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The Old man and the Halfling

Posted on Sun Sep 28th, 2014 @ 6:34am by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark
Edited on on Tue Sep 30th, 2014 @ 8:05am

Mission: A New Home
Location: Colony - Doctors home
Timeline: Back post

Taibak shuffled to his door, straightening his old back. He grunted as he glanced back. His home wasn't very large, it was one of the boxes that was turned in to small apartments. His position afforded him a larger place, but he didn't need it, so he left it for the young.

He swung the door open after someone knocked. He blinked against the sunlight and knew his eyes brightened, even though he kept an annoyed expression on his face. "You should know not to wake an old man so early in the morning, unless you are bringing a beautiful woman." he said.

"And last time I brought you a beautiful woman in the morning, she never appeared again," Shark said with a grin. "Old man, how the hell are you?"

Taibak grinned and swept his arm inside, inviting the man in. "I'm old, i'm tired and cranky, but at least I am alive." he said. "I didn't know you'd be coming, finally decide to embrace the better half of yourself?" he asked.

"Nah," Shock said with a grin, following him in. "They asked me to be apart of this since I get the best of both worlds." He shrugged. "For some reason they think I like politics too."

"Bah!" Taibak waved his hand, "You speak your mind too much to be involved in politics." he said. "But that is to your credit." he added. "You should stick around a while son. I could use your help here." he grunted.

Shock shrugged as he found a chair and sat down. "That's what I keep getting told but I just don't know if I could settle into this. I've finally got to a place in the Federation where not everyone stares down at me. I'd have to start over here. You know as well as I do that people still give me grief for not being a pure breed."

He shook his head, "in my old age, ive learned that you cant blame the product for being made. But you are right." He said. "But after what has happened, our people would be fools to reject anu of oir blood, even the imperfect." His mind went to one of the orphan girls, mute and no.real reason why. The girl had a hard road ahead of she didnt start talking, she would be seen as imperfect.and his people were still struggling to see why tue imperfect had value.

"Im pleased you're in a good place, youre a hard worker and rather smart. It was only a metter of time before you found yourself in the place you wanted to be."

"And what about yourself?" he asked curiously. "You could be doing so much more than you are."

Tiabak chuckled. "Helping my people settle and grow is enough for this old man. Ive done a lot of things in my life, mostly things that few know about for good reason." He said. He let out a tired breath, "once the medical side of things here are settled retire. I should have twenty years ago, but im.a stubborn old.coot."

"You? Retire? Then you'd find yourself in a grave and you know it. Your mind is too quick and active to stop old man," he said with a laugh.

Tiabak laughed brightly, "well I keep telling my self ill retire, you know I never will. Ill likely keel over in the middle of an exam." His eyes glittered with humor. "Hopefully a full physical of a busty woman. Die with a smile.on my face."

Rohrak shook his head a little. "Knowing you, you'll be face deep in a pelvic exam spelunking."

Tiabak spread his hands and grinned, "what better way to go?" He chuckled.

Shock shook his head a little and stared at the man. He'd never tell Tiabak the truth, but he was part of the reason Shock was doing what he was. "Why did you teach me? Treat me with so much kindness when I was younger when no one else would?"

"Because I saw intelligence in you that I hadn't seen before. I took a risk with you." he admitted, "Even had to promise a few people I'd put you down if you didn't live up to what I saw." he grunted. "But I knew what I saw, and I didn't mind taking risks on the imperfect." he said.

Shock laughed with a bit of thunder behind it. "I'm surprised I'm not dead then."

Tiabak laughed, "You should be." he admitted. "There were several times some people tried to call me out on that promise." he said. "I'll never tell you how many times I saved your life."

Rohrak thought for a moment and nodded. "I guess we make a pair. The council, a few years ago, tried to have someone shut you down because something you were working on pissed them off. Let's just say I kind of persuaded them to leave you alone."

"I know who has my back." he nodded. "So what does the future hold for you son?" Tiabak asked, more than happy for this visit.

Rhorak Shrugged slightly. "I haven't quite figured it out. On one hand, the Council wants me to come back and help rebuild things here, on another I love my position in Starfleet and an old friend asked me to come back ship side with him because they need a doctor it looks like. I haven't quite figured out what to do yet."

"Well just use that smark noggin of yours son, You'll land on your feet." The old man laughed and offered Rhorak a refill of his drink.

"What do you think I should do?" Rohrak asked while nodding about the drink.

Taibok filled the glass and refilled his own, he took a deep breath, "I know what I'd want you to do, and that is to stay here and take my place when I die." he said. "But you have gained good position in Starfleet, and you'd likely thrive there more, as to if you should stay where you are, or if you should take the offer from your friend, that depends on where you think that will most content, where you'll have the most freedom to explore as you always have." he said.

Rohrak just nodded slightly as he sat there, pondering the issue at hand and smiled. "One of these days I'll just grown old and die and then it won't matter anymore."


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