercia looked up at Fox and nodded. "Good." She approached the altar in the center of the big room; it had caught the interest of two people in blue. "Ensign Serge, Lt. Glynd..." she said approaching the pair, glad she could remember their names.

"Commander," Glynd said, her tricorder was lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Is this the source of the signal?" Mercia asked. The altar was a wide bowl with flowery arches rising above it and joining together. On top was a creature she'd never seen before.

"No it's not. I suspect the signal is actually above us, in fact I think we are right below it," Glynd said. "But, what’s got my attention is this does have an energy signal."

Mercia arched her brows, "Its a stone altar..." she said.

"It’s more than that Commander," Glynd said, she ducked down below it and ran her fingers along a line in the stone. She pressed and the stone shifted. It was a panel that gave away with her pressure. Behind it were dusty and rather burnt out looking wires. "Oooh!" Glynd looked excited.

"You sure you should be touching that?" Mercia asked.

"It has minimal power, if anything, it will shock me," Glynd shrugged as she reached her hand in to see better inside, pushing wires and dust away.

Mercia nodded. "Alright." She turned to Serge. "Start taking pictures we can hand over to archaeology teams," she said.

She walked over to Mago. "We'll take a look at the rest of this place and take some recordings before looking for the beacon again," she said. She looked at Clatra who looked troubled.

"OW!" Glynd yelped from the altar.

There was a sound reverberating through the room, like power building. "What happened?" Mercia spun, as the carvings in the stone started to glow an orange color. "Everybody out!" she bellowed and grabbed the Romulan aide shoving her towards the door.

The power amped up as she shouted above the noise, she was shoving Clatra towards the door as the light overtook them, and Mercia suddenly felt frozen, yet weightless.



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