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Trouble Makers

Posted on Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 @ 11:44am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
Edited on on Fri Aug 22nd, 2014 @ 11:45am

Mission: A New Home
Timeline: Late afternoon MD 2

Sela Donatora picked up a tablet from her desk and took a deep breath.

"Donatora!" One aide rushed in to her office, "two federation shuttles went in to the restricted zone! Clatra authorized it."

She blinked, "what? Hail them and order them back," she said.

"Clatra is ignoring our calls."

She gritted her teeth and accessed her communication system, "Donatora to Captain Hawkins on the Gladiator."

Going over tactical information at the Tactical station on the bridge, Hawkins was quickly informed of the incoming call from the surface. "Didn't expect to hear them so soon," He stated as he went down to his chair and stood before it before he nodded and the image of Sela came over the holo projected view port. "Sela, good to see you. I wasn't expecting to hear from you for another couple hours. Is everything ok?"

"Do you want to explain why two of your shuttles are flying in the restricted zone?" She demanded. It didn't matter that willful Clatra authorized it, the federation people should have known her daughter didn't have authorization!

"This is news to me," He replied as he pulled up the flight plans for all shuttles launching and returning for that day. Once he found the two shuttles in question, he sighed as he noticed who had signed off on the flight plans. "I am seeing Commander Kavi got approval from a Clatra."

"Clatra does not have authorization to give such clearance. Call your shuttles back now." The romulan woman said with command in her voice.

"Sir, I'm showing the shuttles have landed, they're actually very spotty on sensors..." a crewman reported with a quiet tone. "I’m not sure you can call them back."

He looked at the crewman and nodded, "Try anyway." The Captain looked back at the romulan. "As you wish but it looks like there is some interference. Want to tell us what is out there?"

"An animal wildlife refuge." Donotra said folding her arms, "I’m disturbed your crew took the word of an aide over mine before going in to a restricted zone. Why did they go?" She demanded clearly angry.

"It wasn't cleared by myself either. I trust there was a good reason to do such a thing. But with no communication with the shuttles... we may need to head down there as well in person," he suggested as he looked at her. "It maybe the only way to get them."

"I don’t care how you retrieve them Captain but do it quickly before they cause harm or are harmed." She said darkly.

"Sir, I'm seeing them but getting a lot of static, I don't know if they can hear us."

"Prep a shuttle," David ordered as he looked back at the romulan and replied. "I'll personally go down and see what the hell is going on. I do apologize."

Donatora nodded but her eyes were colder "I hope this isn't an indication of how things will be between us in the future." She said before she closed the channel and sent an order for her people to more closely watch the federation.

"Anything on our hails?" David asked as he pandered about the shaky relationship going on with his crew and the Romulan Colonist. He had seen them all start off strong and yet they were all well monitored by both sides.

A channel opened and the alarmed officers voice came through from the bridge. "Sir! There was a massive energy spike near where the shuttles are showing and I'm not reading any of our crew. I could see them, now they're gone!"

"What!" David looked at the readings which were now on the holographic view port and shook his head as he could see that the shuttles were there... but the crew seemed to have been transported away. "Scan the whole planet and surrounding planets and get Donatora back now," his orders rolled off his tongue as he started to do his own understanding of the scans going on.

"Scanning sir." The officer reported.

Donatoras face appeared again, looking agitated. "Have you retrieved them already?"

"No, and quite frankly I am not to thrilled that moments after they land, they are transported away from that area. What the hell have you done with our people, and what is really in that area that you don't want our people in there?" David demanded in the most calm way he could.

"Transported away?" Donatora stared at the screen in shock, "what are you talking about?" She demanded, "its a wildlife refuge! There are also some archaeological sites in that area, but that shouldn't matter, your people were not permitted to go there. Clatra was with them, my daughter." She said with alarm.

"What?" David questioned as he really hated surprises like this. He sighed as he stood up. "Prepare for transport, You are joining me down to the planet to find them."

Danotra gritted her teeth but nodded, she didn't transport them, and she knew Hawkins didn’t either. They needed answers. "Ready when you are, are you going to transport us directly there?" She asked as she opened a drawer and pulled out a scanner and her weapon.

"No, transporting you directly here. We are taking one of our Runabouts designed to block transporting like that," he answered as he nodded at the member at Ops station. "I'll meet you in transporter room. Hawkins out."

A few moments later the woman was taken up to the Gladiator, with two guards and an aide, although she could handle herself. When she laid her eyes on Hawkins she tipped her chin up proudly, "let us be hasty Captain, if neither of us transported them then they must be in danger. How do you know it was transport and they are not all just dead?"

"Our Sensors are picking up the wildlife that are in that area. Some are near the shuttles. We scanned multiple times after the first to prove our transportation theory. They were taken out. There are no bodies of the away teams. I trust my crew and their abilities fully," David explained as he lead the Romulans out of the transporter room and down the hall. "I know what I am bringing to the table isn't easy, but no matter what, the return of this crew is first and foremost."

"It had better be " Donatora said, "and they gave no explanation as to why they went? Who led them?" She asked.

"Commander Kavi," David sighed as they reached the shuttle bay and started for the Runabout. "We will be getting some answers. The miscommunication from all ends needs to be fixed, but we will work on that after we get our people back."

"Don't you have powerful sensors and can trace their locations?" She asked her eyes looking over the massive bay. She could appreciate the federation design, even in her concerned and annoyed state.

They got on the runabout and she took a seat her eyes looking over the controls, "are you in need of a pilot?" She asked her fingers almost aching to dance over the controls. It had been too long since she had flown.

For the first time since all this had happened, he lit up with a massive grin. "I"ll take a co-pilot. But I'm more than trained in flying," he grinned as he looked over the controls of the U.S.S. Jeremiah, a Delta-Flyer class runabout. After they had done the quick prelaunch requirements, he grinned as he looked at his crew and the romulan crew before turning back to the controls. They launched in a massive velocity out of the shuttle bay and he grinned as his joystick controls maneuvered the runabout like a large fighter as he dove for the location in question. "Yeah... I'm a former Fighter Pilot."

Despite worry over what happened so far Donatora couldn't help the look of joy in her eyes as the other pilot took risks and moved faster than most. "I can tell " she said, "I’ve heard of these shuttles, I heard they are quite the ship, id love to put one through its paces one day." She said. "Perhaps when this is over and all is settled I can take you on a pilots tour of the planet. I’ve got a two person slick little ship, not much bigger than this, but a joy to fly risky with. Doing things that would make most pass out "

"I'll take ya up on that offer," David remarked with a slight grin as they entered the atmosphere and he calibrated the shield harmonics to compinsate for the friction.

"Good" Donatora said. She watched as they flew.closer to the surface.and started to review the sensor data herself.

"This makes no sense." She sighed. The anxiety rose a little as she worried over her daughter and the Captains crew.

They all knew it made no sense, so when the Captain landed the shuttle and they all stepped out to look around Donatora drew in a deep breath, observing the other two shuttles.

Foot prints led them in to an old structure, the dust showed that the alter in the center of it had been disturbed. "Dont touch that!" she cried stopping someone from grabbing on to it. "We need to call in some more people!" she said. "Finding my daughter and your crew is to priority." she told the Captain, before he nodded and opened comm lines to his crew, issuing orders.



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