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Muckin' About

Posted on Thu Sep 4th, 2014 @ 6:47pm by Ensign Charity Prince & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox & Master Sergeant Megan Cross

Mission: The Arena
Location: duh

“Snowman and Crybaby will stay with the prisoner,” Megan instructed. “Seamless, you go with Kavi’s party. I want a marine watching out for her.”

“Roger that, Top,” the Bollian nodded before he and the coffee colored human vanished with the executive officer’s group.

"Spread out," Chap commented under her breath as the team dispersed. "Why's it always spread out? Hasn't anyone ever 'eard of divide and conquer?"

"Covers more ground hun," Leo said as he gave her a little thwap on the shoulder. "You'd be surprised what you find out faster with a set of eyes covering everywhere instead of 3 sets looking forward."

Chap's knees buckled as he slapped her shoulder. "Oi, watch it!" she protested. "You're a lot bigger than me, you know."

"Sorry love," he slung his rifle over his shoulder and pocketed his tricorder and crossed his arms casually. "So I guess we're stuck here overnight."

"Mmm," said Chap distastefully. "Looks like it. Well, as least there's fish to look at," she commented as a very large one swam far over their heads. "Reminds me of the mists," she muttered to herself.

"So.." Leo said continuing on the conversation. "Where are the bloody smegs are we?"

"That is a good question sir,” Megan replied. “These structures look like emergency shelters of some kind. Either that or junior quarters for low income or low ranking personnel. So far we don’t know if this place is a military base, an industrial mining station, a temporary place to evacuate people in an emergency or a prison. We better look around and see if we can find out. At least there’s one thing going for us: Whoever brought us here doesn’t seem to want to kill us.”

"Leastwise not yet," added Chap, wandering towards one of the buildings. "We could go up there," she suggested, indicating the roof, "an' see if we can't get a grip on the whole situation. You know, bird's eye view."

Leo glanced around a bit. "See any stairs?"

"Not from here," Megan said. "Psycho, take Crybaby, Woody, and Muchacha and see what you can find."

"Roger that, Top," Sergeant Saul Panzer replied before nodding to his fellow enlisted marines and moving out.

Leo noticed a kind of dirt hill that was kinda solid like clay. He slung his rifle over his shoulder. "Time to get a birds eye view" he pulled out two knives, spun them around, with one knife in each hand he stabbed at the clay and the knives didn't budge. "sweet" Alternating between stabs and little hops, Leo started climbing up the hill like some special forces guy. After ten mins he finally got up to the top. he pocketed the knives and look around. "Huh.."

"What do you see sir?" Megan asked him.

"Well," muttered Chap, watching Leo. "That was sort of the idea of goin' to the roof. But, whatever." She shrugged.

"Nothing much!" he answered Cross. He glanced around. It was definitely a vibrant city. Was. Rumbled ruin of a city in 21st century earth. It looked like some dome structure was at the other end of 'town'. He glanced down at Chap and Cross. "I think I found out destination!"

“Can we get to it sir?” Megan called.

"It'll take some work! That's for sure.." he said, mumbling the second part more to himself than anything. He jumped down the 40th and landed gracefully on a fist and a knee in a kneeling position. He stood up and brushed himself off, gesturing east. "There's a dome that way, seems to be the only structure still standing. Might be some sort of arena. And where there's an Arena, there's someone watching. Might as well go greet the locals."

"Yes sir," Megan nodded. "I can't wait to meet the locals." Her next words were very quiet. "Particularly before they meet us."

"Alright" he glanced at Chap as he re-drew his weapon and kept it at the low ready. "All set chap?"

Chap resisted the urge to check for her belongings and make an audible checklist for the amusement of the marines. "Yeah, I'm ready," she said. "I suppose I could be doin' my knitting, but this will 'ave to do."

Leo smiled. "Alright, let's head out." Leo started walking, taking point. "I spy with my eye.." he grinned, wondering which one of them would be tempted to shoot him just for that.

"I swear sir, I'm tempted to shoot you just for that," Megan announced dryly.

He grinned as he kept walking, checking corners as he walked. Hours later they were still exploring when he spotted a weird room full of weapons. "Huh.." he glanced at the other two. "Thoughts?"

Megan’s head snapped to the left as she raised her hand for silence. She extended her arm at a forty-five degree angle from the side, palm down, and lowered her arm to her side. Leo could read her message perfectly: 'Take cover.'

Megan was right. Someone was coming. Whoever it was, they were trying very hard to be sneaky. And they knew they were here. Suddenly whipping around the corner was three figures armed to the teeth!

They were Psycho, Woody and Muchacha.

“Oh for smeg’s sake!” Megan sneered as she lowered her weapon. “We almost blew your heads off!”

“Back at’cha Top,” Sergeant ‘Psycho’ Panzer smirked before addressing Leo. “Lieutenant, our recon revealed no hostiles. We appear to be the only ones here.”

“Hey,” Corporal Debra ‘Woody’ Gordon exclaimed. “The ground’s shaking. What’s the ground shaking for?”

“Santa Dios!” America ‘Muchacha’ Montoya exclaimed. “I hear water! The smegging dome has sprung a leak!”

Leo looked around and spotted a ladder. "LADDER! MOVE!" he got up and started helping the other two get to ladder.

Chap blinked, looking around, trying to see where the water was. One of the marines grabbed her shoulder and spun her to face the ladder, so she immediately hurried up it. Once at the top, she spun back to see the wall of water heading towards them. "Hurry!" she shouted to the others. She was tempted to wait, but one of the marines- she again failed to realize who it was- told her to go, run! With only the slightest hesitation, she made for an opening and raced through it.

tag (don't forget- we have to make it into some sort of doorway or something. I'm going to go look at the instructions again. :P )

Leo was the last one out. He barely made it. He looked down through the hole to the room that used to be empty and was now filled with water. He sat on the ground and looked at the other two. "Next time I volunteer for a mission, someone slap me one, ok?"

He got up and brushed himself off. He pulled his collar loose on his uniform. "Anyone feel hot? and hear bubbling?" he walked to a door and opened it up to find a room with lava with big walking stone paths going across it. He let out a rather girly whine. "I hate my life.."

“Roger that sir,” Megan sighed as she made sure that everybody made it through. Chap, Leo, Psycho, Muchacha, and Woody. Yup. That was everybody.

He got up and brushed himself off. He pulled his collar loose on his uniform. "Anyone feel hot? and hear bubbling?" he walked to a door and opened it up to find a room with lava with big walking stone paths going across it. He let out a rather girly whine. "I hate my life.."

“I feel like we went to hell, without dying!” Psycho exclaimed.

“Orders sir?” ‘Woody’ asked as her pale face became even paler.

“Madre Dios,” Muchacha exclaimed. “First water and then fire! What are the odds?”

“Okay, that’s enough marines!” Megan barked. “Stand at attention! We train and drill for situations like this one and if I die because one of you nancycats let me down I will DEFINITELY come back from the grave and FRAK YOU UP! Do you filthy maggots understand me?”

“Aye Top!” the enlisted marines chorused as they snapped to attention. “Yes Top!”

Megan turned to Chap and Leo. “Ready to move out sirs.”

"All right, I say we not go in there," said Chap, pointing to the lava room. No sooner had she said it, though, than the water began to slowly but surely rise in the room. "But, I'm open to suggestions," she added.


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