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A heavy morning

Posted on Wed Aug 13th, 2014 @ 12:05pm by Commander Mercia Kavi
Edited on on Thu Oct 22nd, 2015 @ 3:05pm

Mission: A New Home
Timeline: MD2

Mercia had hardly slept all night, Davids anger and what he had done, and what he thought he knew had her bundled in knots. When she finally dragged herself from bed and went in to the bathroom, she noticed some bruising on her skin. Her eyes watered, but not enough to drop a tear, she was fresh out from the wave she had let loose over the past few hours.

How could he do this to her? It was bad enough what he thought of her, but to actually take his anger out. He had come over, accused her of cheating with the Hologram Elian, and they got in to a physical fight. She ran her hand along the base of her throat, a couple of dark marks were there. She looked at her hands, finding her wrists and biceps had taken some bruising as well, from where he had gripped her.

"I guess I finally saw how jealous you could be." she whispered in the mirror as she fixed her hair for the day. Mercia swallowed when she remembered the meeting about Elian. How could she face David? And with Khelev there?

Dread filled her gut all over again, She'd slept with Khelev, one night stand, and had dated Hawkins... What reason did either of them have to think she wouldn't sleep with Elian?

"One day Mercia, you're going to regret your messing around. One days its going to catch up to you, and you may lose more than you expect."

Lylas voice rang in her head, and it only made Mercia angry. She threw the hair brush at the mirror and stalked away in to her room to put on her uniform. Yanking it on angrily, she considered what to do. She couldn't face David, not after what he did, his assumptions. His reaction made her sick.

Maybe it was time to go... running away seemed like a very good option. Sitting down at her desk she quickly typed up a message to Grayson, telling him she might be coming home soon. Her fingered hovered over the send button, before finally pressing it.

If David couldn't believe her, and would treat her like that, she wanted nothing to do with him, and all the trust she had given him was gone. Breaking up would have been one thing, but this?!

After the message was sent she got up and left her quarters for the meeting, but every step felt as if it weighed as much as the ship did. FInally she knew she couldn't do it. She couldn't see David right now. Turning around she headed for the lift, and transporter room.

She transported to the surface early, and was pleased to find herself in their courtyard at sunrise, where it was quiet and peaceful for the moment. She would wait here for the government building to open and then she would get to work. Either David would see reason and apologize, or she would have to leave. The agonizing wait began. She looked at her timer, the meeting should be underway by now, assuming he was still having it.



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