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Posted on Sun Feb 9th, 2014 @ 8:45pm by Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: Security Offices


Liam walked into the Security Office hell bent on figuring out why the Chief of Security hated the XO. He was interested in hearing her story, now he just had to find a way of bringing it out of her. He entered the large open room, with a bounce in his step and whistling.

"Greetings everyone," he announced his arrival, "Is Lieutenant Favi," he noticed his target, "Lieutenant," he approached her, "I never really got a chance to thank you for getting me out of the brig."

Mercia looked up from her desk, beyond the open door to her office in to the outer office where the Diplomat was coming from. She waved her hand at the holographic form sitting at the monitor banks. "Its Kavi, if you insist on using my last name all the time.... and you didn't deserve to be in the brig." she said, "I knew that as much as any one, have a seat Callaghan."

"Well then Mercia please call me Liam," the man replied, "I am not that formal." The man blurted out his question, "Is it true that the CO allowed, even ordered you to hit that joke of an XO?"

Mercia frowned, "How'd you hear that?" she asked him. She hadn't intended on telling any one, because she didn't want to piss Helaku off. Maybe Jerkland spread it around to discredit her.

People all over the ship are talking, apparently Jerkland was rather loud, someone must have overheard him. "And that wasn't a no," he laughed, "god I wish I could have been there to see this."

"There was a reason you weren't" Mercia snapped. "The man crossed a line he shouldn't have crossed, I hope he learned his lesson, and that is all I'm going to say about it, I don't want to fuel the rumor mill." Mercia said firmly. She bit her lip then smirked, "It felt DAMN good though."

Liam smiled, "I bet. That man is so by the book, that I am tempted to smack him with that book. I would love nothing more then to see his ass in the brig, just once."

She sighed, "Yeah me too, but I doubt its going to happen." she shrugged. "I don't think even he saying I'm a whore and thief again will get him any more than another hit." she said. She spread her hands, "Oh well, nothing I can do about it, except piss the man off whenever I can." she said offering a cute smile to Liam. "I just have to ask how did I get lucky enough to get put on a ship with so many attractive guys?"

Liam nodded, "I guess you just got lucky." Liam suddenly wished that the two of them could get the XO, some prank of sorts.

She smiled brightly, "I guess I did." she said eyeing him. "So you come down here just to find out if I got to deck Jerkland?" she asked him.

Liam shrugged his shoulder, "I just wanted to meet the person who seems to hate the XO more then I," he laughed, "One of these days I need to find something to do, get even with him."

Mercia leaned forward and grinned at him, "Oh me too.... God any ideas?" she asked biting her lower lip. "Just don't want it to come back on us, but I would love to bug Jarland and drive him crazy." she said. "Meatheads like that need to learn that if they do not loosen up they will be made to, or humiliated."

"I might have to put some thought into that," Liam spitballed some ideas, "Have Security lock his access accidentally, reprogram is replicator programs, delete all his holonovels." He was still thinking over some ideas.

She winced, "I can't touch his accesses, I'm not comfortable with that, and Helaku... erm... Hawkins would have my hide. I don't need to be upsetting him." she said. "Maybe not deleting his holonovels but doing some reprogramming." she said. "Messing with his replicator is fun... I once put dye in a shower supply..." she laughed.

"OH MY," he exclaimed, "Blue," he winked, "Definitely blue."

Mercia made a face, "I don't know... I kinda think blue is hot, and I don't want to think he is... I like Orange." she said. "Oh! several colors!" she said slapping her desk and laughing. "What else... Oh there are holo emitters in every room, we could give him some... pets?"

"We could replicate the dye to blend with Keratin cells, so it only dyes his hair," Liam stated. His knowledge of all things biological was limited but he thought it would work. "Rainbow hair?"

Mercia laughed, leaning back in her chair, "Oh Liam I like you." she laughed. "Lets do it!" she said nodding. "Now we just need to figure out when!"

"As long as he won't be able to track it back to us," he smiled with a wicked grin, "I say lets do it right away?" Liam loved this idea and really, really wanted to get it in the works.

She nodded, "Do it... You think you can pull it off?" she asked. "Hmm can you delay the dye so he doesn't see it until later... Oh my, it might attract to every hair!" she laughed picturing rainbows all over the man.

"Sold, I will contact you when the plans are in place," he stated, "So we can make sure neither one of us is on duty at the time.”

She winked, "You and me are going to be trouble..." she looked at her computer screen. "Now I need to finish dressing up these holographic characters to follow someone around." she said.

“Talk to you later, Chief,” Liam smiled, “And yes we are.”


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