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Hit the ground running

Posted on Tue Sep 2nd, 2014 @ 2:41pm by Lieutenant JG Dom Rosen

Mission: A New Home
Location: Main Shuttlebay | Deck 8 USS Gladiator

A series of mild cursing was heard within the shuttle bay, any curious spectator could see a tool every now an again tossed from behind one of the of the many of Fighter Wings that now occupied the shuttlebay. A man appeared from behind the fighter, immediately turned around and kicked the nose of the fighter and began cursing at it "Você estúpido twit!" he growled in Portuguese at the inanimate object. Dom placed a hand on his forehead a moment wiping the sweat from his forehead and flicking his wrist to the side. He glanced up and down the rows of fighters and sighed softly. They had sustained heavy damages with the last encounter they were in, thankfully he was able to restore all the primary systems but some of the secondary systems were still having issues and were buggy at best. He walked over to the bench that he had placed his uniform jacket and badge on and tapped the badge as he pulled on his jacket.

=/\= "Dom to Joker...=/\=

He looked over at a set of onlookers that apparently thoroughly enjoyed his slight display of frustration. He merely smirked softly as Joker responded back.

=/\= "Yeah boss?=/\=

=/\= "Could you please have engineering come down and take a look at Fighters 3 and 5 their secondary systems are still screwy and beyond my abilities, I have to head down to the colony and help with testing their defenses. I will be taking Fighter 1 to do Aerial tests."=/\=

=/\= "Can do bossman, Joker out!"=/\=

Dom did not mind the casual nature in which the two of them talked, they had been together since the Academy. Joker had saved his ass many times and Dom his. They decided to do away with the formalities and etiquette when they were among themselves. Dom did not run his Wing as normal Wing Commanders, he did not feel it necessary to beat up on them and drive them into the ground. When it came to it and his ass was in trouble, he needed these people to help bring him home safe. He climbed into his flight equipment while walking over to his fighter. He placed his hand on the LCARS and opened the hatch and crawled into the pilot seat the cockpit closing down over him with a hssssssssssss. He turned on the comm.

"Flight Control 1, this is Archangel 1 requesting permission to disembark for the planet."

"Archangel 1 this is Flight Control permission granted, safe journey" Flight control responded.

Dom looked to the corner of the bay and saw the doors open up, he pulled up on the stick engaging his thrusters pitching the fighter up. He brought the fighter around and engaged the boosters and shot out of the shuttlebay. He allowed the darkness of space to devour him and his fighter and smiled softly as the faint twinkling of stars in the distance danced upon his HUD. He turned his attention towards the planet and adjusted his course for planetary entry.

Amity was standing near the landing padd, Since most of the senior staff was either missing or searching for the missing she'd been asked to greet the newcomer. She reached out with her mind as his ship neared and began to land.

As a counselor she didn't have to wear a uniform, and for the comfort of the people she had been interacting with she had opted to wear a green sundress that hugged her form and moved with the air. The kids had seemed to like it and as no surprise she was catching eyes.

She smiled as the ship landed, and she waited for the man to come out and say hello.

Dom put the fighter down at the landing pad with a grace and ease that almost looked natural, he ran his fingers along the LCARS slowly shutting down the thrusters and engines. He glanced through the window of his cockpit at the woman dressed in green and smiled to her softly as he pressed a button. A hsss emitted as the cockpit HUD raised upward, he climbed out of the cockpit and pressed the button closing it once more. He straightened his uniform and approached Amity with a casual stride, he glanced around slowly and was surprised that the Captain was not here. "Hmm.." He turned his attention back to Amity and offered her another kind smile, "Well, not quite the welcoming party I had anticipated, but I cannot complain much to have such a lovely lady greet me."He smiled and took a moment to look her over and offered a hand out to her, "Lieutenant JG Dom Rosen, Wing Group Commander. I was asked to help test the defenses of the colony, do you know where the senior staff is?" he asked politely.

Amity looked the man up and down and then smiled again, "Your guess is as good as mine and every one elses I suppose. The Captain is busy coordinating a search party for the members of our party that are missing." she said making a face. "I'm Amity Hemlorac, I'm a counselor on the ship, since we're in an emergency I was asked to meet you, show you around, and then connect with you with the right people." she said.

Dom smiled softly Amity as she announced herself as the ships counselor, he would have to watch what he said around her. People of her profession seemed to read too much into things he said...but maybe she was different then the majority. He bowed his head softly to her "A pleasure to meet you Amity Hemlorac." He smiled playfully, "Ya know, as I was flying here I said to myself..."Self! I do hope I get the VIP Tour of the Colony" are you going to make that dream come true counselor?" He said with a soft chuckle.

Amity laughed brightly, "You bet I am." she said. She turned her self and motioned forward. As he stepped forward, she fell in to place next to him, "Its not very big thus far, but I can at least get you familiar with it." she smiled.

As he walked beside Amity he nodded his head gently as she spoke, his gaze circled around the area around him and looked at the hastily constructed buildings in the distance. "Star-Fleet really likes their humanitarian missions don't they?" He asked more so for his self than for Amity but left it open for discussion. "So you had mentioned that we are missing crew members?" He asked softly as they walked.

"Yes, a few members of the senior staff, including our XO, and chief counselor went missing, along with the Governors daughter. I don't know any details at this point, I'm not sure that any one does. I believe they are alive though."

He frowns lightly, "I would seriously hope so, it could damage the relationship that we have with these people. We show up to help them and mysteriously the Governors daughter disappears." He spit balled a moment. "Do you know what we are currently doing to help locate our crew and the girl?" he asked inquisitively. He understood that she may not, know and accepted it but he wanted as much detail as he could get.

"Well just to clarify that, it her Adult daughter. They were investigating a ruin, and they were transported away, that is all we know thus for." she said. "No doubt they'll be wanting your help to try and figure it out."

Dom nodded his head softly, "Well I will lend my expertise where I can. Let us not keep them waiting." He stated softly and smiled to her offering a hand up in front of him indicating for her to show him the way.

Lt. JG Dom Rosen
Archangel Group Commander
USS Gladiator.

Amity Hemlorac


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