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The Flood

Posted on Mon Aug 18th, 2014 @ 8:46am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: The Arena
Location: The Arena
Timeline: MD3 0600

Mercia was laying on the roof top, she’d gone up there to escape last night and think. Lizzy came and talked to her and honestly it had felt good to let it out and know that someone else believed her, even if David didn’t.

She cracked her eyes open in the dim light, as the time had progressed the dome had adjusted its light, indicating a night time period, now it seemed to be rising. She sighed and rubbed her eyes wondering what had woke her up. The near silence was very unnerving, but most everyone was asleep. She sat up as the lights started to rise more, at a faster pace. A low rumble made her tip her head with curiosity.

Standing up and stretching she stuffed the thermal blanket she’d been using back in to the supply bag she’d taken for herself, every one had one. She slung it on to her shoulder and moved to the edge of the roof looking around. Apparently something had stirred several others of the crew as they came out of the houses surrounding the square and looking around.

A loud blast of a horn made Mercia nearly fall off the edge of the roof, she recovered with a yelp and held on to the side of the building that rose beside her.

“What was that?” She heard Clatras voice behind her, the romunlan woman crawling out of the window.

“I don’t know…” Mercia said, blinking against the brightness of the lights now. She heard a very loud clang, and frowned looking towards the edge of the dome, where she felt the sound was coming from. “Lets head down and see.” She said heading back through the window, she nudged Glynd, “Wake up, something’s happening, bring your stuff, both of you.” She said to the two woman who had slept in that room. She joined the group of people heading down the stairs, most of the crew was in the square now, around the alter, some with tricorders out trying to figure out what was going on.

Mercia tipped her head as a new sound began. “Water…” she said.

Sonja Kib was still upstairs in a southern facing building, on the roof near a window and looking towards the south. “Water!” she suddenly screamed “RUN!” she cried.

A second later the roar filled the air as water crashed in to the buildings, rushing toward them. “KIB!” Mercia cried running for the building, “Jump!” she cried. Water rushed in around Mercias feet as Kib obeyed and jumped down. One of the marines had rushed forward to help.

Once they had Kib they turned and started to run back, “MOVE IT!” Mercia cried throwing her hands at the crew, The square already had ankle deep water in it in seconds, and it was rising fast.

Grabbing Clatra Mercia ran through the water, as it slowly began to over take them. She looked back on the road she was on and could see the wall of water crashing over the house that Kib had been on, the Alter was half submerged and the water was quickly gaining.

Mercia came to the wall, and the once closed doors were now open, She tossed Clatra inside, “Move it!” she screamed to the crew Kib, Glynd, one of the Marines, and another officer she couldn’t remember his name ran in after her, the others were diving for the doors nearest to them.

“Mago! Move your ass!” Mercia yelled at the klutzy ops officer running towards her. She reached out his hand as a wave taller than she was rose behind him. She grabbed his hand and threw him inside as the water crashed over him. She nearly lost the kid as the water almost ripped him away, nearly taking her along with him. The Marine grabbed her and yanked them both back in to the tunnel.

She landed sandwiched between the two men. She shoved Mago off and sat up expecting water to rush over them, but it stopped. It didn’t cross the threshold, it stopped as if a forcefield was there.

Mercia approached it, panting and dripping wet. She pressed her hand to the clear barrier, now so covered with water that she could not see the surface of it. It was completely flooded, and the water was still flowing towards them.

Everyone seemed to gather behind her, looking shocked and bewildered. When a body slammed against the barrier Mercia gasped and jumped at the barrier. “Holton!” she cried as his head face pressed against the barrier and then was swept away. “NO!” She screamed and beat her fists against the barrier. The reality that she’d now lost a crew member hit her like a ton of bricks. Being in security this wasn’t the first time she’d lost people, but it was the first time as the ships XO, and it felt different.

Nausea gripped her but she fought it back as she turned to face the group with her. She had no idea how many of the others survived, and the idea of losing them scared the hell out of her. Did they make it in to tunnels like this one?

Swallowing hard, she looked in to the dim lighted, long tunnel,
“Well… we might as well see where we’re headed next…” she said.


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