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A home for a quiet child

Posted on Thu Aug 28th, 2014 @ 7:15pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: A New Home
Location: Romulan Colony

Walking through the Romulan Colony, Kelly was looking for the house where the orphans they'd brought here, that hasn't been given a family to go to, were staying while they waited to be taken in by a family.

Finally finding the house she wanted, Kelly quickly read over the adoption paperwork she had brought with her before walking up and knocking on the door.

Anna opened the door as four kids zipped by behind her, playing some sort of game of tag. Two were waiting to go to their home, and two more were in process of being placed. "Kelly right?" she asked remembering the officer from the shuttle ride over.

Kelly nodded, "that's right, can I come in? There's something I'd like to talk to you about" she said, glancing over at the children playing inside.

"Of course." Anna said leading the woman in and in to the small kitchen, where there was a table, and one of the federation counselors sitting. "Tea?" she asked.

"Sure" Kelly replied before walking over to the table and taking a seat, "Councillor" she said in greeting to the person already sitting at the table

Petty Officer Meagan Massacre looked up, "Hello, Ensign, Anna."

"So what can we do for you?" Anna asked as she set the tea cups down and took a seat.

Taking the cup from Anna, Kelly smiled, "what's I'd like to discuss is adopting one of the children, namely Aral if she hasn't already been assigned to a family" she said, hoping that she hadn't come too late.

"Aral? Really?" Anna asked with surprise. "She has very particular needs..." she said slowly.

Kelly nodded, "I know that, and i'm willing to do what is needed to look after her. From what i know of Romulan society, Aral will never be accepted because of her muteness where as i am perfectly capable of looking after her and careing for her"

Anna looked to her companion curious as to their thoughts about this. Kelly wasn't wrong, it was proving to be a challenge finding a family that they were all comfortable with for Aral.

Meagan nodded, "That is definitely true about the Rihannsu- I have one quarter Rihannsu actually myself. Rihannsu standards actually are normally similar in some ways to Ancient Sparta on Earth. If a child is weak, has deformities or conditions like Aral's, they would be thrown out into the wastelands to die of exposure. It is very likely that had it not been for the Federation, Aral would not still be alive. However, have you thought about what sort of affect this will have on your own life? Aral counts as a special needs child. She will definitely have socialization problems, and we are not sure really how she will respond to using writing or other means for communication. The muteness may be medical or it may actually be caused by emotional trauma."

Kelly nodded, "I understand that and as I said I am willing to put in the time she needs. I believe that I would be able to care for her and help her become more confident. I am partly empathic and if I come across something I'm not sure about, medically speaking, I can always ask the Chief Medical Officer or Chief Councillor"

Meagan nodded, "That will help. Have you had much chance to communicate with Aral yet? We need to be sure that not only that you fit in with looking after Aral, but that Aral is comfortable and believes that you fit in with her. If Aral isn't ever going to open up, that would be a problem."

Kelly smiled, "well I've got that one covered. I was on the runabout that transported some of the Children here. Aral was one of the children and I got to spend some time with them. I volunteered some of my time to help Anna with the Children" she said, smiling as she remembered playing with some of the children, or more watching them play.

Anna took a deep breath, "granted you played well, and Aral seemed drawn to you, but this is a major change in life." Anna got up and fetched a tablet. "These are the interview questions that will help us determine if you are ready for this and for her. You've only seen the quiet.and playful Aral, in truth she is actually one of the most willful children I know, and has endured great trauma. This isnt something that we can just... hand her over." She glanced at the counselor, they'd been having a problem placing the mute girl, and Anna was wondering if she would have to go home returning Aral to the orphanage.

"Here is my plan, take this, study it and fill it out, it will likely take a good 10 to 15 hours of just writing, that doesn't count the time to reflect on the questions. You also will need to ensure your quarters are moved and set up, ready for her before she can go with you." She said. "And if you are approved you will be under six months od counselling on the ship before the final papers are signed. We need to see if you two will be a good fit. All these children and adoptive parents are going through the same process."Anna smiled, "I am pleased you are interested though."

Kelly was confused, "hold on, are you telling me that I have to wait six months before I can adopt Aral? We could be five sectors away by that time. I'll be more than happy to fill out he paperwork but isn't there a way we could speed up the process? What's the purpose behind six months of counselling anyway?"

"Im sorry, you misunderstand. The interview process and help us to know if you are capable.of her needs. Then she would be placed.and you.would be het foster mother. After six months, with counselling, the final papers would be signed, assuming things are going well. She'd be.with you the whole time, after this paper work and interviews are gone through." Anna said.
"As for reasons for counselling, the Aral you met is the cute and sweet Aral, and she is, but a truth about children,.especially those with trauma and disability is she will test tou, and test you hard. The counselling will give you tools and help, as well as help her learn boundaries and relationship.and hopefully dealing.with Trauma. The process is the same for all the parents here." She clarified.

Kly nodded, "ok, I understand. So what kind of alterations will I need for Aral? Dose she need some sort of special sleeping or dietary requirements?"

"Only that she has her own bedroom and things any five year old would need." Anna said.

Kelly nodded, "that might take some time, I'll have to put in a request for larger quarters as mine are only set up for one person"

"It is a requirement for taking her home, I'll forward a request for expediting the assignment." Anna said. "But for now, go fill out this paperwork, and then meet with the counseling team to go over it, and assuming it goes as planned we'll be able to start transitioning her in to your care. You are welcome to visit with her any time you'd like in the mean time."

Kelly smiled, "thank you, but I think I should get this paperwork done first so I can spend more time getting to know Aral while it is being processed" she said, standing up from her chair and taking the PADD, "thank you for your help, both of you" she said to both Anna and Meagan.


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